My Christmas Part 2


christmas 2014

I woke up at 8am on Christmas Day! I had bad dreams and kept shouting out ‘no not in there!’ And ‘ mumma’s knee! Mumma’s knee!’ Which I say when I am scared. I dreamt Father Christmas was coming into the house 🙁

christmas 2014

We went downstairs and, well, goodness me, the room was FULL of presents! FULL! I could not believe it!

christmas Collage10

Oz then Nana and Grandad came over. Oz didn’t stay for Christmas Dinner, but Nana and Grandad did.

christmas Collage11


I was so tired, I went for a little nap whilst everyone ate their dinner. I was teething, so wasn’t eating much anyway. After dinner, Mummy had a quick five minutes peace!

christmas Collage12

christmas Collage13

christmas Collage 14

christmas Collage15



There were so many family presents for everyone still to open!

christmas Collage16

Amy, Nana and Grandad went at 3.30, then Daddy arrived at 4.15 with even more presents, including my amazing Buggati Veron sports car!

chistmas Collage17


christmas Collage18

He went at 6.15, and we relaxed and I played with my toys until I went to bed at 8pm – another late night for me!

I was absolutely worn out!

Boxing Day

Boxing Day morning it was wet and cold. We just snuggled up, playing and watching TV. Oz popped over, and Nana and Grandad came over again for tea. I had a nap in the afternoon….so did Grandad!

christmas Collage19

Mummy had a huge surprise for Lea – a late Christmas Present – a new iPad! Lea was so excited!

christmas Collage20

christmas Collage21

I went to bed at 8ish again, worn out with playing and enjoying our Christmas.

The rest of the year went like this ….

christmas Collage last

We went to look at the sales on 27 December, and I saw some guinea pigs and rabbits in the big pet shop that we pooped into.

On 28 December we went for a walk and ‘nice coffee’ in the village. It was a beautiful day.

29 December was FREEZING! We went to the big town, Mummy snuggled me up in my monkey onesie!

In the village again on 30 December, they were getting ready for the big New Years Day Swim!

Snuggles with my Grandad on New Years Eve at a party at my Aunty and Uncles. We slept over too – me, mummy and Luke.

That’s it! 2014 is over, and it has been an amazing year for me! Hope you have had a great year too x
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  1. It’s been amazing watching him grow! Sounds like a busy holiday. I love the bear suit. All the best for 2015.

  2. Beautiful bear suit! Love the family photos too

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