Celebrate Spring! Win £50 via PayPal


We have another awesome competition for you, another chance to Win £50 via PayPal with ourselves and Zena’s Suitcase.

Celebrate Spring! Win £50 via PayPal


We have decided to hold another competition to celebrate Spring! You can win £50 via PayPal and spend the money on whatever you want! Maybe you have a birthday celebration, or another occasion or you might just want to treat yourself or your loved ones.

All you have to do is answer the question ‘What would you spend the money on?’ You can come back and gain more entries every day if you want to.

The competition ends at midnight on 31 March 2017 so you have plenty of time to enter.

The competition is open to Worldwide entries.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply answer the question, and see below for other entry options.

Good Luck!

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  1. A valentines present

  2. If i were lucky enough to win i would spend put the money towards decorating my living room

  3. something special for my wife

  4. I would buy myself a luxury memory foam pillow

  5. A new doggy bed and some treats for my little Beddie who will be having her first birthday soon x

  6. Sorting out our garden – it would go towards fencing or plants.

  7. Probably on the takeaway bill

  8. i would probably spend the money on my kids or bits for our flat x


  10. would love to get a ps4 controller for my sons

  11. This would go toward our essential repairs to the roof.

  12. If i won i’d put the money towards flights to go and marry my fiancé!

  13. I’d put it towards some curtains as I’m
    Doing up my first house

  14. A gift for the children.

  15. I would buy some Faber Castell colouring pencils 🙂 x

  16. I think I’d put it towards our family holiday later in the year – you can buy a lot of icecreams with £50!

  17. ive seen a couple of box sets i’d like

  18. I’d spend it on birthday gifts for my kids.

  19. love to spend it on my 2 year old son 🙂

  20. I’d treat my mum to something nice

  21. I’d treat my daughter

  22. I would spend the money on a day out to a safari park with my little girl, she would love it!

  23. I’d absolutely treat my little ones. They don’t get alot of ‘treats’ so I’d love to get them a little something. xx
    Sarah recently posted…Capturing Moments #15My Profile

  24. This would be a chance for a lovely new dress.

  25. I’d buy a little something for the grandchildren!

  26. Some more book downloads for my Kindle!

  27. I would spend the money on plants for our garden.

  28. Perfume or scented beauties for my home

  29. Something to wear

  30. I’d spend it on my granddaughters (Probably Frozen stuff!)

  31. i would buy a poddle pod for my baby boy due in april thank u

  32. i would buy a poddle pod for my baby boy due in april thank u great

  33. i would get some new wool for my crochet

  34. A perfom or scents for my home

  35. I would buy some new make up

  36. Cat biscuits for my cats

  37. Some new shorts for my holiday!

  38. I would spend it on a birthday present for my son

  39. storage solutions – it’s out of control!!

  40. im saving to go to Romania x

  41. I think everyone could do with an extra £50 this time of year
    Lyndsey O’Halloran recently posted…A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits Giveaway!My Profile

  42. I think we’d probably put it towards new bedding, we quite need some new ones, thank you so much for the lovely chance 🙂 x

  43. I would keep it in my Paypal account for when the next book buying or craft buying urge overcomes me. I have a wishlist as long as my arm but I have to try and keep myself in check until I have funds hehe! I’m like a kid in a sweet shop with internet shopping.

  44. I would buy a birthday gift for my little girl

  45. some new clothes for my hols

  46. A new parasol, in the hope that this summer won’t be a complete washout

  47. Trying to redecorate upstairs so would be nice to get some good fittings! Thanks!

  48. I want to start my own business from home and this would help with some of the start-up costs.

  49. A gift for my Mum’s birthday

  50. I’d get some books

  51. New clothes for my daughter

  52. I would get some new clothes for my children.

  53. My partner and I have booked a short city break in March so I would put it towards a couple of meals there.

  54. My husband x

  55. Some perfume for my Mum’s Birthday

  56. CDs or DVDs from Ebay

  57. A present for my wife

  58. Some new books for my daughters

  59. I’m currently saving for a camera, so it would go straight into my moneybox!

  60. some new clothes!

