Alternatives to Plastic Carrier Bags

Alternatives to Plastic Carrier Bags

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Mummy says…. We are all for anything which helps reduce our use of plastic, from straws to take away cups to alternatives to plastic carrier bags. We can all cut down on the amount of plastic we use with very little effort…

Alternatives to Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastic Carrier Bags

Governments around the world are trying to phase out the use of plastic bags. The environmental impact of plastic bags is massive. Here in Wales we have had the 5p plastic bag charge for years and we are used to it now. It is still important to look for alternatives to plastic carrier bags though. We need to reduce the amount of plastic produced in the first place as well as looking for ways to recycle it.

Fabric Carrier Bags

Fabric bags can be made of different fabrics. There are  custom cotton printed bags, jute printed bags or canvas printed bags. There are also woven or non-woven fabric bags. Fabric bags are highly durable and highly versatile. There are many available now with your favourite characters or designs, and in many sizes. 

Paper Bags

We are not fans of large paper bags (I am thinking Primark) because they are pretty useless when damp or wet, and just can’t hold any real weight. This is when a fabric bag is the best. Small paper bags are good – and perfect for fruit and veg. In fact, why are there plastic bags and not paper available here?


There used to always be cardboard boxes available somewhere in stores or near the checkouts for customers to use – but we don’t really see them any more and I wonder why that is. They are great alternatives to plastic carrier bags. Or why not take some boxes from home – keep any strong ones from deliveries to use when you next go shopping. Most supermarkets will give you a cardboard wine / bottle carrier if you are buying a few bottles.

Do you have any other ideas for alternatives to plastic carrier bags or to reduce plastic waste? We would love to hear them!




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  1. Interesting post, here in Belgium we had alot of people who joined “May plastic free”. I tried it myself, but it is very hard to go “zero plastic”. Especially while buying cosmetic / washing products.

    A tip that I used very frequently in the grocery store is to take your own reusable boxes / bags for buying fruits and vegetables instead of the common plastic bags to weigh your groceries.

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