Wow I am 18 months old!


18 months ago last Saturday on 12 October 2012, I arrived into the world, much to the happiness and relief of mummy, daddy and everyone else!

I was a little surprise for mummy, who was 41 when I was born. There is ten years between me and my brother, and 13 and 16 years between me and my sisters!

Me every month from birth to 1 year old πŸ™‚
Me 13 months – 18 months old πŸ™‚

I am going through such a lot of change at the moment. I am standing most of the time, walking around the furniture and with Ozs walker, but not actually, fully walking yet! I have just cut my third tooth (on Saturday 5 April) , and I am saying new words every day.

I have a very, very sensitive tummy, and mummy has to be careful not to upset it! I am still on special ‘milk’ Neocate, as I was born dairy tolerant. It is very stinky and I am used to the taste but lots of babies won’t drink it. It is made mostly of different sugars, and leaves a funny coating inside my bottles after a while, so mummy has still been sterilising them. She replaced all my bottles recently, and is hoping I will be off Neocate in the next month or so, so a couple of weeks ago (Mon 7 April) , she used the steriliser for the last time, and last week, she threw all my first baby bottles and teats away. I also stopped my teatime drink of Neocate too.

At 18 months I have….
Three teeth πŸ™‚
Lots of curls
Lots of smiles

I can….
Cruise around the furniture
Say loads of words
My favourite songs….
‘Roar’ Katy Perry
‘Happy’ Farrell Williams
BeyoncΓ© ‘All the Single Ladies’

I love….
Peppa & George Pig
Baa, Moo, Horsey & Piggy
Mikey & Art from Monsters University

I say….(new words at 18 mths)
Nink nonk (Ninky Nonk – In the Night Garden)
Appy, Appy, Appy (when I want the song ‘Happy’)
‘Tigow’ means I want to get down
Pear, plum, fork, door, manon (banana!)

My favourite foods…
Sweet Potato

I eat well, I sleep well, I am happy and smiley almost all the time, but I am starting to have a little temper, and will scream as loud as I can, if I want to. If I get angry, I smack myself. Or throw whatever is nearest to me. I have never seen anyone else do this, so mummy doesn’t know why I do that. Nor do I!
I have just started recognising myself in the mirror, and say my name when I see myself. (I am not quite sure who I thought I was before!)
I am very loved, and very loving. I blow kisses, and give kisses and hugs (when I want to). Mummy wants to kiss me ALL the time. And cuddle me. 

I am super cute (as mummy says) and… I know it! xx

Mummy says…..

‘You are the most adorable, gorgeous little boy in the world. You bring happiness and sunshine to everyone you meet. You are going through lots of changes at the moment. You are so nearly walking, you are teething again, very dribbly, lots of poopy nappies and have a little cough and cold which means tooth No.4 is nearly here. You say new words daily, patiently repeating yourself until we understand what you mean. Your little voice is so sweet, you sing and hum to yourself, and still make your little (not so quiet!) noise when you are concentrating! Every day, I think that you just cannot possibly get any cuter. And every day, you do. I love you my Ickle Pickle, I love you so very much, I could cry tears of joy every time I look at you. I thought I had had all my babies, whom I also love so very much, and then you came along to give me the chance again to be a mummy to my baby. Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy xxx’

I have linked this post to Mummy, Daddy, Me’s Ordinary Moments, and Olivers Madhouse Magic Moments because every ordinary moment with my mummy and my family is magic!

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  1. Definitely a super cute little boy πŸ™‚ I have an age gap family too, my eldest two were 16 and 17 yrs when I started again, I had two little girls…then a few years later a surprise boy when I was 44!

  2. Ah what a beautiful post and a lovely surprise I am sure. πŸ™‚ There is ten years between my sister and we are closer than ever. He is gorgeous! x

  3. Aww… I wish I have chronicled my son’s life more like this. Its wouldve been a joy to go back. #OrdinaryMoments

  4. what a beautiful post rounding up the first 18 months! although i do hear that your unwell at the moments so i am hoping your better soon xx

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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