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Mummy has no retirement plans, but does think about it, being on her own with the four of us, so she was curious to try out a website Retire Savvy which is all about retirement.

Over to Mummy….

‘Retirement isn’t something I think about. I feel it is so far away, I am just about managing to meet my family’s financial needs every day. Being on my own, I can’t worry about the future. I suppose working at my local cancer support centre may have an effect on my thinking too, unfortunately I see many people who don’t make it to retirement age.

Having said that, I am aware that retirement is (hopefully) something that I will reach, and I would love to have a stress and worry-free one!

retire savvy

I was curious to check out Retire Savvy, and here is what I thought….

The website was easy to use, with clear menus and sections.

I thought at first that the site was for over 55’s, but I found refreshing, interesting posts and information from younger people too – including a lady approaching 30 which made me think!

I will say that on initially arriving at the website, I, again, thought I was too young (I am 43) as the main sections were ‘Approaching Retirement’ and ‘Already Retired’. It would be useful, and possibly attract younger visitors if there was a section such as ‘Looking Ahead’ or ‘You’re Never too Young’, you get the idea. I would then have had an area to explore straight away.

I found the FAQ’s and Jargon Buster sections really helpful, but missed them on the first visit or two. Maybe they could be more prominent? There were answers here to most of the questions I had!

On deeper exploration of the site, I did find answers in the Approaching Retirement section too, it was the title that had put me off.

My overall impression is that this is a slick, informative website. It could do with appealing a little more to people like me, in my early 40’s, and younger people too I guess. I did receive the message that it is actually really important to think about your retirement, and plan for it.

I will be revisiting the website to explore what options I do have.

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