  61. Birthday present for my mum

  62. birthday presents for my daughters birthday <3

  63. Some New Shoes

  64. Garden planters

  65. I’d buy some new bedding for the family …

  66. Some new bedding that matched my new throw and cushions!

  67. some new shoes

  68. I’d treat my daughter

  69. I would buy some extra soft foods to eat after I get my wisdom teeth taken out soon!

  70. I would buy some soft furnishings

  71. DVDs or clothes would be good

  72. Id put it towards holiday spends

  73. Bills lol

  74. We are hoping to do my son’s bedroom so I would put it towards that 🙂

  75. A pair of boots!

  76. A lovely new watch

  77. I’d treat myself to a pair of boots I’ve had my eye on!

  78. Birthday presents for my son

  79. Some headphones.x

  80. I would put it towards the holiday fund 🙂

  81. Maybe some fitness stuff

  82. I would spend it on Longleat tickets for my sons birthday in April! 🙂

  83. A (very exciting!) home filing cabinet!

  84. A day at the zoo.

  85. A would buy some new bedding.

  86. On a frame for the big studio photo I have of my family – it’s been in it’s box for months because we can’t spare £50 for the large frame it needs!

  87. Towards a speaker

  88. Some new books for my kindle 🙂

  89. toys for my grand daughter

  90. I would use it to buy my wedding corsages and buttonholes!

  91. Our anniversary meal out xx

  92. A Valentine’s gift

  93. I’d buy a new printer 🙂

  94. history books

  95. A prezzie for my dads bday.

  96. A camera bag

  97. Treating my grandchildren

  98. I’d put it towards my trip to New York later this year

  99. I would spend it on make up

  100. I would buy myself a himalayan salt lamp as they have loads of health benefits and i’m attempting the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing!!

  101. A romantic dinner with my husband xx

  102. chocolate!

  103. New baby stuff as we are expecting a little girl in june! x

  104. I’d buy something special for a friend 🙂

  105. Birthday presents for my son – would probably be Lego!

  106. It’d go towards putting together a nice high quality memory DVD for someone special.

  107. a pamper session just for me… as a mum of four I don’t get many treats 🙂

  108. I’d put it toward our next family holiday 🙂

  109. My daughter has £40 saved so i’d give it to her so she can buy the lego dc super hero girls playset 🙂

  110. I would put it towards our new car

  111. Towards the spending money for a stag do in Prague

  112. on a hotel weekend away for mum & dads 50th wedding anniversary in march

  113. On a really nice meal out

  114. I would spend it on some new bedding

  115. I’d use the money to buy things for my baby

  116. I would spend it on my mum,she deserves it

  117. I’d put it into my savings pot towards my Intensive Driving Course!

  118. Lego Architecture, it’s a fab range and I LOVE Lego!!

  119. Some herbs and vegetables to grow in the garden.

  120. Some new clothes

  121. some new books i think!

  122. New undies

  123. On makeup! I have a wishlist 🙂

  124. I think I’d spend it on finally getting my mom that garden bench she wants, she loves sitting out in the garden but is using some not great plastic chair atm, she deserves to sit in comfort for the coming spring.

  125. Probably something for hubby. His Christmas presents left a lot to be desired. Too many family birthdays straight after Christmas to get him an anniversary gift so the money will be definitely spent on him

  126. I have my eye on this lovely wooden shelf for the bath that you can put your phone and wine glass on!

  127. I would actually save it for Christmas so that Christmas 2017 is a lot easier than last year!

  128. Games for my grandchildren 🙂

  129. A new crockery set for my kitchen!

  130. I’d probably find some books I want or perhaps put it toward a new mattress for my son xx

  131. We are going on holiday in April so I would buy the kids some activity books and pens to keep them occupied on the flight 🙂

  132. We’ve just got a little tortoise, so I would spend it on a luxury two-tiered tortoise home for him that just looks so adorable!

