CenterParcs Eve Box


We have had a huge treat, Mummy has made up a Christmas CenterParcs Eve Box!

centerparcs box

She was going to make up  a Christmas Eve one, but decided that we will make so much use of everything on our holiday, so renamed it, and gave it to us early!

Me and my bro had fab new pyjamas and new bobble hats, and my sisters had new onesies and a nail art set. We also had some games. some glowsticks and mini sparklers for when we go to see the fireworks at CenterParcs, and some chocolate too.


Mummy chose two Christmas DVD’s for us to watch as well. We were all so excited – especially as MeeMee came home on Saturday and is coming with us – yay!


So now we are all set for our most favourite holiday of the year! We are all packed, and ready to go! Look out for our posts this week 🙂


mummy daddy me


  1. Have a lovely time and your Centre Parcs box looks full of perfect holiday goodies. #MagicMoments

  2. That’s a lovely idea 🙂 I really like the reindeer tops!

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