What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You-

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?


There are plenty of us who, no matter how hard we try, always end up in the same sleeping position
every night. That may not always be a bad thing if you subconsciously adopt a comfortable sleeping position but if you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and sore, it might be that you are one of those who adopt the starfish or log position, or any number of other recognised postures.

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You-
Here is a look at what your sleeping position might be doing for your body and also what it might be
saying about your personality. There are revealing insights into what we are really like that you can tell just by someones sleeping position.
The body language of sleep
The science behind our body language is revealing in any number of social situations and even when you go to bed and fall asleep, you could be revealing all sorts of interesting insights into whether you are stressed, like to be in control, or all sorts of different personality traits.
Your number one priority will always be to adopt the best sleep position in order to get a restful night and wake up feeling refreshed but when you shut your eyes and drift away, your body can assume command and put you into what might be your default sleeping position.
A large percentage of us tend to adopt the fetal position, which when you are curled up on one side with your knees tucked in. This is a sleeping position heavily favoured by people who tend to worry and by adopting this maternal position it is a way of finding comfort after what might have been a stressful day.
Slept like a log
A regular phrase trotted out when asked how good your sleep was would be to say that you “slept like a log”, but that can also have a literal translation too when it comes to sleeping positions.
“The log” is a very popular sleeping position, involving keeping your body as straight as possible like a log with your arms down the side of your body as well. This is a position adopted by about a third of us each night, but what does it also say about your personality?
It is common to find people who sleep in the log position are inflexible and quite rigid in their thought process, in other words, a bit stubborn and prone to being a bit controlling of others.
Are you a “yearner”?                                                                                                                                  Another popular sleeping position is where you sleep with your arms stretched out in front which can appear like you are being chased or the person doing the chasing.
If this is your sleeping pose you are classed as a “yearner”. Yearners are perceived as wanting more from life and the pose is symbolic of trying to go out there and grabs life’s opportunities with both hands.
If you are a yearner you can also often be your harshest critic and might even get give up ideas quickly when they don’t seem to be working out.
One of the most uncomfortable sleeping positions
The bad news if you are classified as a “freefaller” is that this is regularly classified as one of the worst sleeping positions for adults that you can adopt and will often wake up feeling like you have not had a good sleep.
The classic trait of a so-called freefaller is to clutch their pillow and look like they are holding on for dear life if you are watching someone strike this position. If you are one of these people, the percentage odds are higher that you will wake up feeling anxious and feel like you have unresolved issues still hanging around from the previous day.
No boundaries
You will soon know if you have climbed into bed with someone who is classed as a “starfish” sleeper.
The clue is in the name and people who adopt the starfish position often spread themselves out across both sides of the bed, which can be comfortable for them and aids their chances of a restful sleep, but not so good if you are sharing that bed, especially if you are someone who likes their space.
Revealing our personality traits through our sleeping position is an interesting science but probably the most important thing as far as you are concerned is to get the possible night’s sleep.
It would seem like a good idea to get a mattress comfortable enough and a bed big enough to achieve that aim, especially if you are sleeping with a starfish.
In association with Demi Harrison who has learned a lot about sleep over the years, doing her own research to help ease her problems with sleeping. You can find her informative articles on a range of health and lifestyle blogs.

How do you sleep? What does your sleeping position say about you?


  1. I’m a left sleeper, maybe a bit of a freefaller? More of a pillow hugger than a clutcher though… I either am flat out or get no sleep, I think I need new pillows!

  2. I’m not sure which of these I am. I hug my husband all night!

  3. My sleeping position changes every 30 minutes! I’m never comfy in one place for a long period of time…

  4. I’m glad I’m not a log sleeper!!
    Found that very interesting
    I’ll have to read more about this
    I sleep mainly on my side

  5. I’m a right side sleeper still with my maternity pillow from years ago I honestly can’t sleep without in now ha x

  6. I tend to sleep on my side with my hands under my head in a prayer sort of position! Haha. Either that or I sleep flat on my front with my face buried in the pillow, but it gets a bit hot!
    Sarah recently posted…WIN With Organix & The Gruffalo!My Profile

  7. This is very true I sleep in the foetal position and am a great worrier xxx

  8. My sleep position has had to change a lot over the last few months, as I’ve been sleeping on the sofa at my parents house. But usually I like to starfish hehe x

  9. I definitely sleep in the feral position, I love to curl up and feel snuggly and warm.

  10. Funnily enough, I mostly sleep on my side in a fetal like position but sometimes I do starfish when I’m sleeping alone.

  11. I sleep in the fetal position but my husband is a log LOL

  12. I mostly sleep in a fetal position. I can’t understand how people sleep in a log position, it seem so uncomfortable!

  13. I start off in the fetal position. But lately been waking up with my arms raised above my head. Which generally leads to back and neck ache the next day.
    Cassandra Mayers recently posted…My Sunday Photo 06/08/17My Profile

  14. I sleep in the fetal position

  15. This did make me smile. I’m definitely a starfish sleeper and I hadn’t thought about what it meant for my personality before
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…#Giveaway Time! #Win £100 Cash To Boost Your Summer #CompetitionMy Profile

  16. I find it comfortable as a yearner, but I’m often in the foetal position too, the worst thing is that I sleep with a starfish and a dog that that starts of small and grows magically during the night!

  17. I do hug my pillow but I also sleep halfway like a cat and a baby so I am not sure what I am. All I know that is even when I sleep I still feel tired x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Why 2017 Is My Year To TravelMy Profile

  18. I sometimes sleep in the fetal position and sometimes like a log. I can be a bit of a freefaller when I’m going through stressful times.

  19. I’m so fidgety when I go to bed. I feel as though I spend ages trying to find the right position.

  20. For those of us who suffer from Arthritis sleeping position is nothing more than trying to reduce pain so as to get off to sleep for a little time some how.

  21. I always sleep on my side, any other position feels weird

  22. Great blog post to read. Love these type of posts very enjoyable to read

  23. I sleep in the feotal position and I am a worrier

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