Win a £50 Tesco Voucher for Christmas


We know that this is a super expensive time of year, and so have teamed up with the lovely Zenas Suitcase to bring to you a little treat in time for Christmas.

Win a £50 Tesco Voucher for Christmas

One lucky reader will win a £50 Tesco Voucher to spend! You can put it towards your Christmas Dinner, your home, your Christmas Shopping, or treat yourself!

You can spend the voucher on anything in store or on the Tesco shopping website.

All you have to do, is answer the question ‘What would you spend the voucher on?’

The competition ends at midnight on 11 December, so your voucher will be with you in time for Christmas.

The competition is open to Worldwide entries – if you live outside the UK, the £50 will be paid via PayPal (in GBP).

So, what are you waiting for? Simply answer the question, and see below for other entry options.

Good Luck!
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  1. I would spend the £50 on myself. As a parent of 3 boys, eldest has a disability, so when Christmas or birthdays come along, I’m always putting myself to the back of the line. So this I would definatly spend on some new clothes for yours truly.

  2. Food treats for Christmas!

  3. I would treat myself to Tesco’s Finest Range it would be a lovely treat 🙂 x

  4. Drinks for my Christmas party

  5. I would buy our turkey crown and all the trimmings

  6. on gifts for my grandaughter x

  7. Food for our christmas dinner

  8. I’d probably spend it on booze for Christmas

  9. special foodie treats

  10. Christmas dinner! 😀

  11. Christmas treats for my two children

  12. Pizza!

  13. i would spend it on mince pies! lots of mince pies!

  14. would buy food for Christmas thanks for the change

  15. Treats for Christmas 🙂

  16. A game for my p4

  17. I would put it towards the Christmas food shop

  18. Christmas chocolate for my fam 🙂

  19. Rafflecopter not working for me

  20. id buy some beauty products for myself and daughter for christmas!

  21. I’d save it til after Christmas – I *LOVE* buying lots of beautiful cards and wrapping paper etc for the following year once it’s reduced. It gives me something to look forward to once Christmas day is finally over and you feel all deflated!

  22. Christmas dinner , turkey, christmas pud etc

  23. I would treat my boyfriend to one of his ‘special’ bottles of whiskey! They’re expensive but he makes them last a long time and really appreciates them!

  24. Drinks for xmas

  25. I would spend it on a big food shop for my family. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  26. I’d put it towards the Christmas food shop.

  27. I would spend it on a new dvd player as ours blew up!!!

  28. Treat for Christmas and some new Christmas DVD’s for our collection.

  29. I’d put it towards my big Christmas food shop

  30. a nice bottle of champagne to open on Christmas morning

  31. Tesco have a fabulous selection of chilled and frozen treats for Christmas parties. I would buy a lovely selection for my family to enjoy through the festive season.

  32. I would spend it on Tesco’s luxury Christmas food to enjoy with family & friends over the festive period.

  33. I would put it towards a Nespresso machine

  34. Foodie treats for Christmas! x

  35. Party food for Christmas.

  36. I would spend it on warm winter clothes

  37. alcohol for a christmas party

  38. Some clothes I think

  39. some posh coffee and chocolates for xmas

  40. Prosecco for Christmas

  41. I would buy some Tesco Finest Stollen – the best sort of christmas cake.

  42. I’d get our chocolate and other goodies for Christmas, and a good family film on DVD

  43. I would put it towards the Chrstmas dinner shop.

  44. Champers!

  45. Christmas food.

  46. Christmas groceries

  47. I would put it towards Xmas drinks

  48. i’d spend it on some goodies for christmas

  49. Amazing

  50. A family size turkey!

  51. I’d put it towards our Christmas dinner. Turkeys are very expensive!

  52. Probably as many tubs of Quality Streets as that will afford.

  53. I’d buy the best cheese board ever !.

  54. I would spend it on food for Christmas dinner

  55. Some nice party food bits for christmas evening

  56. Beer and chocolate for christmas!!!

  57. A stash of wine for Christmas.

  58. drinks for new year!

  59. I’d spend it on baby clothes and nappies for my newborn

  60. It would defo contribute towards the Christmas dinner, drinks and snacks

  61. I’d get some extra treats for the family

  62. I think I’d put it towards the Christmas dinner, we always have lots of family round at my parents’ so it can get expensive!!
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  63. I would save it for the food shop straight after Christmas when money is tight.

