3 Unusual Ideas for Your Scandinavian Vacation

3 Unusual Ideas for Your Scandinavian Vacation

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Mummy says…Scandinavia is a land of true wilderness in Europe that boasts a multitude of adventure opportunities. Many holidaymakers keep away from a Scandinavian vacation as they think that it is a pricey location and very cold. However if you know what to do and where to look, you can enjoy a great holiday…

3 Unusual Ideas for Your Scandinavian Vacation

It would be a shame to ignore the amazing sights, shimmering blue lakes and the herds of reindeer in the snow-laden forests! Scandinavia can be pleasantly surprising, especially if you know how to head off the beaten track and explore those magnificent landscapes.

Scandinavia should not be missed out on as it is a land of fairytale castles and Viking treasures.You will find world’s most exciting art and design scenes developing in its cities. Treehotel,an eco-friendly accommodation is immensely popular as each room offers stunning views and offers ultra-modern facilities. The ice hotel is made of a mixture of snow and ice. An artist designs each room, so there is a unique theme in each room.

Here are some unusual ideas for your Scandinavian vacation without breaking the bank:

Explore the Narvik Mountains and Fjords

Ofotfjord, the port town of Narvik, sheltered by mountains, offers a mild climate and is a
fantastic area for exploring, hiking and swimming. Stay in Narvik and explore the coast and the mountains. There are more than eighty rock carvings on the western side that date back to 5000BC. You can also swim in the clear waters. Rallarvegen is another great hike across the mountains to Kiruna. The path goes through mountain and fjord. You will find otters and white-tailed fish- eagles on the way.

Head towards Iceland

Get the Circle Passport ticket to see as much of Iceland as you want. Explore the spectacular
villages and lakes and enjoy massages at Mývatn Mature Baths. The route will take you through remote plateaus and steamy volcanic regions and numerous glaciers. You can gaze at the immense waterfalls jutting out from the carved deep canyons. The horseshoe-shaped Goðafoss is one of the most famous and impressive waterfalls. You will definitely be awe inspired by the nature around you. You can easily find affordable lodging options at local hotels and hostels. The local restaurants serve fresh, delicious and affordable food too.
Bike to the Danish island of Bornholm
Located in southern Sweden, Bornholm can be easily reached on a bike. The landscape variety is incredible. A medieval castle sits above the granite cliffs near the northern tip of the island. Dueodde is a beautiful beach towards the south with white sands. Denmark’s longest waterfall can be seen in the wooded Døndalen valley towards the north. Enjoy great food at Hasle Røgeri smoker and for traditional Nordic cuisine, you can head for Kadeauin. You can camp on the beach or stay at the eco-hotel built from recycled or biodegradable materials.

Don’t they all sound just amazing? Definitely worth considering when you are planning your Scandinavian vacation. Have you been?

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  1. Narvik sounds like an enchanted place. I always wanted to see a reindeer in the wild. The rock carvings sound neat too. Sounds like I need to start planning a vacation to Scandinavia.

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