Project 365 Week 21 18 – 24 May 2014


My Project 365 post is a little later this week than usual, because I have been having such a fun, busy weekend with my family 🙂 I have also linked up with The Week That Was.
Mummy took Leah and I to Stackpole, where daddy and I took me yesterday. I walked some more, and had my lunch there outside. I have been trying fromage frais and my tummy seems ok.
Monday 19 May 

There seems one day of the week where mummy doesn’t get a photo, and today’s that day! We know it’s against the Project 365 idea, but we love it so much that we hope it doesn’t matter too much. Mummy and I took MeeMee to Stackpole for a drink, as a treat because she is revising so hard for her A Levels. I walked and walked again!

My Nana is 65 tomorrow, and we all went out for a family meal tonight. I walked round and around and around. Mummy forgot my new shoes, so my feet were black! Mummy cleaned them before I went to bed. I helped Nana blow out her candles! 

Nanas birthday! We went out for lunch, then I walked around Seaside Village with her and Aunty. We walked on the beach, it was such a lovely day.

Tonight, at around 4.30pm, I walked, unaided, across the lounge from one settee to the other 🙂 my. Roger and sisters bribed me with my carrot stick crisps. Mummy missed it the first time, she was at the car garage. She rushed home and videoed me. This photo is a still shot from that video! 

Cold and wet today 🙁 but mummy saw in the paper that a little baby penguin was born at Folly Farm! Mummy took a photo of the picture in the paper! I can’t wait to go again next week and hopefully see it! 

We went to watch a competition in Swansea of young people free running and doing parkour. It is my brothers hobby and passion. I wanted to walk, of course, so daddy took me out into the main entrance.
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  1. Yay. Well done little man for taking your 1st steps! Great work x #365

  2. Eeek walking! How exciting 🙂 My god-daughter is almost there now and I’m just waiting for the phone call to say she did it! Hope you see the baby penguin next week. popped over from project365 x

  3. Well done you on all the walking…now you really start keeping your mummy busy 🙂

  4. Aww those first steps are just the most magical thing!! How fabulous for the little one! x #365

  5. Lots of walking around! Well done!

    Thank you for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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