Meeting Other Babies



Mummy and I went for walk with Granny Jane along the  millpond on Wednesday, we hadn’t been there for a few weeks. Mummy was so excited and pleased to see so many new baby swans and ducks!

There are two new families of swans, one with three babies and the other one has four. There were also three baby ducks with their mummy. They were all out swimming, enjoying the sunshine. We didn’t have any bread to give them though.

Mummy told Nana and Grandad about them, and on Thursday we went back to show them! And we took some bread to feed them.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Those little cygnets are just too cute! I love to see how they all change and grow.We never seem to have enough food for the ducks and swans as it all goes so quickly! #countrykids

  2. We love swans. It’s great seeing them up close, isn’t it? Looks like a lovely day.

  3. Sounds like such a lovely thing to do Ickle! Your face is a picture Zx

  4. Aww that smile is just so precious. All babies are cute and that includes you! #countrykids

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