  133. A day out with my amazing children.

  134. I need new towels 🙂

  135. We love books x

  136. Ooh, I like competitions! What would I spend it on? Well, we are off to Bulgaria in June, so I guess it would go towards some summery outfits for me and the kids! 🙂

  137. I’m about to move house so it’d go towards a new kettle etc

  138. I’d spend it on a meal out with my husband 🙂

  139. A trip out whilst travelling in Vietnam!

  140. Spending money for our Valentine’s holiday 🙂

  141. I would buy myself some new clothes because I’ve recently lost weight and nothing fits me anymore!

  142. some new shoes

  143. For some it would be a waste but for me I’d spend £15 or so a week buying a bunch of flowers. It would be pride of place in my living room. It would be one of the first and last things I see. I love the fragrance of fresh flowers especially Lillies etc. When they bloom they are stunning and what better way to make yourself smile inexpensively.

  144. I’d put the money towards our bank holiday weekend away in May

  145. Pet food

  146. Would probably buy one or two items on my online wish list 🙂

  147. I would treat my fiance to something really nice

  148. a new toaster.

  149. Id buy some new gardening tools as I’m passionate about growing my own vegetables.

  150. A set of Chinese bowls & chopsticks

  151. probably something from the Disney Store for my grandchildren

  152. sorry pintrest name is Julie feathers

  153. Money towards my birthday trip to London!

  154. I would buy myself a new music stand

  155. I would put it towards to my holiday this year 🙂

  156. would put the money towards new trainers fro the gym

  157. I would take my dad out to dinner

  158. I would treat my 2 boys to a trip to the cinema this weekend and see the new Lego Batman Movie

  159. I would use the money for a day of pampering, full body massage and a facial, pure relaxation!

  160. For my Daughters 7 Birthday in March .x

  161. If I win I’m putting it towards my boyfriend’s birthday present!

  162. A waffle iron.

  163. i would spend towards new bedding for the family

  164. i would spend it towards a karcher power washer!

  165. Some fresh new towels, candles and some cute plushies for the children!

  166. I’d put it towards a new laptop, the one I’m using is literally falling to bits!

  167. I’d buy some new clothes for the summer 🙂

    Thanks for a super giveaway x

  168. Its my Sons 21st birthday this year followed by my daughters 18th so I would put the money towards that x

  169. new towels – ours are looking a bit frayed

  170. I’d put it on as savings for my family’s health and or spend it on Christmas. Like what I have done last year.

  171. I’ve a vary long ebay wishlist so it I’d no doubt shorten that!

  172. Wine. No reason necessary!!

  173. I would buy myself a Kindle

  174. books for me and my girls! 🙂

  175. Something nice for the family that’s fun too

  176. I would treat myself to a new handbag and buy easter eggs for my loved ones! 🙂 x

  177. id buy all the family treats for Easter

  178. This is going to sound a little ‘woe is me’, but I’m trying to walk away from a relationship that’s gone really bad. But I have pretty much nothing. So if I was lucky enough to win the money I would put it towards some furniture when I finally find somewhere to live 🙂

    Louise x
    Louise recently posted…Sister Act the MusicalMy Profile

  179. i would buy a new storage unit for my sons bedroom for his new toy boxes

  180. My sister, she deserves it!
    Sarah P recently posted…Blogger’s Chat with The Frugal TeenMy Profile

  181. Hi there 🙂 I’d use it to help prepare our nursery ready for our arrival that is due in May! Exciting stuff – love your blog about nursery room colours! Thanks for sharing!

