How to be a Student and a Parent

How to be a Student and a Parent


Mummy says…Parents who are working hard to gain qualifications through higher education and other learning programmes have the added challenge of balancing studying and caring for a family. Finding time for your children and studying is the biggest challenge. I have some tips for how to be a student and a parent…

How to be a Student and a Parent

Learning while parenting

As a parent, you might be interested in gaining additional qualifications to advance your career. Improving your career is important as it allows you to earn more and provide the best for your children. Whether your goal is to be promoted at your current job or to find a more advanced career, education is a vital element of fulfilling your goals.
Earning qualifications through education can be especially useful if you want to go back to work after taking a break to care for your family. Because of constant changes, especially in sectors like tech and healthcare, you might need additional training to compete with others in your field and to get a job.
Whether you are heading to university, earning a technical education, or taking courses to learn skills for your current career, each can be beneficial depending on your specific goals.

Finding time to study

While acquiring new skills has numerous advantages, it comes with some challenges. Many parents who are taking classes struggle to find time to study and attend classes in a traditional classroom setting while caring for children and perhaps working. Traditional universities have a list of requirements to be accepted including the dreaded university interview, which requires serious preparation. Attending classes in person might also require arranging childcare, travelling to campus, spending hours in a classroom, and ultimately missing out on important family time.
A more suitable option for busy parents is taking online learning courses through The Knowledge Academy. From technical courses to healthcare training, The Knowledge Academy has resources that cater for almost any specialty.
Virtual classes like these can make all the difference because you learn from the comfort of home while saving money. Online learning is the best option for the flexibility that busy parents need to be the best parent possible. Remember that when mum or dad are busy doing homework, it provides an example to your children of a strong work ethic and the importance of bettering yourself.

Single parents

Being a single parent, as I am is difficult since you are often the sole earner and caregiver in your home. Starting back into education typically means taking a busy home schedule and compacting it into less time, but it is worth it and is certainly possible for most people.
Prioritising where you spend your time is vital as a single parent taking classes. There might be days where you need to do homework rather than chores like the washing but you can fit it in your schedule another day and a messy home in the short term is worth it to accomplish a long-term goal.

Instantly boost your job performance

As a working parent, if you don’t learn new skills you are likely to find yourself stuck in the same job. Once you complete online courses, you become more valuable to your company instantly without even completing a degree.
Not only can you put these skills to work, but you can also teach other employees the skills you’ve learned. Your educational benefits multiply, and you take on a leadership role when you become the expert and teacher of a new skill, which is a viable reason to be considered for a pay rise.

Paying for classes

Another challenge of learning new skills is the cost of signing up for courses. The benefit of opting to spend money on further education is that you are investing in your future so you can further your career or gain employment that attracts better pay. Even if it doesn’t help immediately, you might attract an excellent employer at some point with your newly acquired skills.
Cost is where online classes shine. Online classes cost less considering the extra fees you will pay when attending university. Online tuition is known to be more cost effective than traditional on-site classes because they reinforce lessons more directly with fewer courses being required.
Finding the right balance as a parent when learning new skills can be a challenge, however, many find that the short-term sacrifice is worth it. Flexible education options like online courses allow parents to learn new skills while spending more time at home.

Have you studied whilst being a parent? How did you find it?


  1. I haven’t. This is very informative, thank you; I’m sure it will be a great help to anyone going down that path.

  2. I always wanted to go back to studying and the opportunity came about at what can only be described as the most stressful time as I was made redundant. I found out that even as a mature student, there was funding available for me to start the course I wanted to attend. I was concerned about entering a classroom environment but there were options for flexible learning and learning from home which is brilliant cos I can fit things around my lifestyle. It’s the best thing I could have done as it’s given me more confidence in my abilities which will show when looking for my next job.

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