July 24, 2016
by Ickle Pickle

Learning can be Fun!

As we enter the summer holidays, it feels as though we have had years of serious learning in our house – and we have! With my big sisters we have had four years of constant learning with ‘mock’ exams, GCSE’s, … Continue reading

April 23, 2016
by Ickle Pickle

Choosing GCSE Options in Year 9

Where does the time go? Luke is coming to the end of year 9 and is considering his options for GCSE subjects. Mummy went to a big presentation evening this week, and has some tips to share with you for … Continue reading

April 5, 2016
by Ickle Pickle

Studying can be your new Favourite Hobby

It is that time of year again, big sister Lea is facing her next round of GCSE exams and has started some serious studying. Her biggest passion and hobby is music, but she has to study. Those who actually enjoy … Continue reading

May 30, 2014
by Ickle Pickle

Surviving Exams

I am thrilled to have a guest post from the brilliant Amy over at The Perks of Being Amy about how to survive exams. Amy is currently studying for her A Levels, after getting loads and loads of GCSE’s, many … Continue reading