Top Tips for Healthy Eyes

Top Tips for Healthy Eyes


We have some top tips for healthy eyes for you as well as a fab fun puzzle for you to try. Put your eyesight to the test with this fiendish winter-themed “Where’s Wally” style picture puzzle. Lurking somewhere in this jumble of reindeer, red noses, horns and colourful scarves, a little red-breasted robin is perched on a reindeer’s head. Can you spot it? Can your youngsters find it faster than you?

Top Tips for Healthy Eyes

Created by eyecare specialists Focus Clinics, this fun picture puzzle is more than a brain-teaser, it could also help you identify whether your youngster may have an issue with their vision. It is estimated that around 1 million children in the UK have an undiagnosed vision problem that could be affecting everything from their behaviour and performance at school, to their ability to complete certain tasks.

Can you find the little robin?

Top Tips for Healthy Eyes

With young eyes undergoing very rapid change as they develop, it’s very important to keep your little one’s vision in mind as they grow up. These tips will help you keep their eyes happy and healthy…

  1. Look out for signs of a vision problem

This fun robin game isn’t a diagnostic tool for vision problems, but it may indicate that your youngster has an issue with vision in some cases – especially if you’ve also noticed other symptoms. These may include:

  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Sitting too close to the television
  • Misbehaving at school
  • Reading difficulties
  • Headaches
  • Concentration problems
  • Eyes which appear to drift
  1. Arrange regular tests

Children should have eye tests every two years (or more if recommended by your optometrist) to ensure their eyes are developing as they should be. The earlier conditions such as lazy eyes, squints, short sightedness and long sightedness are picked up, the better the outcome often is – so make an appointment if you have any concerns in the interim.

  1. Encourage outdoor play

Whether it’s down to physical activity, vitamin D or melanin, playing outside has been shown to slow down and even prevent the onset of short-sightedness, so make sure your youngsters get outside for playtime every day.

  1. Buy them sunglasses

Make sure that your youngster’s eyes are protected during outside playtime. UV can be very harmful to young skin and eyes, which is why wearing sunglasses is very important. The clearness of young lenses lets more potentially damaging light into the eye, so make sure kids are wearing UV 400 sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat when UV levels reach three or above. Check the Met Office website to monitor levels.

  1. Feed them five-a-day

Your little ones probably won’t thank you for this one until they’re older, but fruit and vegetables are packed with nutrients which promote the healthy development of eyes (and everything else too!). Eating a “rainbow” of fruit and veg will help youngsters get the ingredients they need to develop healthily. Tomatoes, blueberries, melons and grapes are especially good for ocular health.

Don’t forget, if you have any worries about your child’s eyesight, a visit to your optometrist is essential. Make an appointment as soon as possible.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. So many good tips here and from someone who wears glasses, you can never protect your eyes too much x
    Stephen recently posted…Sicilian Lime & Caffeine Beard Soap by MenrockMy Profile

  2. Eye health is just, just so important (I should know – I’ve worn glasses since I was 9!)

  3. Must be frustrating for the little ones struggling with their eyesight. In fairness it took me a while to notice the robin as was looking for traditional looking one (that’s my excuse and i’m sticking with it) x
    Planet Jodie recently posted…February FilmsMy Profile

  4. I was able to find the robin quite quickly. These are great tips on how to notice eye sight problems.

  5. Great tips for those little eyes, I and most of family wear glasses and struggled to as you know when and if your child has sight issue, but these tips have helped to recognise them

  6. This is a really interesting read – ironically I’m currently off work with my daughter who has conjunctivitis, but once her eyes are better we’ll be taking up all of this advice 🙂

    Helen x

  7. Getting little ones to wear sunglassesshould be encouraged – as should regular check ups

  8. Eye health is so important. it’s something I’m super hot on and always checking on Jack.

  9. Nope, couldn’t find the robin. Should I be worried? haha Seriously though, eye health is so important – I wear glasses and have done since I was 12, so I make sure my kids’ eyes are up to scratch!
    Tracy recently posted…Greek Yoghurt and Berry Swirl Bundt CakeMy Profile

  10. Great tips

  11. Oooh I found the robin! I can never normally do them.

  12. This has made me want to make an appointment for both BattleKid and I with the optician. I’m due an eye test soon and I’d like to know that his sight is good before we move. I really hope he has his dad’s eye sight and not mine x
    Cath – BattleMum recently posted…Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide with Something for EveryoneMy Profile

  13. Thank you for the good tips! Eye rubbing is a serious cause, I recently read a study about this, now I am aware everytime I rub my eyes to not do it too strong.

  14. This is a very useful post. Eating 5 a day does help vision and general development.

  15. Hey, this post is great, so important to look after vision. Great piece 🙂 x

  16. These tips are really helpful to improve eye sight vision. Now days kids sitting really close to television & they love to play games on smartphones I think these two things bring eye sight problems in kids. I’ll definitely tell my kids to follow these tips. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Great tips as always. Eye health is very important.
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