What you need to know about Scarlet Fever

What you need to know about Scarlet Fever


Pickle says….I was a very poorly boy last week, I came home from school on Tuesday feeling unwell, with a temperature. It turns out that I had scarlet fever – a huge shock to me – and Mummy! We want to share with you what you need to know about scarlet fever, in case one of your children gets it.

What you need to know about Scarlet Fever

After a night of being super hot and generally unwell, Mummy took me the doctors on Wednesday morning. The Dr said I was brewing something, but not sure what. He mentioned scarlatina, but only in passing. He did not tell Mummy to keep me away from anyone else! After feeling more unwell through Wednesday and Thursday, Mummy took me back to the doctors, and this time my throat, ears and chest were showing signs of illness and the Dr said she thought it was scarlatina. Scarlatina is just another word for scarlet fever. The Dr took some throat swabs and prescribed me antibiotics.

What is scarlet fever?

•An infection causing a red / pink blotchy rash

*It is most common in young children

Symptoms of Scarlet Fever

*High temperature


*A fine rash over the body

*Bright red cheeks ( I only had this at night time)

When can you catch it?

As with chicken pox, it is contagious before the symptoms show, making it easy to catch. It is spread by droplets found in an infected person’s breath, coughs and sneezes.

It is contagious up to 24 hours AFTER you start taking antibiotics

What is the treatment?

*A course of antibiotics ( I was given Penicillin in medicine form – YUCK!)

*I had to drink loads and rest

What else should you know?

The worrying bit is the rash – you MUST make sure it blanches (disappears) when you press it. You can use the glass test too – press a small drinking glass gently on the skin and the rash should disappear underneath it. Please be gentle – my skin was really sore with the rash.

IF the rash does not disappear, or you are worried in any way, get medical help immediately.

My temperature peaked in the middle of the night – I was almost too hot to touch, but I told Mummy I felt cold.

Now I have had it, I shouldn’t get it again (a bit like with chicken pox).

I am still on antibiotics, it is important that I finish ALL the medicine to make sure I am completely over scarlet fever.

It was very scary for a couple of days, but once I started taking my medicine I started feeling better within a few hours.

Scarlet fever usually lasts about a week. I am back in school now, feeling loads better. I do have a nasty cough, and am really tired. I didn’t eat for a few days when I was really ill – I just drank lots and lots of water.

Full information can be found on the NHS website – if you are unsure or worried about anything, please get medical help straight away.

We hope no one you know gets this, but hope our post helps if you do.


  1. Haven’t seen scarlet fever for years then last year 4 family got it all at once
    Thankfully they were all okay

  2. Glad you are all better now!! A few of my friends children had Scarlet Fever a few weeks ago….it was pretty nasty I must say! Great tips and advice on this post! 🙂 xo

  3. Oh my, I haven’t heard of actual Scarlet Fever cases in ages. I am glad you’re doing better little one. x
    Yaya recently posted…Things To Think About When Shopping For Wedding RingsMy Profile

  4. We’ve had several outbreaks of scarlet fever at nursery, but luckily my son has avoided catching it so far. Hope your little one is feeling better.

  5. Em had this when she was 6. The local doctor we saw to diagnose it hasn’t actually seen a case of it, before. It was rare and now it’s made a come back. Thankfully I knew what it was having been a Ped nurse, so got her on antibiotics pronto.
    Poor Pickle, not fun but glad he’s on the mend! Handy tips!

  6. Oh dear, I’ve never heard of anyone having Scarlett Fever before. It sound truly awful and I’m so sorry. I also had no idea it was so contagious .. yikes! I’m really glad you’re on the mend. Being sick stinks, although it seems like it’s an extra big bummer in the summertime x

  7. Oh no, so glad hes over it now and feeling a lot better, I have three children aged 12 4 and 4 months they have never had this thankfully, but its always handy to know the symptoms in case they ever do come down with it, thank you xxx

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