Teach Children Money Skills with Jangle App


In October last year, I was invited by Experian and Sarah Willingham to Bristol to have a look at the new Jangle App to teach children money skills. I was very excited to be asked to this preview – where my feedback, alon with other bloggers, would be used to tweak the app before launch. I think it is incredibly important to teach children money skills from an early age, so hopefully they will carry them through their lives.

Teach Children Money Skills with Jangle App

I am not alone in my thinking:

Some interesting statistics

  • Many adult money habits are set from the age of seven (Cambridge University/Money Advice Service (MAS) Research 2013)
  • There is no statutory provision for financial education across UK primary schools (PFEG)
  • Pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group part of Young Enterprise) have found that, on average, children begin to receive pocket money aged seven, own their first mobile phone at eight, and purchase items online at 10, with one in five having used their parents’ or older siblings’ credit or debit card to purchase these items.
  • Children can open a bank account and have a debit card at 11. At 18 they can apply for a credit card or loan, and before they leave school they have to make crucial decisions about jobs, student loans, and living independently.

Now more than ever, parents need to be able to talk to their children about how to manage money well but they may not find it easy:

  • Parents of young children are less likely than the average population to feel like they are good at managing their money (Experian Consumer Affairs TNT Research April 2015)
  • “Rather than waiting until their son or daughter has ‘earned’ the privilege of being treated to something new, six in ten parents admit they buy their children the latest trends and collectables as soon as they ask for them” Skipton Building Society Research 2012

How do children learn?

  • They learn from experience which is always more powerful than learning through instruction.
  • Participating in “adult” activities with a parent helps to provide a sense of mastery.
  • Through day to day activities being turned into learning experiences.

teach children money skills

I was excited about the app, but also super excited to be meeting, and having lunch with someone I honestly admire greatly, Sarah Willingham. You will probably have seen her on TV in ‘Cooks to Market’ or ‘Dragons Den’ two of my favourite shows featuring real businesses. Sarah is working with Experian and PFEG on the Jangle App.

The Jangle App is a free App currently available in the Apple Store for the iPad, but will be available for android in April.

The App can be set up for your child(ren) to create a pot to save for a particular item, with full access and control from you. They can set up more than one pot. They add what they are saving for, and how much it is. They create their profile, then a parent profile.

teach children money skills

The child then chooses a task from many, which results in them receiving money. An example is to de clutter – or get rid of something. The task asks for an amount, and who will promise the amount, and when the task is complete, the ‘money’ is added to the chosen pot. A parent has to approve the task chosen, the amount promised and the task completion.

It is a really great way to encourage children to save – by doing something. By seeing their pot grow in the app, they quickly realise that they can reach their goal by completing tasks. You, as a parent control and approve it all.

I personally think the Jangle App is a great way to teach children money skills, and highly recommend it.



  1. That’s a good idea. When I was a teenager I was given a monthly allowance and it had to cover anything I wanted including clothes so it made me aware of budgeting.
    Emma recently posted…Dreaming of…a big kitchen!My Profile

  2. This is clever, I think too many people grow up not realising the importance of money and the way they manage it. It’s a great skill to pass onto our children to ensure they have money skills! x

  3. I am a strong advocate of teaching children about money from an early age so i think the new Jangle app is a brilliant idea. Love that their able to choose tasks to complete in exchange for “pocket money” and that parents are able to control and approve it all.
    Vikki Holness recently posted…Ideas For A She ShedMy Profile

  4. I haven’t heard of this before but I love the idea – I will be looking into this for my children!
    Kate recently posted…Eliza: 7 months oldMy Profile

  5. Such a good idea to get our children money savvy from an early age. It just becomes second nature to them then xx

  6. I’ve seen something like this before, seems like a very interesting concept! Unsure how I feel about teaching kids about money so soon though. But I’m not a parent, so my view is obviously a little different.

  7. This is a really good idea – I definitely think the earlier you start teaching children about money and the value of money, the better. Interesting to see 7 is the average age for starting pocket money. My daughter’s already asking for things she wants (not too much thankfully) and I’d been wondering when to start, so she can understand about saving up and what’s involved in getting what you want (although she’s only three)
    Cathy (MummyTravels) recently posted…You’re Welcome at the seaside – Holiday Inn Brighton SeafrontMy Profile

  8. Such a good idea! Especially as technology will play a huge role in our children’s lives.
    The London Mum recently posted…Ditching The DummyMy Profile

  9. What a clever idea!

    I am terrible with money (thankfully, my husband isn’t). I could do with this myself! 😉
    Jenna recently posted…Jasmine’s 21 month updateMy Profile

  10. I think it so important for children to be able to manage money and learn to save, so this looks like a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Janette Davey recently posted…What if we looked at tax credits as a subsidy?My Profile

  11. that’s a great idea. Also because many children know how to use ipads these days. This app sounds great

  12. Such a clever idea! Kids use smart technology nowadays, we might as well educate them xx
    Zoe Forde recently posted…Creating a Life HandbookMy Profile

  13. This looks like a great app and I will look for it on Android in April.

    It’s so true that money habits are settled by age 7. When I was a kid we got pocket money on a Sunday. My older sister had spent hers by Sunday night and was asking to borrow. Mine lasted until Thursday or Friday. My little brother saved all his. Today my sister is living on benefits, my husband and I both work to provide for our family while my brother owns two houses and his own business and lives on the golf course!

