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Luxury Mens Razors and Gifts for Father’s Day

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Dads, and men in general, are quite frankly impossible to buy for. We can either opt for something easy yet boring like socks, or take a risk and end up disappointing them with abook or piece of tech that they already own.

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to get our thinking caps on. Don’t fret though. There are plenty of unexpected and unique gift ideas out there to impress the lovely dads and grandads in our lives – you don’t need to break the bank either!

Luxury Mens Razors

Before we get stuck into gift ideas, don’t forget that Father’s Day is about appreciating the dads in our lives, not presents. Simply give your husband/dad/grandad an extra hug and they’ll be happy!

Father’s Day gift ideas:

Luxury mens razors

Has your dad or grandad got a beard that is the envy of many? Do they take pride in their grooming routine? A special and thoughtful gift could be a luxury men’s grooming kit.
The English Shaving Company specialise in providing only the finest men’s razors and shaving kits. What’s more, they have a range of male gift sets so you can go even further by offering the men in your life multiple high-quality grooming products to try. When shopping for ourselves, we don’t tend to splash out on items like razors and shaving tools. Take a look around at the higher end men’s razors and treat your dad or grandad to a special set to give their grooming/shaving routine a luxury feel.

Cooking items

If your dad isn’t really into facial hair but is a pro in the kitchen, opt for some new cooking equipment instead of looking at men’s razors. You could invest in a fancy new wok, casserole dish, frying pan, or utensil – think about the types of meals they tend to cook when reaching a decision.
There are plenty of big yet expensive brands out there when it comes to cooking materials. Do your research to find a gift that suits your dad’s interests but doesn’t require a small fortune.

Luxury Mens Razors


Do you have a family summer holiday in the pipeline?
Are your family’s suitcases looking old and battered from being chucked around year after year? Your dad might appreciate a new smart-looking suitcase or bag to take on his travels. You could even
go as far as personalising the suitcase to really knock your dad’s socks off.

Fun activity or day out

If you can’t think of a physical gift that your dad might like, there is always the option to buy him an experience or day out instead. Whether you think your dad would appreciate the typical ‘dad’ activities like a go-karting trip, paintballing, golfing and more, or you think he would enjoy a simple walk and a picnic… Use your imagination to make some special and happy memories as a family.

Personalised gift hamper

Last but not least, you could create your own personalised hamper for dad. Put all his favourites into one big basket for a guaranteed way to make him smile. Think food, alcohol, books, games, clothing items – you name it. Don’t worry if you have a small budget for Father’s Day, putting real thought into a gift, rather than splurging cash on an expensive branded item can actually be far more special and meaningful.

As you can see, Father’s Day doesn’t have to revolve around socks and pants. Once you get thinking, there are plenty of far more interesting options, from high-quality men’s razors to a jam-packed day out!

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  1. I tend to now get experiences for my Dad, he’s a real adventurer so enjoys the excuse to try something new, my partner is much more difficult to buy for, so I let the kids decide!

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