Hugo Boss Father's Day Giveaway

Hugo Boss Father’s Day Giveaway


Pickle says….It is Father’s Day soon (18 June to be exact) and to celebrate we have a fantastic giveaway for you. The prize is a Hugo Boss Wallet set worth £139.

Hugo Boss Father's Day Giveaway

The Hugo Boss Black Leather Wallet And Card Holder Gift Set has an all over embossed geometric design and is a genuine leather wallet with the signature Hugo Boss logo leather tag on the corner.

The inside of the wallet features two pouches at the top for notes with four card slots on the left side and a slide space behind.

There is also a coin pouch on the right side with a slide space behind. The signature Hugo Boss logo is embossed on the right side inside.

The leather card holder features an embossed geometric design to the front and a smooth leather reverse with two card slots on each side and an additional centre pouch compartment with entrance from the top. The signature leather embossed HUGO BOSS logo tag is on the front of the card wallet.

Hugo Boss Father's Day Giveaway (1)  

To enter, all you have to do is answer the question: Why is your dad the best?

You can gain more daily entries by following the Rafflecopter instructions if you want to.

The prize has been kindly given by Mainline Menswear who have a fantastic range of clothing and accessories for men. The prize will be sent directly to the winner.

The competition closes at Midnight on 12 June 2017.

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  1. He’s a trooper who never ever gives up on anything or anyone
    He’s an inspiration to all

  2. i think my boys would say their dad is best for playing footie with them x

  3. He is just a great dad and grandad and a wonderful handyman too!

  4. My LOs would currently say their Dad is the best climbing frame! They love nothing more than clambering all over him!

  5. Because he is MY Dad – that naturally makes him wonderful 😀

  6. he’s always there for me especially when it comes to fixing my cars

  7. I lost my dad nearly 2 years ago, he was the best – in every way!!

  8. my late Father-in-Law was the best, a wonderful man who treated me as if I was his Son, I miss him very much indeed. I would like this for my Son-in-Law for Fathersday

  9. Because He’s My Dad

  10. He is so funny,will talk to anyone,everyone likes him and he has never ever raised his voice to me.

  11. My step-dad is, he has been there for me since the age of 15 – just a very kind loving man xx

  12. He always puts his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren first no matter what time of the day or night it is. Now it’s time to pay it forward and give something back.

  13. This is such a lovely giveaway and Hugo Boss wallets last for such a long time x
    Rachel recently posted…How moisturising your skin can prevent ageingMy Profile

  14. He has such a kind heart and thoughtful

  15. He is always there for me whenever I need him. He really is the best x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Tiny Tickers feature on BBC Lifeline this Sunday.My Profile

  16. My dad is the best because even after all these years, he’s still my superman. He always knows how to stop me crying or helps me think through a decision. He always puts his family first even when that might mean he has to go without.

  17. He’s the best grandad his grandsons love him! He is the most patient & loving man he deserves something great for fathers day

  18. What a great gift! Definitely going to enter right now.

  19. Great giveaway! My daughters Dad is the best because he is always there for her and encourages her to be the best she can be!

  20. My dad is great because he’s a brilliant role model and always there for me

  21. he is always there for me and his grandkids x

  22. Personally I love the brand Hugo Boss, and although my husband already has stuff from this brand, I would still love to win this competition.

  23. my dad was the best till he had a long battle with cancer and sadly never made it which broke my heart

  24. He gave me memories to treasure hope and joy

  25. He is such a gentle spirit ,so kind and humble .

  26. Sadly not with us anymore, but I have very fond and loving memories of him xxxxx

  27. kind, funny and always there if needed

  28. My mum and dad have been very supportive to me as I’ve been widowed twice

  29. My dad is the best, always there if I need him ,can fix anything and my boys adore him

  30. My dad is caring and always there for me and me for him

  31. as he will do anything for anyone thats dad

  32. Doesn’t everyone think their Dad is the best just because of all the little things they do like taking care of your car.

  33. He is always there for me and can sort out nearly anything

  34. he exemplifies all that`s good about caring, supporting and taking responsibility

  35. He is amazing would do anything for anybody always there no matter what.

  36. My Dad’s the best because he picked himself up after my Mum died and created a new life for himself, when he was 71 he walked a marathon, and regularly walks up to 15 miles or more, and he’s 78 now!
    And, more importantly, he makes the best cakes!

  37. Because I work with my Dad & he does nothing but supports me. He’s not only my Dad but my best friend!

  38. My dad was the best because he always brought laughter to every day.

  39. My dad is one in a million, he has always been by my side, even when i have made mistakes, he is not just my dad, he is my best friend.

