Why we need Skirting Boards


It’s not until we’re in the process of installing a new floor that we even stop to think about skirting boards. Or perhaps they come to your attention when your little one has decided to show off their best artwork across the wall! But what are they actually for?

Why we need Skirting Boards

In America, they’re known as “Base-boards”; others refer to them as kickboards or mouldings. In the bygone days they were called “mop boards” because they allowed homeowners to mop the floors
without soaking the wall plasterboard! Here we’ll take a look at what skirting boards actually do for
you and your home and why they’re so important!

So, what are skirting boards?

Basically, they are wooden, PVC or MDF boards running along the base of an interior wall. Skirting boards can be screwed, nailed or glued onto the walls. They are usually 5 to 15cm high and can be either stained or painted and they can be either carved with moulding or flat. Most popular skirting boards on the market right now are solid oak skirting, solid walnut skirting, MDF laminate skirting and veneered skirting. Easy to fit skirtings are the norm these days and most people can fit one without having to hire a professional.

What do we use them for?

Skirting boards are used for a wide range of reasons. They hide ugly and dangerous wiring. No one likes to see electrical wirings hanging so openly from the walls or from the ceiling. If we opted to hide them in the ceiling then this would create a whole world of new problems. If a fault occurred in the wiring then the entire ceiling would have to be pulled down! Skirting boards are a much more practical and economical way of hiding the wiring.

Covering gaps

Even the very best of flooring fitters can struggle to keep the wall aligned to the floor and sometimes, having gaps is just totally unavoidable. Most contractors choose skirting boards to cover unsightly gaps over redoing the whole thing all over again!

They stop damage to the walls

Believe it or not but your skirting board has probably saved you hundreds of pounds in replacement
wallpaper! Skirting boards provide the perfect barrier between the walls and furniture. They prevent
the furniture from being positioned too close to the walls and then creating unsightly marks on the
wallpaper or totally ruining the plastering job or painting!
How many times have you been vacuuming and have accidentally rammed the vacuum into the
wall? Thanks to your skirting board you don’t need to replace that ripped bit of wallpaper!

They look beautiful

Skirting boards are definitely a decorative element. By hiding the gaps between the walls and the
floor they give a room much more finished and professional look. Boards can have decorative mouldings on them so they are decorating the room as well. The boards can be painted to give a unifying look but sometimes they are painted in order to provide a contrasting element.

I had never really thought about why we need skirting boards, and I didn’t know they were so useful or had so many ‘jobs’ did you?

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  1. interesting. i had never considered skirting boards before. great post.

  2. We recently laid flooring in our new home, we considered removing the skirting boards but decided to use beading instead, I’d never even thought of the reasons for them before reading your interesting post xXx

  3. So true
    A house looks bare without skirting boards -really do hide so much is rather not see

  4. When we moved into our house seven years ago we did a big reno, and it took us a couple of years to get round to sorting the skirting boards out – they made a HUGE difference to the aesthetics of the house. We’re just about to do another – even bigger – renovation and I’m determined not to leave it so long this time before we get them sorted out! x

  5. I’ve never really thought about them in that much detail before but their use is interesting

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