  182. I would spend the money on some books that are currently on my wish list 🙂
    Random Musings recently posted…The Mirror – New Release Coming Soon!My Profile

  183. I’d start getting presents for Christmas
    chantelle hazelden recently posted…Lets Talk Lady Gaga and Fat RollsMy Profile

  184. I’d treat myself to a new coat for Spring

  185. Fine liner pens for my Son who loves art

  186. Unfortunately this money would have to be used towards paying my electricity bill, it’s huge!!!! :-(((((((

  187. omething for the kids

  188. I would get my little boy some toys x

  189. I’d treat myself to some new boots, mine are falling apart!

  190. I would treat my Aunty who is the most amazing woman in the world to a nice massage because she is a cancer survivor and never stops working. She is my role model and she deserves a treat xx
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Faded Spring Goes Speed DatingMy Profile

  191. It would be put ‘in the pot’ and help with the bills.
    Eileen Tingle recently posted…Making Time Count with Jord WatchesMy Profile

  192. I’d put it towards a food shop

  193. I would put the money together with my savings to buy a HeroPro 5 camera to make more awesome videos

  194. A nice few days out in the school holidays with hubby and son #familytimeisthebest

  195. If I was lucky enough to win, i’d spend the money towards a trip to London I am having with my mum

  196. I would treat my husband to a nice meal out.
    Pinkoddy recently posted…Child Safety and the InternetMy Profile

  197. I’d buy fabric to make Easter dresses for my granddaughers

  198. would buy some holiday clothes

  199. There’s a nice whiskey I’ve seen and the shop accepts Paypal.

  200. I would buy a nice shaggy rug for our living room.

  201. Some new black flats – I live in my current ones and they are falling apart

  202. I would buy a tripod for my new camera.

  203. A pair of warm winter boots

  204. Currently decorating so this would help pay for some paint and new brushes and rollers.

  205. A spring treat, a lunch out somewhere I think.

  206. a treat to cheer me up

  207. id spend it on books

  208. Hoping to get to Disneyland Paris this year so it would go towards that!

  209. I would put it towards days out with my daughter.

  210. Alcohol 😉

  211. I would treat the kids to a family date night and go see a movie and get a bite to eat after.

  212. My daughter will be graduating this coming month and planning to give her something she can use in her coming school year. Like a scientific calculator and some school supplies.

  213. A treat for myself 🙂 most likely shoes!!x

  214. something for my little man 😀

  215. A decent bin for my kitchen. Current one is in a sorry state.

  216. I’d put it towards a soup maker – I really want one but it’s a bit of a treat,

  217. I’d put it towards some garden furniture.

  218. If I was lucky enough to win, I would put £25 away for Christmas and spent the other £25 on a vinyl I have my eye on 🙂

  219. Food or rent.

  220. I would get some nice faux fur cushions for my new sofa 🙂

  221. Some new yoga gear would be lovely

  222. I’d buy myself a new handbag

  223. some books for me to relax with

  224. A new bedroom stool for my dresser

  225. on my daughter

  226. Probably some more toys for my gorgeous but very spoilt daughter xxx

  227. I would use it on seeds and flower bulbs and things for my garden this Spring

  228. I would use the money to buy a new alarm clock!

  229. Baby items for my baby due in June! 🙂 xx

  230. Paint and wallpape.

  231. I would buy a new sun lounger – ready for the summer!

  232. I would put the money towards my sons birthday

  233. A Mother’s day present. Maybe a lovely bouquet of flowers

  234. Some nice new spring shoes for me!

  235. Nothing exciting, the weekly shop x

  236. A water and sand table for my son

  237. Some new accessories for our hallway which we are redecorating 🙂

  238. Towards a weekend away

  239. Gifts for my daughter.

  240. Something special for my 2 boys 🙂

  241. I’d love to buy something beautiful for my wife!

  242. I’d spend it on things I need for my house and can’t afford at the moment!

  243. I’d put it towards a fig tree for my garden.

  244. Id love to win as it would put a happy spring in my step having a little money to spend

  245. Saving for elective

  246. on a threat for fiance just before our wedding 🙂

  247. I’d put it towards the multiple birthday gifts coming up.

  248. I think I’d spend the money on some new cute stationary and some new paints! I’d love to paint a couple canvases for me room x

  249. An amazon echo- so much fun!

  250. I’d spend money on decorating my room! It really needs it and the extra money could really help out!

  251. some clothes on ebay, maybe a dress

  252. I would use it to buy some new jeans as I’ve recently reached target at slimming world and most of my jeans are now too big. Happy days x