  40. Because he doesn’t judge…. he listens!

  41. My Dad is very funny and also very wise

  42. My dad sadly is not here anymore but was an amazing dad and grandad.

  43. My dad is the best as in my eyes no one else comes close.

  44. My Dad was such a gentleman – always had a kind word for everyone x

  45. He can fix anything, from a broker boiler to a broken heart!

  46. my dad is the best because he is my dad x i love him all the world

  47. Because he is fabulous 🙂 He is always there for me and I am always there for him.. a proper old skool dad and Ii feel lucky to have him!

  48. Because he makes my kids happy! amazing dad and one in a million Grandpa!

  49. My dad spoils me and does anything I ask. Thats why hes the best to me.

  50. He always does what he can to help me 🙂

  51. Because although he isnt a huggy lovey dad, whenever I need him he is there to help me.

  52. My husband is the best dad to our son because he always has time to play with him and loves him with all his heart.

  53. My dad is amazing because he’s always ready to help when I need some help.

  54. What a great giveaway! My Husband is the best dad to the kids because he is always supportive and loving. My Dad is alright too, 😉

  55. What a lovely giveaway, I know my dad would absolutely love these gifts for Father’s Day
    Anosa recently posted…Sisters Lunch Date ~ Bonding over FoodMy Profile

  56. He tells the best jokes and always manages to make me smile


  58. He’s the best gardener I know and despite being given the last rites at 16 years old he’s celebrating his 90th birthday in September

  59. Amazing giveaway. My dad is the best because he always supports us and tries to help.

  60. I call my husband (children Dad) a “3p” he a perfectionist, perserverence and performer! The perfect combination of fun and loyal!

  61. My dad is unfortunately no longer with us but he was always there to support me and he battled so bravely in his last few months on earth that made him incredibly brave in my opinion.


  63. he knows everything about everything! always there to help!

  64. He’s the cheapest, free, taxi driver in the family.

  65. What a lovely prize for Father’s Day. We’d love to give this to Daddy as he deserves a treat
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Inspiration For Planning a Weekend in London With Kids #FamilyTravel #UKFTBMy Profile

  66. I would want to win this for my daughter’s husband, father of my granddaughter. He is a brilliant father, truly a modern dad who shares equally in childcare and household responsibilities with my daughter, who works full-time.

  67. My dad is the best because he gave me a strong sense of self and independence.

  68. He has been a great role model throughout the years and someone my children now look up to

  69. He isn’t but my grandad is as he’s always been a dad to me when my father never has. He is the kindest grandad and is always there to help myself or others when needed.

  70. He knows all the answers!

  71. My Dad is the best because he’s always checking up on me and he gives great hugs

  72. Just the best in the world !

  73. My dad was such a kind person always thinking of my sister and i and i miss him dreadfully as he passed away a while ago now. My sons and i like to spoil my husband at Father’s Day though.

  74. He is a wonderful person who always puts others first

  75. Always showing me the kind of person I want to grow up to be, even though I’m a grown up in my 30s now!

  76. he always tries his best and he is always there for me

  77. he always offers the best advice and is never judgemental

  78. he helps me with diy

  79. because he makes an amazing lasange x

  80. My dad is just the best, even when i try and surprise him, he always makes me surprises me!!!
    I was telling him that he was going to be a grandad for the 1st time and kept it a secret from him as i knew he would be so made up. BUT he has already guessed and knew we were going to tell him and bursted out into a I’m going to be a grandad t-shirt!!! <3

  81. He’s always been my hero, puts family first, knows all about wildlife and nature, is patient and caring and a fabulous role model for my boys.

  82. Clever and caring, affectionate and affable and terribly funny.

  83. Sadly my dad is the best but I still would like to enter the competition

  84. He has always believed in me

  85. Because he is so very kind

  86. Just because he’s always been there for me, through thick and (sometimes very) thin.

  87. Because he is the best grandfather and father you could possibly hope for!

  88. He isn’t but my husband is because he’s always willing to play and he works so very hard

  89. My dad is the best because he is honest and hard working!

  90. he`s put up with me for 47 long years

  91. He was always there for me

  92. Because he is forever putting his family first. He is such a great dad and grandad. To my 6 year old he is her hero!

  93. We never had much money growing up so Dad was forever attempting DIY – no matter what the job this always involved a hammer and a bent coat hanger and he wasn’t exactly known for his great preperation and seeing the whole project through right to the end. But he persevered and has done some great projects recently and I really respect his determination. It’s easy to do things you are talented at but to carry on and learn from your (many!) mistakes is a rare quality in man.

  94. Always smiling

  95. He is a regular joe but with a heart of gold.

  96. Because he is amazing

  97. He would do anything for anyone, he is just fab!

  98. Because he is always there ready for anything x

  99. He’s just always there for me when I need him and he helped me get through university and move away from home.

  100. Because he is kind and caring

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  102. Great giveaway, this would be perfect for my husband who is a fantastic dad and works so hard

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