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Mummy says…’Having worked on line in one way or another for over 15 years, and having older children who are constantly on line, security is very important to me, and something I have always used. One brand I have always trusted is McAfee.

Keep Safe Online with McAfee

I was more than happy to review the McAfee Livesafe and Total Protection software. One thing that struck me straight away is that you can use it for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets on Windows, iOS and android – perfect for my family as we have all these devices.

Keep Safe Online with McAfee Keep Safe Online with McAfee Keep Safe Online with McAfee 2

So what is the difference between the two?

McAfee Livesafe offers:

*Defence against viruses and online threats

*Web safety tools

*Remove junk mail before it reaches inbox

*Parental controls

*Password management with the True Key™ app for 5 users

*Secure storage of important files and photos

McAfee Total Protection has:

*Defence against viruses and online threats

*Web safety tools

*Remove junk mail before it reaches inbox

*Parental controls

*Password management with the True Key™ app for 5 users

*Secure file encryption to protect your privacy

So, how easy is the software to use?

Very! I went to the activation website and entered the digit key, a few details and I was away. A great feature is that I could skip entering my credit card details for auto renewal if I wanted  to. A few clicks later, I had downloaded then run the software and it was installed on my Mac. The software scanned my Mac to check there was not any existing conflicting software.

Once installed, a little McAfee ‘M’ Shield appeared in the top bar, which I can easily click on at any time to check my security status.

Once I had registered, McAfee sent me an email link which I then opened on my iPhone, taking me straight to the app in the app store and giving me the activation code. I can download the link to any device to protect it too.

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The app is great, you can back up your photos, add device locating security and much more. There is a quick tour to help you and a ‘How to’ Guide’.

Th only (very) minor gripe is that you cannot copy and paste the activation keys into the app / software activation box!

Intel Security has shared these statistics, which I think will be of interest to you:

  • One in five (20%) parents think their child has spoken to a stranger online, while one in ten children aged 8-16 years old said they would meet with someone they met online
  • The majority of children (75%) learn information about online safety from their parents yet 64% of parents believe their child is more social media savvy than they are
  • Over a third of parents (38%)  have not made an attempt to find out what their child is doing online
  • 47% of children aged 8-16 years old typically spends 10 or more hours on the internet each week
  • 85% of parents think it is important that their kids are taught how to stay safe online in the next 2-5 years

McAfee Total Protection 1 year protection for 10 devices costs around £35.

McAfee LiveSafe costs £89.99 for a years subscription for unlimited devices. Full information is available on the McAfee Website.

I have no hesitation in recommending to keep safe online with McAfee, it is reliable, easy to use and great value.

I was sent the above software to review in exchange for an honest review, and also compensated for my time.



  1. I’m an Apple girl, so I can’t use McAfee, but do use a variety of back up and protection software. My eldest is 8 and has her own kids’ channel on my Netflix account, but I know I’ll have to start keeping a closer eye on what she’s looking at when she ventures onto the big wide world web!
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  2. I think online security is so important as there is so much nasty stuff on the internet sometimes it worries me x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Who Could Headline Next Summers’ FestivalsMy Profile

  3. Very useful information, online security gets overlooked so often.

  4. Great post – thanks for sharing your thought on website protection and security through McAfee. It’s so important setting up a trusted and effective security system for your internet access, to ensure the kids aren’t exposed to any inappropriate content and to also keep you computer free from viruses. We all use the internet so often, so it’s crucial to have a good system in place.

  5. I’ve used mcafee quite a few times and they’ve always seemed to do well! It’s so important to have that security whilst online!
    Kira recently posted…No7 BB Cream ReviewMy Profile

  6. I already use McAfee and love it, great review. x

  7. So much of our lives is online so some sort of security and protection is definitely needed! These sorts of software are certainly worth investing in
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  8. I use McAfee and really like it. Now my kids are online it’s so important to have security and protection!

  9. This is such an important thing to consider, children are using devices at a much younger age so it’s vital that the correct security is in place to protect them. Jo x

  10. Thank you very much. This article adds to my knowledge and very helpful!

  11. Viruses are nothing to mess with for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  12. It’s more important than ever to be safe on the Internet and to just have the peace of mind that your devices are protected. I always use McAfee for my laptop but it never occurred to me to use it on my mobile. I will have to look into that. Also £35 for protection on 10 devices is amazing!!

  13. It’s so important to look after security when it comes to computers and laptops; we take it for granted just being able to turn them on and access our work, but it’s a nightmare whenever anything goes wrong.

  14. It’s so interesting to find out more about Mcafee, I am looking for a new anti virus at the mo! Thanks for sharing 😀

  15. I use Mcafee as well and it has kept my computer safe against viruses for a while, it is fantastic.
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  16. Very helpful review, thank you! It can be a bit difficult taking the plunge with one security brand or another, it’s really good to know how another customer got on with the product.

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