Top Tips on How to Visit Paris

Top Tips on How to Visit Paris


Paris is one of the most incredible cities in Europe let alone the world and I think it is a place that every traveller should experience at least once in their lives. Paris has always been one of the main centres of culture in the world. It has great food, museums, history and everything else that comes with this. I have some top tips on how to visit Paris – if you haven’t already.

Top Tips on How to Visit Paris

So, what are my top tips to see the best of Paris?

Enjoy life like the French
I think the first and most exciting tip for how to visit Paris to get the real Paris experience is to rent an apartment and seeing how the French actually live.
You could stay in a hotel, but what fun would that be when you can stay in a real neighbourhood, where real people live. Don’t forget to learn a few words to help you order a coffee and a pan au chocolat for breakfast.

Sit back and watch how the locals interact with one another. If you want to go a step further you can find some great experiences with local people with websites like Withlocals. You can do things like organise dinner parties, get a guided tour of one of the many amazing museums or just simply hang out and enjoy life with some interesting local people. I highly recommend this as a wonderful way to experience the real Paris and it’s residents.
See the Eiffel tower
The hordes of tourists will naturally want see the Eiffel Tower and will want to get there as quickly as possible before moving on to the next attraction, but this is not the best way of seeing this iconic structure. Instead of simply heading to the closest metro station, you can experience the most amazing view of the tower from the Trocadero metro station where you are on top of a hill on an escalated platform with stepped terraces that lead directly down to the tower.

There are fountains and water cannons creating the perfect picture that you won’t find anywhere else in Paris. When you actually reach the tower I recommend challenging yourself and walking up rather than taking one of the lifts, as this is often much faster. Getting a little exercise can work off the pastries and you
can truly enjoy the view when you reach the very top.
Explore the depths of the catacombs
The catacombs are a pretty incredible place that have an interesting but dark history. It is quite possibly the largest graveyard in the world with the remains of around 6 million people arranged into shapes and patterns. It is a little creepy to see the bones arranged into large walls and many other structures, but it an amazing experience to be below the earth in a place that you may not find anywhere else on the planet.
Visit the Louvre
My top tip when visiting the Louvre is to allow yourself at least a whole day for this wonderful art museum and stunning architectural sight. It has one of the most unique and largest art collections in the world featuring the world famous Mona Lisa as its main attraction. There are also art and many historic artifacts from various points in history which you need to see too.


  1. What a great guide. I absolutely adore France and yet have never been to Paris so this is super helpful x

  2. Eiffel Tower is my favorite spot to visit. Thanks for exploring Withlocals website and their services. I didn’t know it. I will surely check them out during my next family trip.

  3. Love Paris and it’s many wonders

    Not keen on the prices!!

  4. I would love to visit Paris and its beautiful sights xxx

  5. I adore Paris and it is one of my favourite cities in Europe. Just taking a stroll through their parks or sitting in a cafe watching the world go by is so enchanting in Paris.

  6. Great guide! I’ve always wanted to see the Louvre!

  7. Great tips. The Eiffel Tower is an absolute must when you visit Paris. I would love to go back.

  8. It might sound a little morbid but I would quite like to explore the Catacombs. The only thing is I am claustrophobic but I still think it would be interesting nevertheless x
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  9. We are going to Paris at the end of the year, so your top tips will certainly come in handy.

  10. Ah, I love Paris! My favourite place to visit beside Disneyland Paris would be the River Seine on a cruise boat. It’s such a magnificent experience.
    Jazmin Williams recently posted…The Do’s and Don’ts of Meeting a CelebrityMy Profile

  11. We’ve been to Disneyland in Paris but never into the city. Would love to go

  12. Great tips. I loved the Eiffel Tower when I visited. My only regret is not visiting the Louvre when I was there but the queues were SO long, we decided against it

  13. I love Paris, we love taking a boat trip on the Seine.

  14. I love your tip for seeing the Eiffel Tower, it sounds an amazing place to see it. Paris is somewhere I really want to visit with Ellie, I’d love for her to see the sights and delicious food there.
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  15. I’m yet to visit Paris but would love to go. Thanks for the top tips!

  16. Withlocals sounds like a brilliant way to get to know the city a bit better! I’d love to visit the catacombs <3
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  17. Paris is a beautiful and romantic city. I want to visit it all the time. I like to travel very much. The article is so useful, thanks! I look forward to more good articles.
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  18. I love to go to Paris someday and these are all awesome tips I will keep this in my mind when we are in Paris.

  19. The Louvre is amazing! I would go back there for sure.
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  20. Thank you for a great guide. Hoping to take my husband there for his birthday in September

  21. Paris is a city I would enjoy visiting for its rich history and art galleries. Definitely on my travel list!

  22. I’ve never been to Paris but two of my sisters have and I’d love to go sometime! Thank you for all your in-depth tips! 😀

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