Birthday Treat for Mummy

Birthday Treat for Mummy

Pickle says…. Mummy is always so super busy. Whether it is working or looking after us, she is always on the go and has very little time for herself. It was her birthday, and we have been thinking of ways to help her to have some ‘me’ time and get ready for the summer too. Which seems to be here, as we have had a few days of 30+ degree heat! Here is our idea for a birthday treat for Mummy (and all busy Mummy’s out there. Is there even such a thing as an unbusy Mummy?)

Birthday Treat for Mummy

Big sis Lea does all her own make up and beauty treatments, and has had a little dabble with Mummy too – before and during our recent holiday to France.

Lea can ‘do’ Mummy’s eyebrows, and give her a make over.

She can help Mummy wax her legs, and use a little fake tan for a boost – Mummy catches the sun easily, but doesn’t get chance to be out in it much. Lea has been studying a fab free ebook from Ellisons which is jam packed with loads of beauty tips.

Lea can show Mummy the latest summer trends in make up to see what she thinks,or Mummy could see which Ellisons waxing products would suit her best at a trip to a salon. She is a bit of a baby when it comes to hair removal and pain, so any pain free options are good!

The ebook has loads of practical tips too, and common questions and answers which many ladies will probably want to ask, but might not want to!

As Lea is 18 later this year, she and Mummy have been talking about having a girly night out together, and they can start planning by trying out some of this years trends to see what works best for them.

What is hot with hair, nails, tanning and waxing? Lea and Mummy can find out together. Mummy would also love some new holiday clothes for this lovely weather.

We think this would be an awesome birthday treat for Mummy – along with an evening with her feet up, a glass of wine and the new series of Prison Break on the TV!

What do you think? ( I think I am glad to be a boy!!)

Oh and Mummy celebrated her birthday on a cruise ship! Pah!

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