Project 365 Week 13 23 – 29 March


Wow the weeks go by so quickly! Here is my Project 365 photos for this week 🙂

Sunday 23 March – This is me and my daddy, we went to one of our favourite places for a walk, it was sunny and dry, and warm in the shelter of the wind. Mummy, Lea, Luke, MeeMee & Oz came too. We had lots of fun 🙂

Monday 24 March – Mummy put together this collage of my feet, to help promote the charity Count the Kicks who help to save little babies lives. I am so lucky to be here, and so are my brother and sisters 🙂 Today I was with mummy, and MeeMee for a little while too.  

Tuesday 25 March – How cool do I look in mummy’s sunglasses? I went to Granny Jane’s today, as Nana and Grandad are away on holiday in their caravan. We had lots of fun, and went for a walk. I also saw Great Granny Thelma, she says I cheer her up so much 🙂

Wednesday 26 March – Mummy and I met mummy’s good friend M today, we haven’t see him for ages and ages. He is so funny and makes mummy laugh. We then picked MeeMee and my cousin up, and went for lunch. I had a little, tiny sleep, and was still soooo tired! I couldn’t stop yawning! Mummy met an amazing lady who had her toddler in a sling on her back. Mummy asked her where she got it, and the lady said she has some spare that she lends out, and she would happily show mummy them, and how to use them! Mummy is going to see her next week, how exciting!

Thursday 27 March – Lea was off school, she had a sore throat and headache. Mummy took her out in the afternoon to make her feel a bit better. We went into town, to our favourite coffee shop. I just couldn’t choose what to have! 

Friday 28 March – We try and meet Granny Jane on a Friday morning, as her husband is poorly, and she likes to meet up with us. She is giving me a biscuit here. We went for a very little walk, because the wind was freezing cold. I then went home with mummy. It was a very cold day.

Saturday 29 March – We went for breakfast, then we dropped Lea and Luke off at Oz’s so they could make some cards for mummy for tomorrow with MeeMee. Mummy, daddy and me went to HTown for a little while so daddy could get his hair cut. Here I am with a crab that Oz made for his college project. It is made from rubbish found on the beach. I thought it was brilliant. 

I have missed my Nana and Grandad this week, and can’t wait to see them, hopefully tomorrow. We found out this afternoon that my Great Nana who lives away, has had a ‘funny turn’ and is in hospital. It doesn’t sound very funny 🙁 I hope she is ok, I can’t wait to see her in a couple of weeks.
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  1. Great photos, love the sunglasses one – classic #365

  2. Lovely photo’s and the sunglasses shot is just the best! Love it! #365

  3. Oh wow what wonderful photos. Really love the first three – just fabulous 🙂

  4. Think the sunglasses pic has to be my fav, so cool!! 🙂 x

  5. some lovely photos honey, i do hope your nan is ok?

  6. The sunglasses shot is just too cool! Hope your Great Nana is doing okay

  7. good grief, what a busy week you have had, all that social interaction and cheering people up, no wonder you get tired. That crab looks fab. Hope Great Nana is ok.

  8. Aww love the little feet! #365

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