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We are very excited to share with you some Little Swimmers Top Tips and Giveaway of a years supply Little Swimmers swim nappies too!

Olympic swimming champion and Huggies Little Swimmers brand ambassador Rebecca Adlington is already taking her baby daughter Summer swimming, and hopes to encourage other parents to take the plunge with their little ones. Here she shares her five top reasons to get in the pool:

1.I loved being in the water from a young age and my sisters and I were fortunate to have parents who took us swimming every Saturday. It was the most fun we had as kids and created lots of wonderful memories. And it doesn’t cost a fortune!

2.Swimming is a life skill everyone should have – it could save your life one day as well as being great for your health and wellbeing. I’d love Summer to follow in my footsteps but whatever she decides to do, I’ll be happy as long as she’s a confident swimmer. Just like my parents, Harry and I plan to take her swimming every week.

3.Getting back in the water is empowering for new mums as well as being a great confidence booster.  It’s easier said than done, but women should try not to worry about their post-pregnancy figure and instead embrace spending time with their new arrivals. It’s also worthwhile remembering that swimming is a fantastic all over body exercise which can help tone your body. You actually burn 300 calories for every 30 minutes of swimming, which is why it is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise.

4.Swimming is one of the few activities you and your little one can actually participate in and enjoy together – it provides that real special bonding time for parents and children.

5.Once you’ve been swimming with your baby a few times you’ll realise that it’s a huge amount of fun and really not much hassle. Preparation is key of course and a well-packed swim bag can make it even more enjoyable. I never leave home without Huggies® Little Swimmers, which won’t expand or leak in the water, a change mat and oversized towels to wrap up in when we come out of the pool.

For practical advice, support videos and a step-by-step guide to baby swimming, visit

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  1. I’ve not taken my little one to the pool yet but he already loves the water so can’t wait to start. Some great tips here
    Ceri recently posted…What does motherhood really look likeMy Profile

  2. Dexter was 3 months old when we first started taking him to swimming lessons. I would definitely recommend it and I really do think it has helped his water confidence. He loves being in water now and we regularly take him to our local pool.

    Great give-away, thank you for hosting.
    Kelly Donald-Pattullo recently posted…A month without bloggingMy Profile

  3. Awesome tips! My nephew loves swimming and it’s so nice to see him enjoying himself.
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  4. I completely agree, swimming is such a good activity to get youngsters into – and the younger the better! I took our little one to Waterbabies as soon as he turned three months and he loves the pool now. He’s fine putting his head under and isn’t scared at all. It’s also something we can all do as a family.
    Alana x
    Alana recently posted…What to do when you take too many photos?My Profile

  5. I love your point about mothers and babies swimming together, and sharing in the activity. Such a lovely thought! I went about 4 years there without stepping foot in a swimming pool, but once I got back in I realised how much I’d missed it!
    Zoe Alicia recently posted…Day Out at the Zoo | Perks of Being a Big SisterMy Profile

  6. 4 months

  7. My two love swimming and I wish I’d started them earlier. I’m rubbish at it. When I take my glasses off I can’t find the pool!
    linda hobbis recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 23/08/2015My Profile

  8. I first took finley swimming at 4 months old. He was a natural in the water! Unfortunately I’ve not taken him since… i should. I will do. This weekend actually. You’ve made me take the ‘plunge’ again 🙂
    jo smith recently posted…Buying School Uniforms: A Trutex ReviewMy Profile

  9. Know so many mums that take their babies swimming, we haven’t yet but I can’t wait until he is old enough so we can take him to water-parks and such. Will be going to pools next year I think, or this autumn. 🙂
    Bea recently posted…Our Cloth Nappy Routine – A simple guideMy Profile

  10. Around 7 months

  11. I agree that the more you go the less effort it takes. Now that Izzy is part time Mornings in school in Sept, we can go more pm as there are no school swimming lessons then, It’s hard taking all kids at once x
    Claire recently posted…Five Ways to Keep Kids Entertained When TravellingMy Profile

  12. Such good tips here. We found starting early invaluable as my son has always loved the water because he went so early. It needs to be regular I agree.
    Erica Price recently posted…LEGO® City Deep Sea Explorers at Birmingham Sea Life CentreMy Profile

  13. We still haven’t taken Aria swimming, she is 6 months on Wednesday so we really do need to take her!
    Leanne Cornelius recently posted…Review : Sock Ons – The Solution To Baby Socks That Won’t Stay OnMy Profile

  14. Fab! All three of mine started swimming at 3 months of age and absolutely love the water. We love the Little Swimmers nappies and always buy them! Great competition x
    Cardiff Mummy Says – Cathryn recently posted…A brilliant day out at The Big Sheep, Devon – reviewMy Profile

  15. We started around 4 months old and go every week, he’s now 7 months old and can’t wait for his next term in September! Xx

  16. three years old

  17. Boo was about 14 months when we took her swimming and she wasn’t very impressed – she likes it now though and loves making a bit too much noise!! hehe
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…5 questions to ask yourself before starting your parenting blog…My Profile

  18. She went at 6 months x

  19. I took my baby when he was 11 weeks old, and we have been going regularly ever since and loves sing and swim classes

  20. She was 2 years old 🙂

  21. About 4 months.

  22. We have not taken our little one swimming yet, but plan to at 4 months!

  23. I used to use them without fail when mine were little, the thought of accidents in the pool was worrying
    Clare nicholas recently posted…Your child’s first upgrade: Choosing a big bedMy Profile

  24. Zoe was about 3 months and Emily was about 2 months.
    Anna recently posted…A (very late) birth announcement!My Profile

  25. 6 months

  26. I took my little boy when he was around 4 months I think 🙂

  27. Around 8 months.

  28. At around about six months

  29. about 6 months ish

  30. My daughter was around 4 months ish and shes now 3.5 and loves it so much.
    My son was about 2 months and he hates it!

  31. Around 6 months old

  32. My in laws had an outdoor pool so my daughters were initiated very early around 3-4 months on warm summer days. They were swimming like fish by 4-5 yrs

  33. He was about 12 weeks old, we used to go to baby swimming classes

  34. About 6 months wheb we went on holiday to Fuerteventura

  35. About 6 months when we went on holiday to Fuerteventura

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