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One thing Mummy has always had trouble with, is taking my temperature – and that of my brother and sisters when they were very small too. I am not poorly that often, but when I am, I tend to get very hot. Mummy wants to keep a check on my temperature, to make sure I am not getting a high fever, but she does not trust the various thermometers we have tried so far. I am teething a lot at the moment, and have suffered an ear infection or two, so Mummy was so very thankful when the lovely people at Braun offered to send us a brand new Thermoscan 7 Ear Thermometer to review. RRP £49.99

braun thermoscan

Braun is a brand Mummy has grown up with, so knows it is a brand to trust. The thermometer comes with batteries, a protective case, a pack of disposable lense filters (the little plastic thingys that the doctors put on the end of a thermometer for hygiene). It also comes with full instructions.

Now this thermometer is very, very clever. It has loads of brilliant features that make Mummy feel safe that she is getting the right reading, and make it easy for me to have my temperature taken too.

braun thermoscan 7

Did you know that what can read as a normal temperature if  I were 4, can be a fever if I was a newborn baby? This thermometer does! It has Age  Precision© which you can set to the age of your baby / child so you get an even more accurate reading. How clever is that!

braun thermoscan 7

There is a large display screen, which changes colour when you take a reading – Green is normal, Yellow is elevated, and Red is high. So Mummy can see at a glance if my temperature is ok or not. It also has a night light.

This thermometer has a pre-warmed tip, making sure there is an even more accurate reading, as a cold tip can cool the area where the reading is taken.

braun thermoscan 7

One of the things Mummy worries about most when taking my temperature is whether she has put the thermometer in my ear enough – without pushing it in too far. Worry no more Mummy! This clever little thermometer has ExacTemp© which beeps and lights up to let you know it is in the right position. The reading  is taken so quickly, I don’t want to be messed around with if I am feeling unwell!

braun thermoscan 7

With the Thermoscan 7 holding the last 9 readings in its memory, it is easy for Mummy to compare my readings without fumbling around for pen and paper! Useful in the night too! And to show the doctor – if I needed to see one. Luckily, I am healthy and fine at the moment!

braun thermoscan 7


You can read an earlier post I wrote about tips for keeping me cool when I have a fever here

Generally, if the reading is Yellow or Red, you should see a Doctor. If there are any other symptoms such as unusual irritability, unresponsiveness, weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea, dry skin, unusual thirst, seizure, loss of appetite, or changes in activity you should contact a Doctor, no matter what the thermometer reading colour is.

PLEASE REMEMBER! If in doubt at all about your babys health, please see a Doctor.

WooHoo Points

Latest technology ensures accurate temperature reading

Easy and quick to use

Easy to see the reading, and if I have a fever

Waaaah Points

Expensive – but worth it for peace of mind

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  1. This looks and sounds so clever! It’s something very handy to have x

  2. we reviewed this a little while ago and we loved it too 🙂

  3. Much better than holding the old mercury ones under their arm pit and giving them a squeezy hug! #Tried&Tested

  4. I’ve often wondered about these, they do sound pretty good!

  5. Love the age range option, takes away any doubt in your mind! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  6. I’ve been meaning to get something like this for ages!! My thermometer is such a flaff, I’m not really sure it even works and when all 4 are ill and I’m popping from one room to the next trying to see if things have settled since a dose of calpol this would be ideal! #TriedTested

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