How to get all the Family together this Summer

How to get all the Family together this Summer


Us Brits are known for being hardcore sun-worshippers – probably because we get so little of it! The first sign of blue sky and we are straight out in the garden, having barbecues at every given opportunity…

How to get all the Family together this Summer

Whilst spending time outside and getting some much-needed vitamin C is the main thing, looking after your garden and creating a space for everyone to enjoy is important too.
Whether your family home has a huge lawn or only a tiny patio, adding some special touches here and there can transform your outdoor area into a place where everyone wants to be.

Here are some summer garden tips and tricks to make yours feel like a magical place to spend your time.

Summer garden ideas:

A cosy area

First off, make sure there is a space for everyone to sit together. Find a spot in your garden that has just the right amount of sun and shade – you don’t want to be sweltering or chilly, so choose wisely!

Invest in some garden furniture that is comfortable, colourful and cosy. Try to find a space that is bright and central for sitting around during the day, but that you can make into a warm haven in the evenings. Having plenty of blankets and cushions at hand is a surefire way to make sure everyone can relax and be together, even once the sun has gone down.
If you want to go extra-cosy, you could install a fire pit into your summer garden, for those times that you have friends or family round for evening gatherings.

Try your hand at some gardening

To keep your summer garden barbecue-ready, make sure you take some time to look after the general health of your lawn and plants. In the summer months, your lawn will be growing at its fastest rate, so regular mowing and watering is essential.
If you think you need a helping hand, you could book in for some professional lawn treatments. Greensleeves offer seasonal lawn treatments that are designed to keep your grass healthy all year round. To take the pressure off, book in for one of their summer lawn care services, to make sure your lawn doesn’t let you down.


Good lighting can take any garden from a plain space to a magical wonderland straight away. Put up some fairy lights, pathway lights and more to transform your garden and make it an inviting place to be in the evenings. Having some well-lit areas in your summer garden means you can leave the kids to play safely whilst the adults relax and have a natter.

How to get all the Family together this Summer

Outdoor games and activities

Since a summer garden is the perfect place to bring all the family together, make sure there are activities or games to suit all ages.
For the kids, you could look into installing a safe climbing frame or play area to keep them entertained when the adults are busy.
Or, why not get involved in an activity together and plant some flowers around the garden. This is a great way to encourage everyone to get some fresh air as you can track the growth of your flowers and decide on a winner. If you’re stuck for which flower to go for, sunflowers are a fun, colourful yet easy beginner plant! You could go even further and start a ‘garden diary’ with your little ones where they can keep track of any new animals, insects, plants and more.
Other outdoor activities for kids could be getting arty with chalk, catching bubbles, playing with a paddling pool, or making a treasure hunt – the opportunities really are endless.
Don’t forget to consider the adults though too. Think beer/prosecco pong, board game nights, cheese and wine evenings and more… adults can make the most of their gardens too.

Dining area

As well as making sure there’s a cosy spot for your family and friends to relax in, you could create an outdoor dining area for the summer months. You could go all out and invest in brand new outdoor dining furniture, or get creative and upcycle an old table and chairs with some colourful weather-proof paint!

Eating outside is a great way to make a normal meal time feel special and exciting. Plus, having a designated space outside where your family can easily choose to sit and eat meals together is invaluable for getting fresh air and spending time together.
If you can’t afford to splash out on new outdoor furniture at the moment or your backyard simply isn’t big enough, why not create a picnic set up instead? All you need is a blanket, cushions, everyone’s favourite nibbles – and you can get all the family together this Summer!


  1. These activities are interesting for the whole family. You will spend more time together and enjoy more of nature.

  2. Some great ways to get the family together this Summer! Not so keen on gardening, but do like the idea of a cosy spot in the garden! We just need some sun now! 🙂 Sim x

  3. I love these activity ideas! We do spend a lot of time in the garden together, but we don’t actually have anywhere comfortable to sit out there! I need to sort that out this year for sure!

  4. I would absolutely LOVE an outdoor dining area, alas, our wild island weather won’t permit it. Maybe I should move somewhere warmer in the UK, lol!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Three Easy Asian BBQ Lamb MarinadesMy Profile

  5. I’m going to be honest I’m generally not much of an outdoors kind of person, but if it’s with the whole family I’ll try and make an exception x

  6. Love spending time outdoors with my lot. Too many kids are stuck home in front of an ipad or computer these days. I hate how the worlds changing!

  7. So agree with you! This whole week it has been wet and yucky so we are just waiting for some sunshine to get out in the garden with some Ice Cream and BBQs

  8. These sounds like awesome ideas to get the family out and having fun together.

  9. These are all such great ideas! My kids absolutely love getting outdoors as soon as there is a hint of sun so I have been trying to do up our garden to make it more fun with things like a sand pit etc! I love the idea of a cosy corner and will definitely try and add one of these to my garden for long, lazy summer days and evenings!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Evelyn – Happy 5th BirthdayMy Profile

  10. There are some really good tips and ideas here. The games are a must for sure xx

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