Planning The Perfect Family Holiday

Planning The Perfect Family Holiday

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Mummy says… When was the last time that you and your family members took a holiday together? If you have to think about it for longer than a few seconds, you are long overdue for one!
On the other hand, even if you recently came back from a holiday, it’s never too early to start planning another trip. A family holiday is the perfect opportunity for everyone to spend quality time together, and you create memories for a lifetime…

Planning The Perfect Family Holiday

Of course, you don’t want to go on a trip that ends up in chaos, just because you didn’t take the time to properly plan in advance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning the perfect family holiday which will ensure your travels are smooth sailing for everyone:

Choosing the best spot
The very first step is to choose the destination. If you have small children in your family, you
want to make sure that the place you choose will be fitting for their age.
Depending on the time of year that you are planning to go, some options will be more suitable
than others. If you are planning to travel in spring or summer, consider a destination that offers plenty of beaches – perhaps even an island! One example is Lanzarote Holidays, as this Spanish island provides tourists with scenic beaches, fine dining, festivals, events and much more.
Once you book the flight tickets, the countdown for your departure has begun, and it’s time to start planning the details.

Planning specifics in advance
The real prepping begins after you have chosen your location, as you will need to check that the details of your trip are all in order:

1. Accommodation
You can find a much better deal for your accommodation if you book it in advance. The worst-case scenario is that you leave it to the last minute, either leaving no options or otherwise accommodation that is out of your price range.
Look at the accommodation well in advance, in order to have a good night’s rest on your trip.

2. Tours and activities
Have you put much thought into the types of tours and activities that you want to participate in as a family? It’s important to remember that these must consider everyone’s age, my 6-year-old would have a different definition of fun compared to my 22-year-old.

3. Car rental options
If you are thinking of a road trip whilst you are away, you will also need to book your car rental option in advance. The best rental deals will always be snapped up first.

4. Ensuring everyone is happy
The goal of the trip is for everyone to enjoy themselves. Happiness is important for health and wellbeing, and so a relaxed holiday is sure to give everyone a boost.
Most people love travelling, but only if they are happy with the type of trip that they are taking. So, whether you choose to plan a holiday that is adventure-filled or laid-back it shoudl be something everyone agrees on.

5. Spending quality time together
Family time is beneficial and essential. Everyday life can become busy due to work and other responsibilities, and some families do not spend as much time together as they would like. When you are on holiday, on the other hand, you have more time to simply enjoy one another’s company.

6. Stick to the budget
While the topic of finances is not always fun, it’s important to stick to the budget you set for
Given that the whole point of your travels is to have fun and relax while you are there, you don’t
want to return home with an immense amount of debt. Consider how much your trip will cost, and start saving for it in advance, as financial stress is one of the last things you want to deal with. Think about planning a few meals at your accommodation as well as a few treats out and excursions, so you can allow for a schedule that gives you a fun-filled holiday without breaking the bank.

7. Have travel insurance
No matter what, you always need to invest in the proper insurance before you leave for your trip. Regardless of how safe and sensible everyone is, anything can happen at any given moment.
Imagine if one of your children trips and breaks their arm or leg, and you need to go to hospital in a foreign country. The cost of going on holiday without travel insurance is tremendous if something like this were to happen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

8. Keep an open mind and have fun
Throughout your trip, try and remember to keep an open mind and leave some room for spontaneous decisions. Once you arrive at your destination, you never truly know what you might fancy having a go at. The most important part of your travels is to have fun. A UK stress survey found that 74% of adults felt stressed or overwhelmed at one point in the last year. It is evident from this, that more people need to devote their time to activities that will make them happy, and what better way than a family holiday.

The earlier you start organising the details, such as booking the accommodation and tours, the more relaxed you will be once it’s time to hop on the plane. It’s a family holiday so by considering every single person’s interests throughout the planning process it will be the perfect trip!

Have you any tips to add for planning the perfect family holiday?


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  1. Great ideas – planning is essential – thanks for the info

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