  253. Maybe some new climbing shoes

  254. I’d put it towards treating my Mum for Mother’s Day, I’m thinking about going away for the weekend! xo

  255. groceries

  256. I would spend it on plants and seeds for my garden. I can’t wait for spring so I can get gardening again!

  257. A family day out! Be nice to have a treat for everyone.
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…Rhino 800ml ‘Camouflask’ Vacuum Flask ReviewMy Profile

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  259. I’d put it towards something for my daughters 40th birthday present or maybe something for my little grandson .

  260. Put it towards some new summer clothes!

  261. treat the family

  262. I would treat my teen as he has exams coming up in the next few months so will be a stressful time for him

  263. New suitcases! Ours got broken last year after the kids tried to shut each other in ours so we will have to buy some more for our holidays this year lol! x
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Fred’s Box **REVIEW**My Profile

  264. I would put the money towards my holiday in Dorset later this year.

  265. I would spend the money on more clothes for my super growing daughter – speeding out of 9-12m already and only 6m old!

    Thanks for the giveaway! ^_^

  266. I’d treat my family to a meal out xx

  267. A nice meal for my husband’s birthday

  268. Something nice for mother’s day

  269. I’ll get some clothes and buy a valentine gift

  270. A bathroom blind

  271. id treat my daughter xx

  272. This would go towards a meal out for me the misses as it’s been ages!

  273. Thank you for this opportunity.
    I would spend the money by putting it towards a new fridge freezer. The one I have is being held together with tape 😛

    xxx <3

  274. birthday flowers for my sister

  275. Some new cushions for my bedroom

  276. a new bed for my destructive puppy

  277. Something for our new baby 🙂

  278. On a nice meal out…

  279. I’d treat my children

  280. I would use it to get something special for my newly pregnant friend- every little helps with a baby on the way!

  281. I would spend the prize money towards a trip to Lake District! I am hoping to go for my birthday in July 🙂

  282. garden plants

  283. I would buy a new blanket for the settee, you don’t want to see the state of the old one

  284. I would buy a fancy dress and some shoes!

  285. A vet bill. As my cat may be needing surgery shortly. Hopefully she doesn’t need it though in which case it would be spent on a new pair of wellies.

  286. Spare parts for our rat cage

  287. Ooh a treat for me and some new clothes for my sons.

  288. treat myself to new make up 🙂

  289. I would spend it with one of my favourite WAHMs to add to my daughters collection of funky clothes ready for her first birthday at the end of the month 🙂

    That or possibly put money towards some more cycling kit for hubby! He needs new shoes. 🙂

  290. Prob treats for the pooch…I find it much easier to buy her things, than for myself!

  291. My Mot

  292. I would spend the money on my home which is in desperate need of a make over. Probably paint or maybe towards a loft ladder so I can actually put clutter up the loft.

  293. I’d spend it on redecorating my hallway as it needs some TLC

  294. As much as I’d love to spend it on crochet, it would have to go towards the new car fund!

  295. Mother’s Day gift

  296. I’d buy my sons some new books and a game for their console

  297. I would spend it on my daughter’s second birthday this month.

  298. I would put it towards a dream trip to florida.

  299. A meal out I think

  300. Stuff for my upcoming trip to the UK! 😀

  301. I have lost a large amount of weight but struggling to afford some new clothes, so i would spent it on getting some new bits rather than wearing clothes two sizes to big!!! :-(!

  302. I would like to say I’d buy myself something but it will probably go on clothes for the kids!

  303. Bedding – ours is literally falling apart at the seams! x

  304. Probably end up spending it on toys for the children

  305. Probably school dinners because they come out via my paypal account.

  306. I would treat all the members of my family to an Easter Egg

  307. I would spend my £50 on my son Alex. He is not only my best friend but my Carer too. I would buy him a smart pair of trainers because when it come to looking after me he not only talks the talk but walks the walk too.