  64. on some nice Christmas food

  65. Christmas dinner

  66. I’d put it towards Christmas present for the children

  67. Christmas food…

  68. I’d spend it on an extra special xmas lunch for the family 🙂

  69. Food and drink for the festive period x

  70. I would spend it towards holiday party food for the whole family.

  71. The Christmas meal meats…

  72. I would buy some Go Jetters toys for my sons, as they are on top of their Christmas wish list.x

  73. Christmas food shopping

  74. Some Christmas goodies for all the family x

  75. I would treat my daughter to a toy of her choice, a dvd for my husband and a book for me

  76. I would spend it on food treats for my family for Christmas 🙂

  77. I would put it towards the big Christmas shop 🙂

  78. I would use it towards the Christmas food shop

  79. I would buy some special treats for Christmas if I were lucky enough to win 🙂

  80. I’d probably use it to finish my Christmas shopping or to put towards the weekly shop.

  81. Christmas drinks and treats

  82. I would spend the money on making Christmas special for my family.

  83. Is it selfish if I said a coffee machine to make myself my new found love of latte macchiatos? If yet then I would buy my nephew some christmas treats

  84. This would be really useful this time of year for the food shop.

  85. Some nice Christmas treats to share with the family I think 🙂

  86. I’d probably spend it on treats to take to the in-laws’ when we visit for Christmas!
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  87. Food for Christmas

  88. Some delicious treats for Christmas

  89. Treats for christmas dinner!

  90. A case of wine.

  91. Some delicious groceries (and more organic stuff).

  92. Food specifically doughnuts (Krispy Kreme)

  93. I’d probably spend it on some extra special Christmas food.

  94. Something Christmassy.

  95. A Christmas turkey and some crackers – so we can eat like Kings and Queens, and partake of some cracking tabletop pulling action too! 🙂

  96. I would spend it on my son for his 1st Christmas <3

  97. some xmas presents

  98. Id buy some nibbles for Christmas

  99. Purely treat food. Would be nice to splash out on treats rather than always buying the basics!

  100. I’d spend it on food for Christmas as im hosting 15 people this year! eek

  101. I’d spend it on Christmas food/alcohol and gifts for family!

  102. Food for our Christmas dinner.

  103. I would buy some lovely food for Christmas would be a great help thanks for the chance xx

  104. I would buy the food for our Christmas party.

  105. Some nice treats at Christmas!

  106. I would buy some fluffy bath towels

  107. Christmas food and drink!

  108. wow if i was lucky id put towards the tesco finest range for christmas day food

  109. I’d spend it on food treats for Christmas

  110. I would spend it on some Christmas treats.

  111. Christmas food and drink for all the family

  112. I would buy a lovely Turkey crown and other treats for our Christmas dinner.

  113. I would spend it on Christmas gifts for my family!

  114. Christmas dinner

  115. I would fill my freezer with some good quality meat and veg.

  116. I’d probably spend it on Christmas groceries

  117. Christmas prezzies

  118. i would put it towards xmas prezzies for my babies

  119. Food as we are having family round at christmas

  120. I’d buy some yummy Christmas food for the family.

  121. I would spend it on treats for myself

  122. Groceries for Christmas

  123. Christmas Treats

  124. I have been wanting a Amazon Echo for ages so i would put it towards that.x Fab prize.xx

  125. some nice food and wine for xmas

  126. I think I’d use the voucher to make sure the Christmas dinner is the best I can manage. x

  127. I would spend it on trying some new Christmas foods

  128. Lots of treats for my otuer half and step sons.

  129. Will spend the prize towards Christmas drinks and food.

  130. Some treats for Christmas

  131. I’d put it towards the food shop – that reminds me the slots open this week!
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  132. Christmas food and a few treats for my first grandchild who is due next year

  133. Christmas treats for the family.

  134. Christmas food and drink!

  135. christmas chocolate 😀

  136. lots of xmas nibbles! x

  137. I’d put it towards our christmas food shop

  138. I would give it to my mum so she could put it towards my brother’s Xbox Christmas present.

  139. If it arrives in time for Christmas then I will spend it on party food and drink

  140. I would spend it on some Christmas food and some Baileys for guests over Christmas 🙂

  141. Christmas food and a few treats
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  142. Christmas dinner and crackers

  143. Christmas food like turkey, Xmas pud, Stollen
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  144. I would put it towards the weekly food shop.

