Help Your Adult Child Plan their Wedding

Help Your Adult Child Plan their Wedding


Mummy says…It seems like only yesterday that your child was toddling around in nappies, and now they’re getting married. Being the parent of a child that is getting married is incredibly exciting and also a little daunting. Naturally, you want to help your adult child plan their wedding as much as you can, but without getting too involved and upsetting anyone. With both my daughters now adults, this is something I will be thinking about in the not too distant future…

Help Your Adult Child Plan their Wedding

As a parent, you always want to help your child in any way that you can, even once they’ve reached adulthood. A wedding is a big deal, so naturally you want to be there to help your child plan for their perfect big day. The question is, of course, how should you go about doing that – what steps should you take?

Ask them what help they’d like

Instead of presuming that you know what your child and their partner would want, take the time to ask them. Plan a family meeting and ask your child and their partner what help they would like when it comes to planning their big day. If they’re not sure, perhaps you could suggest some areas that you think you’d be useful helping out with, such as choosing the flowers, picking a colour scheme, or helping to pick the cake. Don’t over step the mark, remember that it’s their day, and that it’s important to do whatever they want you to do.

Give them ideas

As a parent, the chances are that you have lots of ideas for your child’s wedding, and want to share them with them. The best way to do this is to ask your child if they have a Pinterest wedding board, and then get them to add you as a contributor. That way you can send them ideas that you think they’d like, and they can approve them. For instance, you might see a rose gold wedding ring or a wedding venue, like Clevedon Hall that you think they’d love, you could use Pinterest to share the venue with them. Every time that you see a photo of something that you think they’d like, whether it’s on Pinterest or on another site, or even in a magazine, you can save or take a photo and then send it to them via Pinterest.

Provide a financial contribution

Traditionally, it was the bride’s family who paid for and hosted the entire wedding. Today however, that tradition has disappeared, and often it’s both families that cover the cost of the couple’s nuptials, along with the bride and groom, of course. Whether it’s your daughter or son that is getting married, a financial contribution towards the cost is a nice gesture to make, and is something that they will most probably really appreciate.

Your child getting married is an incredibly exciting time, and one that you most probably want to be an important part of. But what it’s crucial to remember is that it’s their day, and it’s vital that you don’t over step the mark and get too involved in their planning. However, there are plenty of ways that you can get involved and help them to plan.

Have you any tips to help your adult child plan their wedding?


  1. Great tips. It’s important to strike the right balance in backing up your loved ones over their day, so as not to either tell them what to do or make them feel alone.

  2. Wow this sounds a bit distant at first, but yes, indeed, years are flying by and this is a great post!

  3. Great advice. It must be so exciting when it comes to planning your child’s wedding!

  4. How exciting!! I didn’t know you had two older daughters too! I have one daughter, but as she’s only 13 I think there’s a few years before we have this situation arise, but I will remember your tips, they really made me think! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Really fab advice. Not something I’ll have to think about for a long time, BUT I can see it from the other point of view – I only got married a year and a half ago and without both of our parents’ inputs we would have struggled SO much! Not so much the money, but the ideas! I literally had absolutely no idea what we’d need, what I’d like, anything!
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  6. I was so lucky when I got married – my mum was really hands on and did a lot of the planning. It was a huge help!

  7. I know there are many protocols to observe when there i a wedding. However, it is exciting to now your daughter is getting married and to be involved in the process

  8. Great advice my children are still young so I have loads of time. It must be so exciting but hectic at the same time

  9. I cannot wait for Abbey to get married. She is buying a house with her bf this year so hopefully we will see a diamond soon 😉
    Kara recently posted…Silent Sunday – 22nd April 2018My Profile

  10. Having never been interested in getting married myself, I know I’ll find either of my children getting married extremely daunting. I think it’s something Stacey will do one day, but Oscar is a mummy’s boy and he keeps telling me he’s going to live with me forever haha

    Louise x
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  11. some great tips, we did our wedding super cheap (3k) but were given 2k from parents which was a big help! x

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