  308. The dogs need new leads and harnesses so I’d put it towards that. Thank you.

  309. some new plants for my patio

  310. Some things for my new place. I just moved into a flat of my own finally after a very bad couple of years trying to get my life straight and could still use a few things for it.

  311. I’d spend the money on a family meal out

  312. Some books that I have got my eye on

  313. I’m dying for a proper mixer as my cake making will hopefully take off.

  314. If I were lucky enough to win I would treat my daughter as she’s been working so hard at school and deserves it x

  315. I would put it towards taking the family out on our 45th Wedding Anniversary.

  316. Oooh I’d put this towards our summer holiday or a fun day out over Easter

  317. I would spend the money on presents for my sons 5th birthday in April. He also wants a Ninja Turtles party and parties are so expensive!

  318. I’d probably order some books I’ve been wanting to read off of Amazon.

  319. Ah what a lovely giveaway! I think I’d put mine towards my holiday in July! Or new clothes for my daughter as she doesn’t want to stop growing!

  320. It would probably be used for a little family treat

  321. I would put the money towards my new tent

  322. I would spend the money on buying a pair of hair straighteners so i can stop looking like Bellatrix Lastrange in the mornings 🙁 X

  323. My daughters birthday presents 🙂

  324. I would spend it on updating our bathroom.

  325. To be actually able to afford a weekly shop

  326. I spend on it on coral linen dress and sandels for my up and going holiday late spring

  327. Some plates for my new kitchen

  328. I would buy a couple of Fingerling Monkeys for my two great nieces in South Africa.

  329. We’re planning to decorate our son’s bedroom so this would come in very handy.

  330. I would treat myself to a new coat

  331. a family day out

  332. My kettle has broken so I would love to buy a new fancy one

  333. I would love to buy some new cake tins

  334. 50 sets of nail clippers…..where the hell do they keep going to?!

  335. I would buy some study guides for my daughter.

  336. My son – I love to treat him
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Why You Will Love IcelandMy Profile

  337. Some new crockery

  338. Some flowers for the garden

  339. I’d buy some seeds and potatoes for us to grow in the garden this year 🙂

  340. Something for my best friend’s birthday which is coming up soon.

  341. I would put it towards new clothes for me.

  342. I would put it towards some hair straighteners

  343. I would spend it on a set of towels.

  344. A new haircut

  345. some new trainers

  346. I would spend the money on items for my first house! I have had my eye on a beautiful kettle and this money would be perfect for it!

  347. To contribute to a summer holiday!

  348. Sounds random I know but I would like a new bin for the kitchen!

  349. I would spend it on new luggage.

  350. Toys for my son

  351. Some spring/summer clothes

  352. towards nintendo switch

  353. I’ve just bought a house so it would have to be new homeware!

  354. Bills I’m afraid

  355. Football away days

  356. I’d spend it on some new sandals for the warmer weather (fingers crossed!)

  357. I would put it towards a holiday in France as spending money

  358. I might splash the cash and get a huge craft stash for the boys.

  359. I’d treat my 2 girls to a new Summer outfit each x

  360. I’d treat myself to some plants and pots for the garden

  361. I would get some new shampoo and moisturiser!

  362. My spring wardrobe needs a bit of a boost!
    Elsie Pop recently posted…West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply Review + Giveaway!My Profile

  363. I’d actually save it up and use it on rainy days

  364. I’d put it towards new flooring for the living room. Bit boring but ours really needs replacing what with spill stains and an extremely excitable pup in the house :/

  365. A birthday present for my mum

  366. A family day out

  367. A present for my granddaughter’s birthday

  368. A night out for my husband and I.

  369. I would love to win this and put it towards new bedding for our kids bedrooms.

  370. I would spend it on some new fish for our tank

  371. I’ve just got a new job so a few new work clothes

  372. I would buy some online groceries (Luxury items) treats for the kids and some treats for me!

  373. Much needed shoes for my son

  374. A night away!

  375. clothes for my ever growing boy

  376. I’m just about to move into a new home, so I’d treat myself to something lovely for the house!

  377. I would love to take my children out this Easter Holiday 🙂

  378. I really need some new clothes.

  379. I’d spend the money on a nice cabin bag/flight case for my upcoming holiday to Jamaica to hold all my medicines extra things I will require to keep me comfortable on the long flight. I’ve got severe lupus and have been completely house bound for the last 2 years, so this holiday in May is the start of me getting my life back on track! I’m so very excited!

