Tips To Reduce Family Heating Bills


Being a parent is never easy to deal with, no matter if you have one child or 5. You have a million things to think about, one of the main ones being your bills. It’s a downer on life, but can’t be avoided. As a family, every little helps, and you should ensure you save every penny you can so your children benefit in the long run…

Usually, the most substantial household bill is the heating bill. Throughout the year, you’ll have your heating and hot water on and off constantly, and the small amounts can make up one big bill. It’s normal to dread your heating bill, but you don’t always have to. There are several ways you can reduce your family heating bills, here are our top tips:

Stay Smart
Smart home technology is still a fairly new concept, especially for controlling your heating. However,
it is really taking off, and most homes have some sort of smart device. It’s a great concept to have
as a parent because you can manage everything from a video doorbell to voice controls from
your home. When it comes to heating, you can invest in a smart thermostat, which is linked to
your heating system and your phone. With a smart thermostat, you can control automatic
heating, as well as the temperature and room choice. It’s accurate for a lot of controls, you
can check quickly for an update on your heating expenditure, and help to cut down usage, as well as what temperature the children have put on while you’re at work. The more
expensive devices can also learn your routine and automatically heat your home when you
need it, which is quite smart!
Having your thermostat set high may feel like the best option when it’s cold outside, but
it maybe a waste of your money. To save up to 3% (or £40) a year on your heating bills, all you
have to do is turn it down by 1 degree.

Check Your System
Sometimes, your family heating bills will rise unexpectedly, and this will have nothing to do with the usage. Older properties especially tend to have old, run-down boilers. If you haven’t lived in your home long, you may not know just how old your heating system is, and what condition it is in. Most boilers have a 5-10 year guarantee depending on the brand, so it may not cost you a penny to replace if you need a new boiler. However, if the warranty is up, you’ll have to go for a boiler replacement- which in the long term is well worth the investment. If your boiler is fairly new and you’re still suspecting issues, check your boiler pressure. Boiler pressure plays a big part in how hard your system is working- so if it’s too low/high in either you may need to service your boiler.

Be Cautious
If you have your heating on full all day long, you are heating your home without purpose. You should set your boiler into a routine, so you are only heating your home for half an hour in a morning, and half an hour in an evening. By doing this, the house will be sufficiently warmed up for the day without wasting a boatload of money. In the colder months, adding an extra layer of clothing will also make a considerable
difference and enable you to keep the heating off for that little bit longer.

There are so many small things you can do to reduce family heating bills and lower the overall
bill. It’s a matter of trial and error to find out what works for your family!

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