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Mummy is wanting to update our living room, some things she likes, and are staying, but there are some new things she would like too. Our living room has to be a toddler friendly room for me, and my toys, but also be a lovely room for Mummy to relax, and enjoy with the rest of our family.

Our settees, Mummy loves. They are brown leather, and perfect for us. They don’t show the dirt and are easy to wipe and keep clean. They are five years old, but still look as good as new. Leather settees are something that actually look better the older they  get.

console tables

Mummy would love new carpet, a nice soft one. She has seen a lovely one at Online Carpets – living in West Wales there are not many carpet shops so it is nice to find an on line carpet company. She is also thinking of maybe having wooden flooring and getting a huge, fluffy rug like this one from The Rug Seller I would like that, a nice fluffy rug to lie on! Mummy is not sure if the wooden floor would feel a bit cold though, but it would be easy to clean.

living room

Mummy would also love new curtains, ours are quite dark, and a bit too long. These are perfect from Curtains and Blinds They would make the room seem much bigger.

Another thing Mummy would really like, is a console table at CookesFurniture, somewhere to safely put hot drinks, with a couple of draws maybe too, to keep keys and things like that safe. 

Something else Mummy loves are cushions, and this one from Etsy is gorgeous. I love pulling the cushions off the settees, and sitting on them on the floor!

I hope that Mummy gets her new living room, I think it would look great. Maybe Father Christmas might help!

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