Why You Should Visit Hawaii

Why You Should Visit Hawaii


Mummy says….Hawaii is definitely one of those places that takes your breath away and I would so love to visit. I’m sure you have heard this before but once you go there you will know exactly what I mean. I have been looking at Hawaii and want to try and give you an idea of what it is like to visit this amazing place. I hope you enjoy reading about what could most likely become your favourite holiday destination. (It has become mine!)

Why You Should Visit Hawaii

Initial Impressions

The first thing I want to talk about when visiting Hawaii is the initial impression you get and how it is just not like any other place that you are likely to visit.

There is a real complex mix of great things such as skyscrapers, luxury homes in Hawaii on the beach creating an amazing atmosphere, landscape, people, and of course food and drink culture that really puts the cherry on the cake.

The People

Hawaiian culture is just beautiful. The word “aloha” (which means love) forms a big part of many sentences for the Hawaiians and the friendliness of the people is something that is very clear and refreshing. The homeliness and relaxed state that you feel is very hard to put into words.

The best way to describe it is perhaps that you feel calm and not at all rushed to go out and discover everything. It is almost as if you know you will be back, it is simply a question of when. This is an interesting feeling to have and one that you feel as soon as you step foot on Hawaii and one that I am almost sure you will not feel anywhere else on the planet.

People keep coming back

Hawaii’s tourism also continues to grow and it is a great sign of how positively a place like that has impacted many people. Of course Hawaii can also call itself the preferred holiday destination for many people that know how to holiday. People like Barack Obama and the Rock are just a few that love to be there. You just get the feeling that Hawaii has something special about it. Why would so many people choose to go here rather than somewhere else and why do they keep going back?

The answer is simple: there is something about it that you can appreciate and there is also something great about it that you can’t properly explain.

The Food

One thing that I love about visiting new countries is course the local cuisine and Hawaii doesn’t disappoint. Hawaii owes its great food culture to the huge mix of people and cultures and there probably isn’t anything quite like it anywhere else on earth. You can find native Hawaiians, many Japanese, Filipino, Americans and many other people there.

The most interesting way to eat is to experience traditional Hawaiian cooking in an “imu”. This is a pit in the ground that cooks using stones that are heated in a fire. The food is usually wrapped in parcels of leaves to protect it and it is absolutely delicious because the juices are sealed in.

Hawaii also benefits a lot from locally grown produce that is extremely fresh and very good. The seafood, for example, is just stunning. Think of the freshest and most amazing Pacific tuna and other delicious seafood, and these form the basis for some of the best meals you will ever eat.

Of course the American influence is clear with things like ribs, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. I love this mix and you shouldn’t feel guilty about  eating foods that might not necessarily come from Hawaii itself. This is simply a way of life in Hawaii and not an culturally insensitive choice that a tourist would make.

Things To Do

The perfect beaches and water temperature are something that immediately come to mind for me when I think about Hawaii. If you can imagine the bluest water you have ever seen, then picture it being even more so in Hawaii. It is simply incredible just to see this, let alone get the chance to swim around in it. These beaches are also home to a diverse mixture of tropical fish and sea turtles. I would love to see them whilst snorkling and it is one of most favourite things to do there.

Hawaii has incredible surfing and Hawaii would appeal so much to the teens as my their number one holiday destination. I can’t quite describe how big the waves are there and you start to understand how and why surfing was effectively born there. My favourite surf beach looks like the classic Oahu, especially because it sports absolutely enormous waves that are seen as the Mecca of surfing. There are so many others to visit too, you just need to be on the coast!

I would be fascinated by seeing the active volcano on the Big Island too. There is nothing quite like seeing molten rock coming from the earth and Hawaii is the place to see it.

You can get up close and personal on the ground, or you could be more daring and see it from the air. If you are lucky enough to know how to fly you can get up in the air for an unforgettable experience of the active volcano below.

Whatever you like to do, there is always something to do there and you won’t ever bored. In fact sometimes the best thing to do in Hawaii is to do nothing at all. It’s just the place to enjoy a little slice of heaven without a care in the word and if you’re thinking of visiting, that my post why you should visit Hawaii has convinced you to go.


  1. I love Hawaiian culture and the place is amazing I recently went to a Hawaiian eatery and I was yummy 🙂 x

  2. I’ve never been to Hawaii but it’s definitely on my travel “to-do” list! It looks so beautiful and relaxing.
    Sam recently posted…Life LatelyMy Profile

  3. Ah Hawaii would be such a beautiful place to go, I don’t know of anyone who has gone but it would be such a perfect place x

  4. It sure sounds like a very friendly place 🙂 I also would love to see the volcano!

  5. This sounds like a slice of beach heaven!

  6. Definitely a wonderful place. it’s been a few years since I went and I agree the culture is brilliant. I always said I would go for my 50th so I could day “Hawaii 50 ” haha

  7. Oh yes please, Hawaii is on my bucket list! A heatwave would be much better enjoyed lying on an Hawaiian beach!
    Rebecca recently posted…Female Entrepreneur Week 2017My Profile

  8. I am so, so desperate to visit Hawaii and this post has made me want to visit all the more! One day, one day…

    Leigh Travers recently posted…How To Spend 48 Hours In CopenhagenMy Profile

  9. I love when you go places and the people are really nice. Also love places with volcanoes. They are impressive!
    Cassandra Mayers recently posted…My Quick Thinking Park IdeaMy Profile

  10. Sounds amazing especially the food
    Better get saving the pennies

  11. I have always ALWAYS wanted to visit Hawaii! It’s definitely on my bucket list!
    Sarah recently posted…15 Amazing Uses For Your Empty NotebooksMy Profile

  12. I’m desperate to visit Hawaii, it looks like such an amazing place! xo

  13. I have friends who got married and moved to Hawaii after falling in love with the place and from their Facebook updates, I can see why x
    rachel recently posted…Why Antique Wedding Jewellery Beats The Highstreet Every TimeMy Profile

  14. It looks beautiful, I would love to visit xxx

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