What is a Pre Wedding MiniMoon?

What is a Pre Wedding MiniMoon?


Planning for your wedding day is an exciting, but often exhausting experience. With so much to think about, from dress alterations, flowers, venue décor, food, invitations, the wedding cake, transport and much more, the wedding planning phase really can leave you feeling like you need a holiday sooner than your honeymoon. Read on for the perfect excuse to take a well-earned break.

What is a Pre Wedding MiniMoon?

What is a pre-wedding minimoon?

Pre-wedding holidays are a growing trend and have landed a name in their own right – the pre-wedding minimoon has been born ladies and gentlemen. More and more couples are recognising the need for a well-earned break before they tie the knot. Pippa Middleton put last minute preparations on hold to jet off with her fiancé James Matthews just weeks prior to their wedding day.

The minimoon was originally born during the credit crunch as a pared-back version of the honeymoon, and is still popular. With huge wedding expenses, a mini honeymoon is often a compromise while couples save up for a full honeymoon later in the year. But the penchant for taking a break prior to the big day is a more recent addition to the wedding agenda.

Where to minimoon?

Minimoons tend to be 3-4 day breaks. Some couples choose to take a break where they first met, or perhaps at the location the groom-to- be proposed. Others like to take a break close to the wedding location, especially if it’s in an area far from home.

For some, a pre-wedding stay at the actual wedding venue gives the couple the perfect opportunity to nail down wedding details and make sure everything is in place ready for the big day. If you’re lucky enough to be holding your wedding at a venue with a spa, then you’ll have plenty of time for some pampering too.

With the minimoon becoming a popular feature on the wedding planners list, couples are looking more seriously at venues with hotels and spas. Wherever you are getting married, from a wedding venue in Sussex, to an exclusive beach break in Spain, choosing a venue with a spa is a great way to make the most of the minimoon boom.

5 reasons why you should definitely have a minimoon

1. Top up your pre-wedding tan

If you’re planning a short break somewhere hot for your minimoon, it will give you the chance to top up your tan and make sure you have a natural glow on the big day. Don’t worry if your holiday destination doesn’t promise much sunshine. A professional spray tan at the spa will do!

2. Recharge and relax

Pre-wedding nerves and stress can really take their toll. Having a break prior to the big day will give you the chance to recharge your batteries. In between romantic meals, you’ll have plenty of time for pedicures, facials and body treatments to give your skin a beautiful glow and enjoy an indulgent treat.

3. Switch up the romance

Arguments are bound to arise during the wedding planning stage. Seating plans, the budget, interfering relatives and a whole host of minor details are potential areas of conflict between couples. When the focus is constantly on the big day, and bickering becomes the norm, it’s no wonder some brides and grooms get the feeling of cold feet.

Taking a short break together prior to the big day gives couples the perfect opportunity for some romance and reconnect with the reason they decided to get married in the first place.

4. Consolidate wedding plans

With most weddings there is so much to plan and organise. Working full-time and keeping on top of wedding plans is a tall order. It is easy to forget small details. While it’s not a good idea to spend your whole minimoon discussing the wedding, set aside a couple of hours to go through all of the last-minute details to put your mind at rest that everything is covered.

5. Pah, who doesn’t want an extra holiday!

If there’s a good excuse to get away, then why not milk it. Travelling from the UK, you’d be advised to keep your break in the Mediterranean or Dubai to avoid the downside of the jet lag you will get from faraway destinations. A long-distance flight can take its toll in more ways than one. Dry skin, dehydration and poor sleep won’t help to make you look and feel your best on the big day.

Say goodbye to convention. When you are planning your wedding you can get away with almost anything and that includes a minimoon. Happy holidays!

This article was written by Dakota Murphey.


  1. I remember when I got married, all the preparations were stressful to be honest. I think we would have benefited from a short break away to recharge our wedding preparation batteries
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  2. Ooh it sounds like a lovely idea, we want to get married in a few years when the baby is old enough to remember like our older two children, I’ll have to keep this in mind xxx

  3. I’ve not heard that expression before but I’ve been on a few! Great way to chill

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