Our Top Pre Christmas TV

Our Top Pre Christmas TV


Pickle says….Christmas isn’t Christmas without some top Pre Christmas TV is it? We have a bit of a tradition with certain shows when it comes to our lead up to Christmas, and we have been known to start watching in October Half Term!

Our Top Pre Christmas TV

Here are my family’s top Christmas TV choices:

  1. Mummy has a few actually – ‘Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special. It is absolutely timeless and still makes me cry laughing. It is about a real proper family Christmas, warts and all. I can’t believe it is ten years old! The film ‘Love Actually’ – this film makes me feel every emotion possible and I adore it. A very British film starring Hugh Grant. I also love the magic of The Polar Express and the hilarious Christmas with the Kranks.’
  2. MiMi my sis aged 22. Her favourites are the same as Mummy. MiMi is possibly THE biggest Gavin and Stacey fan in the world. She also absolutely loves ‘Love Actually’ too. I think she and Mummy are a little in love with Hugh Grant in this film!
  3. Lea my sis aged 19 (On 10 December!) is another Christmas with the Kranks fan. This is one of the funniest Christmas films and we all watch it again and again. It stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis.
  4. Luke my bro aged 16. Again, the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special is top of his list.
  5. Me! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all The Nativity films, and even saw Nativity 4 at the cinema last month. I was disappointed that Mr Poppy wasn’t in it – he is my favourite (Actor Marc Wootton). Each film has a different star actor including Martin Clunes, Martin Freeman and David Tennant.

Other family favourites include the films Deck the Halls, Polar Express, Arthur Christmas, and this year on Netflix is a new film called Christmas Chronicles. It is a beautiful film, with all the magic of Christmas anyone needs.

We spend most evenings in December snuggled up after tea, watching one of these favourites, decorating the tree and the house, wrapping family presents and writing cards until I go to bed. It has all become a much loved family tradition.

What are you favourite pre Christmas TV shows and films?


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