birthday gift ideas for a teen boy

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Teen Boy


Pickle says… Big bro was 15 last Saturday. 15! He is turning into a proper dude now – and is taller than Mummy! It is hard enough to think of something to buy a guy at the best of times, but we were a bit stuck on birthday gift ideas for a teen boy. I mean, what do they really want? Read on to see…..

birthday gift ideas for a teen boy

So, after much searching online and questioning Luke, here are our top birthday gift ideas for a teen boy:

  1. Amazon Voucher. All the music, DVD’s and gadgets he could wish for.
  2. Clothes – Luke is just discovering some top brands and now fits into a mens size so he can look at ones such as Ted Baker or Super Dry.
  3. iTunes voucher. Luke is massively into music right now and loves having his favourites on his phone.
  4. Skate board or long board. A fab gift that will get him outdoors and off his phone too!
  5. Some sea fishing or trampoline park sessions are a cool idea too.
  6. Money! Luke has really cool style and loves shopping to find his own clothes.

So what about celebrating his birthday? What would a teen boy like to do? Well, we were at Camp Bestival and it doesn’t get better than that to celebrate! He started on the eve of his birthday by watching Mark Ronson on the Castle Stage, and on his birthday itself he saw loads of bands including The Skints who he has recently discovered and loves.

We then had a lovely family meal in our village on Tuesday to celebrate.

A trip to our nearest town on the train to spend his birthday money and catch a movie is a top choice for him too.

He has had a wonderful birthday and I love my big brother so much. Now I am a bit older we do fight more, but he is also my favourite guy!

Have you any more birthday gift ideas for a teen boy?


  1. Great IDEAS

    Trampoline parks is a great idea -weve just had a new one open in our area too!!

  2. If he loves music it sounds like he spent his birthday in the right place!

  3. Perfect ideas, my son is turning 13 next month, he loves trampoline parks, he has asked for money this year but I Want to do something special for , we will be away on holiday for it so going to look for a local the!e park xxx

  4. I love these suggestions. Money and Amazon vouchers both go down really well with my tween daughter too.

  5. I found this really helpful as I never know what to buy my little cousin who’s in his teens

  6. I find it really hard buying gifts for my teen son, and have done for years. Thank goodness for Amazon vouchers
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  7. Sounds like you did well with the list and presents. It doesn’t get any easier to buy for teens when they get past teens as I have found out. Girls are so much easier to buy for

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