  14. Sounds like a smart app. I will look it up.
    Stella recently posted…January Fashion Wishlist 2016My Profile

  15. This looks great! I have been desperately trying to teach Bob about the value of things for a few months now. x
    Charlotte recently posted…Bow’s Birth Story – Day 1 (The Calm Before The Storm)My Profile

  16. I wish I had something like this when I was younger as I am hopeless with saving money. I see something I like and then I go and buy it and that is an ethos I wish I did not have.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Six Way To Wear SequinsMy Profile

  17. I think this could be invaluable and it definitely should form part of education, there are so many things I wish I had known growing up x
    Rachel recently posted…Top 5 Lipsticks of 2015My Profile

  18. That is so clever, what a wonderful idea. I’ll have to have a look at this. Thanks for sharing
    Renna recently posted…New Year New MeMy Profile

  19. This is such a good idea. It is so important to teach kids from an early age, most people have no idea about money hence the reason for so many people struggling with credit card debt.
    Lisa (Travel Loving Family) recently posted…Top Five Family-Friendly Caribbean IslandsMy Profile

  20. This sounds like a brilliant app, when Monkey is older I think this would be really useful. Agree its very important to teach them at an early age xx
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…20 Week Growth & Anomaly Scan – What to ExpectMy Profile

  21. It’s so interesting that spending habits are formed by 7 – I hope that Boo has good spending habits – I think the way that parents are and how pocket money is treated is so important.
    I really like the sound of this app!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…Our Bucket List 2016My Profile

  22. This sounds like a really good idea. I hope my son gets good spending habits, I seem to have learnt some bad ones from my father although they did teach me a lesson now.

  23. It’s a good idea, although N doesn’t have a tablet so wouldn’t be able to check with out me anyway. He has a ‘wages’ jar and a savings pot, but spends most of his time taking his money out and moving it around the house. Nightmare. It’s definitely important to teach him to save and do thoughtful spending
    EmmaT recently posted…Win 3 children’s games for the new yearMy Profile

  24. This is a fab idea and something I’m thinking of doing to help me visualise my weight loss and what I will do once I’m healthier!

  25. I’m going to look up this app and see if it will be useful for me and Sylvia to use. Thanks for sharing your post.

    Angela Milnes

  26. Such a clever idea. I ought to download this for my young children. Thanks for sharing!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Mature Cheddar & Wholegrain Mustard SconesMy Profile

  27. This is a really good idea. I don’t agree with using a tablet however (still belive children should be children without the fancy gadgets) but an actual jam jar and money with a chart worked with Me when I was younger.

  28. I met Sarah Willingham last month and she is lovely isn’t she. Knowing she is behind this app makes it even more credible!
    Kara recently posted…Somerford Beefeater has re-opened its doors with a brand new look!My Profile

  29. Great idea to teach kids about handling their money, may look into it for my middle one.
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Space Themed BedroomMy Profile

  30. This sounds like a fantastic app, I am always trying to teach Jack about money and how to handle it
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…What Are Essential Oils & Why Do We Need Them?My Profile

  31. This sounds like a great app and money skills are really important, even for children.

  32. Ohh this is an interesting app! How wonderful. I am going to take a look, as Sophia has just started school and she enjoys looking playing on the Ipad sometimes. x
    Just Motherhood recently posted…A Garden RetreatMy Profile

  33. What a brilliant idea I think my kids sure could learn to manage money
    Emma White recently posted…He Hit My Son And I Lost Him To The Care SystemMy Profile

  34. WOW! Such a great idea! When I have a child, I will definitely use something like this!

    dominika recently posted…YSL Boho Stones Spring 2016 CollectionMy Profile

  35. I’m definitely going to take a look at this. Although Lamb is a little too young to understand, this will be a great way of teaching him about earning new things x
    Alex Lamb & Bear recently posted…Top 5 Things I Hate About PregnancyMy Profile

  36. I recently received cards for the kids which you can top up and check the balance via an app. I think teaching kids about money from a young age is important x
    Emma | The Mini Mes and Me recently posted…WIN a Crate of KopparbergMy Profile

  37. ooh off to have look into this, not heard of it before.
    Sonia recently posted…Saltrock Review and Discount CodeMy Profile

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