  380. Chip at the student loan

  381. Some summer clothes from Next – they accept Paypal 🙂

  382. I would spend it on my dad’s birthday present.

  383. I’d put it towards out trip to Drayton Manor in May
    CAT CULMER recently posted…Win a Fireman Sam – Sam’s Birthday DVDMy Profile

  384. I would spend it on my husbands birthday presents, he’s been after some new cd’s and materials for drawing.

  385. I’d get some new boots

  386. I would love some new clothes for summer

  387. Birthday presents for my sons birthday in July.

  388. I would put it towards an air fryer

  389. Something cute for my granddaughter

  390. My two beautiful girls

  391. I would buy something nice for me for once – normally always putting family first. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  392. it’d go towards a new camera

  393. I’d buy something to wear.

  394. I’d spend on my twins upcoming birthday

  395. The garden

  396. Some lovely treats for my children

  397. We are going to the Peak District for a few days so would be some lovely spending money

  398. i would put it towards a nice family Easter Day out with my 3 girls

  399. I would spend it on my 8yr olds birthday as she wants a Flickr scooter.

  400. A nice meal for me and my girl

  401. I would put it towards my holiday spending money as I go to Washington DC and New York next month 🙂

  402. Health/slim products to get ready for summer

  403. Some clothes for our Easter holiday.

  404. I’d buy some training equipment for our dogs.

  405. I would spend it on new sensory equipment for my little boy.

  406. I would spend it on Easter for my two children

  407. I would spend it on my daughter

  408. I would put it towards days out with the kids during the Easter holidays

  409. I really want to take my children to Go Ape, let them enjoy zipping bout in a forest for a day. This is a wonderful prize x

  410. Norwegian Krone for my holiday

  411. Awesome

  412. I’m going to a Crime festival in May, so would use it then.

  413. I would spend it on some stuff for an easter part for my son

  414. not an exciting answer but I would put it towards getting a new router so I can carry on looking at excellent sites like yours ! 🙂

  415. My littlest Boo’s fourth birthday is fast approaching, I’m feeling a nice new dolly ..
    Thanks for the chance

  416. My partners upcoming birthday present

  417. I would treat my daughter to the new Shopkins bedding that she loves 🙂

  418. Some perfume probably Flowerbomb or Si

  419. I’d get some new plants for the garden!

  420. All members of my family have birthdays in April & May so £50 would help towards this seasonal expense 🙂

  421. Our steamer died, so a new one of those

  422. id spend it on me because its my birthday soon and I love cake 🙂

  423. I would put it towards my middle daughters birthday

  424. definitely my sons birthdayx

  425. Sunglasses, sun hats and some summer clothes for me and the kids 🙂

  426. Lots of new books.

  427. i think i’d treat myself to some new colouring pencils/pens

  428. New shoes for my daughters.

  429. baby no 2 is due in July so would def treat them to something – poor second child, haven’t bought anything yet!

  430. We’re off on holiday soon and it’s costing a fortune filling all our cases! I’d put it towards something nice for me (seeing as it’ll be me last as per lol)

  431. My daughter, 2nd baby due in June so need a present for her from the new baby 🙂

  432. id use it towards my little boys bike for his birthday next month xx

  433. a microwave as mine has died and now batch cooking is pointless

  434. A gift for the children.

  435. I would get something nice for my daughters.

  436. I would use this money for activities to do with the kids this Easter holidays if I were lucky enough to win 🙂

  437. a family meal out together

  438. paddling pool for summer

  439. An extra special birthday present for my mum xo

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