Sleep Tight All Night with Golden Bear


I am quite a good sleeper, but do have nights that I struggle to get to sleep – especially in the summer when the nights are lighter. Mummy and I were very excited to be offered the Sleep Tight All Night Teddy Bear to try, to see if it helps.

Sleep Tight All Night with Golden Bear

The bear is a 4 in 1 teddy that has been specially designed to help teach children when to sleep and when it’s time to get up. It’s especially good for helping tots move from cot to bed. The teddy bear has a special sleep aid system based on scientific studies about colours which help encourage sleep. I can also play with the bear in the day too. There are 5 different soothing sounds to choose from and a soft glowing light to comfort and soothe me at bedtime when I squeeze his tummy.

The Sleep Tight All Night teddy from Golden Bear is so very soft and cuddly and a lovely bear to cuddle.

sleep tight all night bear

sleep tight all night bear

The teddy features:

1. A timer to set the timer for how long Mummy would like me to sleep. This can be used for all night sleep, or a daytime nap.

2. At bedtime – A gentle squeeze of teddy’s tummy will help me get to sleep with whichever soothing sound Mummy has picked and a gentle red glowing light. The red light shows me that it’s night time.

3. If I wake during the night, another squeeze  of his tummy will help comfort me, with the soothing sound playing again and the red light glowing again. 

4. Wake up! When the tummy is squeezed after I have slept for the times amount time it will glow green to show me I can get up.

5. When the teddy is in the day time setting, and I squeeze his tummy he says lots of different fun things. The sleep aid device fits inside teddy’s tummy and can be tied securely in place.

Other features are:

  • Parental lock to make sure I am not able to adjust the timer once Mummy has set it!
  •  2 volume settings
  • A choice of 5 soothing sounds which are: rainfall, soothing surf, a gentle heartbeat, whispering waterfall and comforting crickets. You can also turn the sounds off. 
  • The science bit…. Investigations have shown that green wave lengths are very beneficial during day light hours because they boost attention and reaction times. However, it has been proven to be most disruptive at night as it reduces that amount of melatonin the body produces and the ability to fall asleep. Red light is the most soothing, it preserves night vision, and is the least disruptive to my natural body clock and the production of melatonin.
  • Suitable for children aged 10 months + Batteries are included. RRP a £35

sleep tight all night bear sleep tight all night 4 sleep tight all night teddy

We have had great success with my Sleep Tight All Night teddy – I use him if I wake in the night to see if it is time to get up yet, by pressing his tummy. I know that if it is red it is still sleep time. I love the soothing sound when I go to sleep, my favourite is the waterfall. I also love cuddling my bear – I take him to bed with my every night. We highly recommend him, and would suggest for little ones younger than me, that you show the teddy to your baby before using him as a sleep aid, so baby gets used to him.

sleep tight all night bear sleep tight all night 6

You can also get a Sleep Tight All Night Iggle Piggle, Unicorn and Puppy. We have a teddy to give away to a lucky reader too! The question is how does your little one sleep? You have until midnight on 30 October to enter. Good Luck!
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  1. generally(touch wood) my little girl sleeps well, she wakes crying sometimes though so would be nice for her to have a friend to have with her x

  2. This sounds brilliant, my daughter would have loved this when she was younger x
    Viki Marden recently posted…Currently reading • Girl Online On TourMy Profile

  3. All so different
    One is out like a light and sleeps all night
    The other needed barely any see at all
    I’d love this beautiful bear for my 2 year old nephew

  4. Awh this is brilliant, sounds like a great idea to get your little one to sleep. It’s also such a cute bear! xo
    Rachel recently posted…The Red Dress of DreamsMy Profile

  5. Aww what an absolutely gorgeous bear that is – I bet it is lovely to have him to snuggle with at night. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Tips for Creating a Dog Friendly GardenMy Profile

  6. This bear is gorgeous, do they make them for adults too? I think I want one for Christmas.
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Reasons Why You Must Visit DubaiMy Profile

  7. This would be great for my son! He loves sleeping with cuddly toys and, although he doesn’t have a problem getting to sleep, it would be a perfect way to let him know what time he should be waking everyone else up! 🙂
    Elanor recently posted…#BeEdgyGoVeggie at Hard Rock GlasgowMy Profile

  8. My son hasn’t been too bad lately. He sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to come in our bed

  9. It depends lately it has been a bit of a nightmare as my boy can be very restless

  10. What a great idea. Once my boys are a little older I think this will be coming home with us.

  11. yes they sleep well most of the time

  12. Generally my youngest is a good sleeper. Sometimes the odd nightmare wakes her and she tootles into our room. Her bed is strewn with cuddlies and each one has its place!

