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The Best Nights Sleep with an Emma Mattress


Mummy has had the same mattress for over seven years and it really needed replacing. Mummy was looking for a really good quality new mattress at a good price – she wanted the most comfortable one she could find. Then she found out about an Emma Mattress.

Emma Mattress

Mummy hasn’t been very well, and was quite poorly after Christmas. The arrival of her Emma Mattress was perfect timing.

Emma Mattress Emma mattress 2 Emma mattress 3 Emma mattress 4

Delivery was within a couple of days, it arrived by courier in a box, rolled up tightly. The mattress comes with a cutter to safely cut the wrapping open without risking cutting the mattress. The mattress unrolls and springs to life easily and immediately. It was ready to use straight away.

Mummy was so excited that she popped out and bought new bedding, quilt and pillows! I thought it felt and looked like one of our favourite hotel beds! I sleep with Mummy, and I hopped onto the bed before Mummy could blink, to see how it felt. Oh my – it was SO comfortable.

Emma Mattress Emma mattress 6 Emma mattress 7

Mummy was so excited to go to bed that night, so was I!

Mummy and I had the best nights sleep ever. And we have ever since. Mummy has needed a good nights sleep so she can get better, and every night she sleeps so well. So do I.

Every Emma Mattress has 4 layers, wrapped in breathable fabric:

A decompressing, cushy Hypersoft foam layer

Pressure-relieving unique conical pocket springs

Pressure sensitive visco-elastic memory foam

A supporting layer of cold foam.

These layers make the mattress self regulating – it adapts to every body type and sleep position, supporting every person perfectly.

Every mattress has Free Delivery, and free returns – not that you will want to return it! We would fight anyone who tried to take our Emma Mattress off us!

In case you are still not convinced, you can try a brand new Emma Mattress for 100 nights – and return it if you are unhappy in any way. At any time during the 100 nights you wish to return it, they will come and collect it and refund you in full.

Emma Mattress Emma mattress 9

We cannot imagine why you would want to return it though, it is the most comfortable mattress Mummy has ever had. Our Emma Mattress is a double, they also have single. king size ones and many other sizes too.  Our double is £549 and it is worth every penny.

For a hassle free way to buy a new mattress, with free delivery, easy unwrapping and the best comfort possible, you can’t beat an Emma Mattress – they are made in Derby in the UK too!

Visit their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Have you heard of Emma Mattresses?

We were sent the Emma Mattress in exchange for our honest review.


  1. Seen so many great reviews for this mattress

  2. I’ve heard about this brand before, sounds like they do a great mattress! xo

  3. A good mattress is so important and yet so difficult to find! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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  7. I’ve seen some fantastic reviews on this mattress! I mean even the look of it just makes me want to dive on it and sleep – looks unbelievably comfortable!

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  9. Sounds really good, I’ve been hearing lots of great things!! Looks comfy x

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  11. A comfy mattress can really impact a night’s sleep. And this one sounds awesome.
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  19. Ah! That mattress looks super comfy! We are in need of a mattress and this one looks fab!

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  21. I’ve heard of Emma mattress but not to try one put they look so comfy

  22. This looks so comfy! I’m so pleased to hear that it’s helping you to feel better and really I hope you continue to do so 🙂 xx

  23. You have me hooked
    Night night

  24. This looks so comfy, we have ‘koala’ in Australia which looks exactly the same- if I hadn’t only just bought a mattress last year I would so be buying one!
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