Getting the garden ready for summer


Despite the terrible weather we have, we still like to try and make the most of the summer in our garden. We are lucky to have a large garden – we are on a corner plot, and have started making plans to get the garden ready for summer.

Getting the garden ready for summer

I love being outside and was so thrilled when Mummy put a water and sand table in the garden for me. I could play with it for hours in the sunshine (we just need more sunshine!) Mummy is also looking for a summer house for me, somewhere where I can still play outside, but have shelter for when it rains.

A garden gazebo would be good too, so Mummy could sit outside with me whilst I play in the shade, or (let’s be realistic) the rain!

For the garden itself, the jobs Mummy has to do are to edge the lawn, as the grass has grown into our flower borders and looks untidy. She would like them separate again and has seen some great, easy to use lawn edging which will do the job! Mummy then wants to plant some wild flower seeds in them. (The edging will also stop me stumbling into the flowers!)

We also need our yearly trim of the tree by the drive and a big holly bush we have in the back garden, they grow so quickly. Luckily my cousin and Grandad help us each year.

So here is our wish list for getting our garden ready for summer:

  1. Acorn Cottage for me. How cute is this little play house?
  2. Lawn edging . This looks very simple to use.
  3. A gazebo to protect us from the sun rain 😉 Mummy has been browsing Pinterest – there are SO many amazing ideas.
  4. A new BBQ. A gas one, as Mummy is no good at all with lighting coals etc.
  5. A hedge cutter (for Grandad!) He would have to choose one as he knows far more about them than we do.

That is a pretty great list isn’t it? If we had our wish list we would be all set for summer. What would be on your wish list for getting the garden ready for summer?





  1. Great wishlist. My garden is far from summer ready and could do with some TLC, we definitely need to invest in a BBQ

  2. It certainly sounds like mummy will be busy. Wildflowers are lovely for attracting wildlife and insects.
    Cathy Glynn recently posted…Silver Bee Venom Mask – Heaven SkincareMy Profile

  3. I love the Acorn Cottage good choice and don’t worry mummy it is not my forte either!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Living In Luxury With Wool OversMy Profile

  4. I think my garden is almost ready. I’ve just got to finish my ‘wild nature’ area for the bees etc. Love being able to have BBQ’s now too.

  5. It is nice to have a big garden. We’re hopefully moving soon to somewhere with a bigger garden & we want to get sand and water tables for the kids. A gazebo would be amazing – I’d love that! (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  6. my wish list, a new larger shed for hubby so we can get rid of all the scabby wee sheds we have. A play house and a few pieces of garden equipment for the twins to play on/in/with.
    Like the idea of the sand table but we would need a cover as far to many cats round here
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  7. A new BBQ and garden furniture is the top of my list because I have none 🙁 I’d love a gas BBQ! I actually have a Gazebo but it’s been too windy and wet to put it up! Where is the sun?!
    And that little acorn cottage is adorable.

  8. I love spending time in the garden. The Acorn Cottage looks amazing and I am sure lots of adventures could be had with it. I also love a good BBQ!

  9. Some new edging is the top of my wish list as all the old stuff is falling apart! I hope you and mummy have lots of fun in your garden this year!

  10. We just got a new BBQ and have used it so many times already so was definitely worth the investment! x

  11. The Acorn cottage is lovely!
    We’ve done the same – we bought a new table and chairs from Morrisons, a sandpit for Lily (one of those shell-shaped ones, one side for water and the other for sand) and all we need now is a playhouse and a BBQ (sick of using disposable ones!)
    Great post, it’s got me thinking about what else I need to do before the summer really hits.
    X X
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  12. We are working on the garden too. There is so much to be done. Thanks for inspiring me.

  13. I can’t wait until we have a garden. Currently hoping to buy our first hosue and I can’t wait to enjoy summers outside. I would also LOVE a gas BBQ. Don’t blame you not wanting to faff about with the coals. And that play house is super cute too. Hope you have a fantastic summer 🙂

  14. These are all lovely simple ideas – thanks for sharing! We love spending time in our garden. The kids have a little play house and a gazebo or we sometimes use a 3 man pop up tent for shelter from the sun/rain. We’re not very keen gardeners though – we don’t even cut the grass very well!! But it doesn’t stop us getting outside!

  15. I wish I had a garden to work on, I only have a concrete terrace outside my flat, which is at least an outside space and I do have pots of flowers growing on it x
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  16. I love having a garden, but it keeps me busy – it all keeps on damn growing doesnt it!! SOunds like you have some lovely plans for yours – enjoy!
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  17. My First one would be to get the actual garden hahaha
    but after that I would love a slide for Lily as she is really into her slides atm, she would also love those pretend animals you can place around the garden 😀
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  18. I wish we could get out a bit more in our garden, our grass looks like a wild meadow just now and could really do with being cut! 🙂

  19. I cant wait to have a garden so I can put all the ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest to good use! We have a fairly large balcony that runs the entire length of our appartment, but its just not the same!

  20. Great ideas. I so wish that we had a garden to enjoy, we live in a first floor flat so go to the park a lot.

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