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Mummy has been looking at getting a new TV for a little while now. We have had ours for over five years, and it is starting to play up. Mummy doesn’t know an awful lot about TV’s but does know about brand names, and ones that are reliable. One that she is looking at is Panasonic. Over to Mummy…..

panasonic 4K TV

‘Our television is a very important part of our home. My daughters love watching the music channels, and the latest Made in Chelsea, my eldest son enjoys it best when he can connect his gaming console to it, and play his games, Pickle loves seeing George and Peppa Pig nice and big and clear, and I love half an hour a night of my soaps!

We very often all sit around together and watch a film together – be it a family or animated one with Pickle, the latest Transformers with Luke, or me and my girls having a good cry over The Fault in our Stars. We can’t imagine our home without a TV. Unlike many homes, this is only TV that we watch TV channels on.

I have been looking at different ones, and have taken a real liking to the Panasonic 4K TV 

panasonic 4K TV

It has an impressive specification – it packs four times as many pixels onto the screen as full HD! Now my current TV is full HD and I always thought it had a pretty good quality picture, so I can’t imagine how fantastic the picture on this Panasonic must be!

This Panasonic TV is a whopping 65″! How huge is that! Even my brother-in-law would be impressed, he has a 50″+ one at the moment. As well as this, it is also a Smart TV and is Energy Efficient Class A, meaning a clear conscious about the amount of electricity it uses.

I am adding the Panasonic 4K TV to my wish list, it is one impressive TV and I will keep my fingers crossed!’


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  1. That sounds fantastic! I know nothing about TV’s either….lol
    I have my eye on a Samsung TV….One of the curved one’s! It’s all a dream though it costs thousands. x

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