How to Social Distance & Have Fun At The Same Time

How to Social Distance and Have Fun At The Same Time


By now, we are all well aware that we need to keep at least 2 meters away from other people to help slow the spread of the dangerous Coronavirus. In fact, the current advice is to stay at home unless absolutely necessary to stay safe. Of course, this makes celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and the upcoming Easter holiday somewhat harder, doesn’t it? …


How to  Social Distance & Have Fun At The Same Time

After all, celebrations tend to consist of people all in the same space. The good news is that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. In fact, with a few small changes, we can still make occasions special with loved ones safely and responsibly. Read on to find out what they are:

Send a gift by mail.

First of all, you may not be able to get to your loved one’s house to physically give them a gift for their birthday or other celebration. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to go without it. In fact, there is a whole range of providers that will take gifts to the door of your loved ones’ home, while still observing the Corvid -19 protocols. 

For example, gift services like Moonpig offer flowers, cards, and a range of other treats as well. Alternatively, you may wish to go for an item in the Hotel Chocolat sale, as they too deliver. Something that means your friends can still enjoy an exceptional and delicious gift, even with the current situation as it is. 

Use video chat.

Next, instead of getting together physically, why not try video chat? In fact, the positive mental health impact that seeing each other face to face can have on all parties involved is not to be underestimated. No, it’s not like being in the same room, but it certainly is the next best thing and can help to give you that party atmosphere while staying safe. 

Of course, many people will be content to use the facilities on their smartphones for video chat. However, there are other options to consider too. One of these is to set up a free Skype account on your laptop or desktop. There is also tech like the Portal from Facebook, that will track you as you talk and move to give you an even more natural video chat experience. 

Pick an app for family fun. 

Finally, don’t forget that we live in a connected world. Therefore it’s not just video chat that can allow us to spend time together when we are physically apart. In fact, there are a vast number of apps and platforms that are designed to enable fun and communication despite physical distance. 

For example, you may like to get all your family signed up to games like Draw Something or Words With Friends. Alternatively, why not give apps like House Party a try as they combine video chatting with the ability to play games as a group. Something that means you can easily create a fun party atmosphere, while still observing social distance protocol and keeping the country as well as your family safe. 

We hope you are safe and well and that these tips on to How to Social Distance and Have Fun At The Same Time will help you if you have any celebrations coming up.

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