  145. I would spend it on food in the run up to Christmas

  146. I’d spend it on snacks, drinks and DVDs to add to the family Christmas Eve hamper.

  147. i would spend it on christmas things to make our christmas a bit better

  148. I would probably put it towards christmas food

  149. I would love to use it and buy the grocery christmas shop

  150. I can’t decide between food and gifts, so probably a bit of both!

    Thanks for a very generous & a very useful giveaway 🙂

  151. id put together a nice hanper of treats for the family to enjoy over xmas

  152. I’d spend it on Christmas food

  153. I’d buy extra pressies

  154. food for xmas cus its better than beans on toast again this year

  155. Snacks and vino!

  156. christmas goodies x

  157. FOOD! What else? LOL No, but seriously, this would be extremely useful to help out with the Christmas food shopping! 🙂

  158. Lovely things to go under the tree for my hubby & kids

  159. I would spend the £50 on some Christmas treats

  160. Gifts for all

  161. some lovely tesco finest christmas eats, mince pies, ritz crackers, cheeses

  162. I’d spend mine on christmas treats for the fmaily

  163. I would spend my money towards my move down to England.

  164. I would put it towards food for our NYE party

  165. I would put this towards my Christmas food shopping, cheese and biscuits, Christmas pudding and my turkey

  166. Chocolates and drinks for Christmas!

  167. kitchen utensils

  168. I would buy my mum a couple of lovely new dresses as she never spends money one herself

  169. Yummy treats foor over the Christmas period as I have already finished my Christmas shopping x

  170. A turkey and all the trimmings ready for Christmas.

  171. Toys for my son

  172. Extra treats for my grandchildren would be lovely 🙂

  173. I would put it towards a new TV

  174. I would treat the family to a bottle or two of Champagne

  175. put it towards christmas dinner and drinks

  176. I would put it towards Christmas dinner

  177. I would use it to buy food for Christmas Day

  178. I would buy some lovely Christmas treats for us all to share

  179. The Christmas shop

  180. I would buy Champagne

  181. I’d use it to help pay for Christmas presents for family – I’d like to get my mum a nice new handbag! 🙂

  182. I would spend it on nice treats for Christmas like chocolates, mince pies and wine!

  183. I would spend it on something for my new flat.

  184. amazing giveaway thank you so much for the chance to win

  185. chocolate and champagne

  186. I’d start with Christmas dinner, then treats and snacks for us 🙂

  187. i’d fill the cupboard with christmas sweet treats.

  188. I would love to spend the money on myself but with three kids, three cats and a husband….

  189. Stocking fillers and christmas nibbles!

  190. christmas dinner 🙂

  191. I would use it for my sisters birthday gift 😀

  192. Groceries

  193. I would spend it on a week’s food shopping

  194. treats for my family

  195. £50 of jelly tots – is that a bit much, do you think? I might put some of it towards Christmas dinner, then!

  196. xmas booze!!

  197. I would spend it on lots of goodies for my family such as chocolates and cheese for christmas week xx

  198. Christmas treats for the family, thankyou for the chance x

  199. Christmas food!

  200. Christmas decorations 🙂

  201. Due to how tight things are this year it would be spent on the most important thing, food to feed my 3 kids.

  202. When I think of Christmas, I think of my two little ones who I love more than anything in this world. I would spend on them probably buying toys and treats that normally I wouldn’t get :). I can’t tell you exatly what that is. It’s them who would choose their treats ad yes, please, for this fantastic prize :).

  203. I would buy a present for my youngest sons birthday just after christmas

  204. Our Christmas Dinner!

  205. birthday presents

  206. Silly sausage game for my daughter and the rest towards food for Xmas.

  207. I’m redecorating my bedroom after Christmas so I would buy items for it.

  208. My daughter would like a Lumie body clock light which I can’t really afford but I would be able to buy one for her if I won this, a gift that keeps on giving and giving x

  209. I’d buy Christmas shopping food wise as it would help me out a lot x

  210. Snacks and alcohol for xmas

  211. Id buy some nice warm clothes

  212. Id buy some treats for Christmas for everyone in my family to share .

  213. I’d spend it on my children

  214. I would either buy the kids an extra present each or buy more treats for the kids, or would I? Maybe I would treat myself to mulled wine, gin and prosecco! Lol

  215. Some lovely Tesco finest treats for Christmas to make it extra special

  216. I would buy a few bits and bobs for the house. I’ve a list of things I would like, starting with a new toaster as our packed in over a month ago and we haven’t replaced it yet.

  217. I would treat us to treats i wouldn’t normally buy for christmas but love

  218. I would put the voucher to my Christmas food shop would come in really really handy x

  219. id spend it all on me and my hubby some nice candles and wine ;P

  220. I would treat myself to something for my birthday in the new year

  221. I would buy something extra special to have at Christmas

  222. I would choose the paypal credit but ask for it to be sent to my family in South Africa; they are having a hard time and this would make a huge difference for their grocery bill one month so they could have some treats.

  223. A big food shop

  224. I would like a gymnastic coaching book

  225. Some new clothes for myself.

  226. I would buy myself something nice

  227. I’d put it towards a new mobile phone for my mum, to drag her kicking and screaming into the 21st century!

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