Don’t Forget!


If we are happy – you are happy! As a toddler, here is my absolutely Do Not Forget List!

Your Christmas will be all the smoother and less stressed, believe me! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  • Milk Formula or special milk – I am on Lactofree
  • Baby  / Toddler food & snacks -whatever  we love best, eat well, and have regularly. That rich Christmas Dinner may be a bit too much for us! Last year I cut my first tooth on Christmas Eve and despite being a great eater, I would only eat bananas, avocados and toast!
  • Don’t forget how young we are, and we WILL get overwhelmed very quickly! Spread out our presents over the two days
  • Nappies! And some spare too – in case that Christmas Dinner upsets my tum!
  • Baby Wipes – really handy for 100 things and spills!
  • Back up all photos on your phones etc so you have plenty of memory for the Christmas Photos and Videos
  • Charge all cameras, phones, tablets on Christmas Eve, ready for the big day.  Keep the chargers in one easy to find place for top ups!
  • To keep the adults happy – don’t forget loo roll, milk, coffee, tea and the other basic stuff. You can get so carried away with the special foods and treats that you forget these

general christmas Collage

And that’s it! Please add your own Must Have’s below, and have a very Merry Christmas x



  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing. My must have includes lots of food, fun and booze! x

  2. What a great list and very much in perspective.

  3. Great post, hope you had a good christmas x

  4. A great list, and a great idea about backing up photo’s etc to make room for all the ones you’ll take at Christmas 🙂

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