  13. I’m entering this for my niece. She is getting there with her sleeping but prefers to sleep in mummy’s bed!

  14. My child doesn’t sleep well. She tends to go off to sleep. All night but wakes up. Often and barely naps. I would LOVE to try this!

  15. yes from birth

  16. yes, 7pm til 6am is pretty good!

  17. My little girl is good at going off to sleep but she often wakes during the night wanting to come to our bed.
    Angela Webster recently posted…Word of the Week – PeakyMy Profile

  18. Usually a pretty good sleeper, but wakes up at least once a night x

  19. Great sleeper but likes to wake up with daylight

  20. She’s ok, I was spoilt by my 12hr a night son though! My daughter sleeps from 8.00ish to 6.30ish, but moans a lot in the night.

  21. thankfully, a great sleeper which makes life easier

  22. My youngest sleeps fine its my oldest who doesnt like staying in bed! X

  23. Very well

  24. My toddler usually ends up sleeping in our bed so we can get at least some sleep…

  25. Nope, mine has always been a really bad sleeper! First year, I think I got about 3 hours sleep in the year! lol I aged about 10 years that year. But seriously, he’s nearly 3 now and still wakes up at least twice every night!

  26. He sleeps all night

  27. Most of the time he is.

  28. Yes, a relatively good sleeper most nights

  29. I have 8 month old twins. My little girl is a good sleeper normally but is teething so up twice a night and my little boy is up twice a night nearly every night. Iv had 2 nights off since they were born.

  30. Yes, although she’s an earlier riser!

  31. Yes we are very luck are baby girl sleeps through and wakes at 8.30am

  32. sleeps fine

  33. yes she is x

  34. once he’s asleep, yes!

  35. I’m entering for my nephew but when my son was little he was a terrible sleeper, always ended up in my bed

  36. My little one sleeps well most if the time!

  37. My eldest could sleep through a hurricane! My toddler is getting better but still wakes in the night & my 5 month old is nocturnal! X

  38. No, he’s always been a poor sleeper, every 2 hours as a baby and I am so looking forward to the teenage years when he stays in bed all the time, lol

  39. My son is not a great sleeper still waking once or twice a night at four x

  40. Oh wow this sounds like a dream come true NO my 2 year old is not a good sleeper, in fact it couldn’t get much worse. I am so used to not sleeping I am not actually sure what I will do when if he eventually sleeps!

    He doesn’t go to sleep until about 9pm (we’ve tried, doctors have done sleep studies etc……) he wakes every 1.5 hours throughout the night and gets up at around 5.30am.

    This is just an incredible invention, I have never heard of this but he would totally understand this I am sure! Wow I would love to give this a go! Thank you for the chance

    These dark mornings are completely confusing him and now he thinks the middle of the night is also morning because it is dark when he wakes up. But he is adorably cute and has long curly hair too. Thank you for a great post

  41. sometimes, generally he is up 2-3 times a night

  42. No – only when I don’t want him to

  43. my lo who is 18 months old still wakes for a bottle in the night…

  44. My daughter is a really good sleeper as long as she has her lion 🙂

  45. My boys were pretty good sleepers. Even as toddlers they would go straight back to sleep if they woke. Not sure about the girl I’m expecting right now! I’m up twice a night & then awake with the larks!

  46. My little granddaughter is not a very good sleeper and this teddy would help no end!

  47. The youngest gets off well but rises early – very early. I am currently using my old mobile phone alarm to let her know when she can get up but she wakes everyone up coming down the stairs with it. This teddy would be wonderful, instead.

  48. Thankfully yes 🙂 I love the look of this bear, how clever!

  49. My little girl is not a good sleeper, often up most of the night with her and she always wakes up very early.

  50. He is only 4 weeks old so we haven’t established a routine yet. His big brother is 4 and has always been a good sleeper

  51. MINE SLEEPS all night

  52. My grandson does not.

  53. some nights my little girlie will sleep 7 through till 6-7 which makes me a happy mummy, other nights lets just say not so good

  54. My little granddaughter used to be a bad sleeper, waking every couple of hours, but for the last few months she has been sleeping from 8pm to 5am or so. Still a bit early, so when we (grandparents) go to visit, we make sure that when she wakes she comes into bed with us so that her parents get a bit of a lie in.

  55. We are lucky he sleeps fine

  56. Sleeps well

  57. I would love this for my great niece. As far as I know she sleeps very well.

  58. I’m entering this to try and win for my great niece. She is terrible with sleep and still wakes her mum up every night to get in her bed

  59. Usually a pretty good and consistent sleeper, but always wakes up at least once.

  60. I’d love this for my daughter xxx

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