Let's Celebrate Summer! Win £75 via PayPal

Let’s Celebrate Summer! Win £75 via PayPal


As a thank you to our lovely readers, we have another awesome competition for you, another chance to Win £75 via PayPal with ourselves, Zena’s Suitcase and The Diary of a Jewellery Lover.

Let's Celebrate Summer! Win £75 via PayPal

We are holding another competition to celebrate Summer, sunshine and just feeling good! You can win £75 via PayPal and spend the money on whatever you want! You may have a family celebration, a holiday or special day out planned or you might just want to treat yourself!

Simply answer the question in the comments ‘What would you spend the money on?’ You can come back and gain more entries every day too, if you want to.

The competition ends at midnight on 31 July 2017 so you have plenty of time to enter.

The competition is open to Worldwide entries.

So Go Go Go! Simply answer the question, and see below for other entry options.

Good Luck!

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  1. Family day out

  2. If I was lucky enough to win I would spend it on bits for my new house! :) x

  3. I’d put it towards a new rug for our living room!

  4. id spend on a day out with the kids to the seaside, ice creams on me

  5. I would put it towards presents for my son’s 13th birthday in June

  6. i would put it towards a party for my son x

  7. doctor who dvd’s

  8. Replacing my dead home phone

  9. I would put it towards a holiday in the UK

  10. I think I’d spend it on a Kindle.

  11. I’m currently in my own ‘ickle pickle’ and aspects of my life have been spiralling. Obviously there are people in worse situations to put things into perspective. I lost the girl in 2016, was unemployed, got a job, unemployed again and could be losing the fight to keep my house too. I’m taking things one day at a time but don’t have the redundancy package from 2016 behind me anymore and just general bills, solicitor fees and things may get financially worse soon. With the use of JSA, Ebay, surveys and male prostitution – Just kidding there, I’ve been trying to survive and make ends meet while keeping a bright happy face and positive outlook. The £75 would go a long way in order to just . . . well . . . survive through this mess.

  12. my little boy’s upcoming 3rd birthday

  13. I’d buy new holiday clothes for the family!

  14. our holiday spends

  15. A family day out in the summer

  16. A family day out in the summer

  17. Firstly light bulbs!!! Silly I know but ours are so expensive that I’d bulk buy and not currently be sitting in the dark at night as I’ve forgotten them yet again lol

  18. I’d put it towards the short break we plan to have in London later this year :o)

  19. I would buy some pretty flower pots for my garden :)

  20. Some solar lights for my garden

  21. I’d put it towards a new watch.

  22. I’d use it to buy some new things for summer, especially a paddling pool

  23. I would treat myself to a tablet.

  24. Pay bills and emergency fund

  25. In desperate need of a new phone, so this would go all the way for me getting a good one

  26. I want to get my Dad a new petrol strimmer so it would go towards that

  27. A nutribullet – mine has bitten the dust

  28. more plants and flowers for my garden

  29. I would get some new towels as ours have had it

  30. New Shoes

  31. We cant afford a holiday this year but i’d love to take my little boy on a day trip to maybe Rhyl, This would be a massive helpxx
    Thanks for the chance and good luck all xx

  32. some lovley new cushions and quilt covers.

  33. Towards a new camera

  34. Family day out

  35. new clothes for my hols thankyou

  36. I would put it towards a holiday, we so desperately need one!
    Sarah recently posted…Ulster Weavers Aprons {Review}My Profile

  37. I would put it towards a Nintendo Switch, I’m dying to get one :)

  38. my 2 middle children have birthdays very close together so i’d love to treat the to a lovely joint day out

  39. I would spend it on outdoor toys for my little one, she loves being out in the garden!

  40. I would stock the cupboards up with food from Iceland :) x

  41. I’d spend the money on some west end theatre tickets

  42. I’d buy some new jeans

  43. Some GHD straighteners
    Mine are on their last legs!!!
    Thankyou all for the chance to win

  44. All the money that I earn goes on bills rent and expenses so I would really love if I could win. I would spend it on my friends birthday! x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…What Does The Future Hold For BloggersMy Profile

  45. I would spend it on a night out for my sister and I!
    Erin Ek Rush recently posted…#YorkshireFamily – June 2017My Profile

  46. A new summer outfit xx

  47. A present as it is my brothers 21st soon!

  48. oh i would use it towards buying garden swing for my little girl

  49. New bedding for me

  50. I would split it between my two young boys. My guess is that they will buy a fidget spinner first and then some lollies!
    Lib recently posted…Let’s Celebrate Summer! Win £75 via PayPalMy Profile

  51. Paying back the money I owe people!

  52. I need a new iPod

  53. A ticket out of here because I’ve woken up to find the country is screwed!

  54. I would put it towards a day out

  55. It would go towards a wee treat for my brilliant partner – perhaps a night away with a wee romantic dinner for two

  56. Would use it towards school books and supplies for September, that expensive time of year fast approaching again!!

  57. i think i might buy a new paddling pool or easel for summer outside playtime!

  58. I would treat myself to a Fit Bit or similar to help motivate me to move more.

  59. Some wormers for my horse

  60. I would spend it on my holidays!

  61. I really want to see Annie The Musical so would put it towards getting tickets.

  62. I’d have to spend it on a day out with the family ❤️

  63. I’d put it towards our family holiday

  64. I would put the money towards redecorating my little girls bedroom. She wants a big girl bedroom now, not her nursery anymore! So grown up.

  65. Some new clothes

  66. I’d spend it on taking my partner for a night away, we need a bit of ‘us time’

  67. Some new clothes as mine are getting holes in!

  68. A new techie gadget!

  69. I would spend it on my new little kitten, and I’d buy him a huge climbing frame!

  70. Meal worms for my chickens!

  71. Having just sold my house i would use the money to buy some lovely things for the new one!

  72. Some spending money for our summer holiday

  73. I would put it towards my son’s school expenses. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  74. I’d put it towards some new clothes for my girls for the summer.

  75. I would put it towards a VISA

  76. I’d try to be organised and use it for some early Christmas gift shopping

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  78. Holiday bits and bobs I think x

  79. on books for university

  80. I would put it into a girls night out fund for me and my besties :-)

  81. Some new books for my daughter

  82. I would buy a couple of light floaty tops to keep me cool this summer !

  83. We’re just deciding on train or parking to the airport for holiday! We’d spend on that x

  84. Some new bed linen.

  85. I’d spend it on the kids and a day out!

  86. Entering this as I’m totally penniless at the mo :( I would be totally boring and use the money to pay off my bills :)

    Louise x
    Louise Smith recently posted…7 Super Romantic Places to Go On a Date in NottinghamMy Profile

  87. I’d buy toys and books for my son.

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  89. I’d buy a new smartphone for my boyfriend! 😀

  90. Blinds for the kitchen. Would encourage us to get round to repainting in there.

  91. I’m attending my best friends wedding in Portugal next summer so I’d put it towards the flights!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…What I’ve Won – May 2017My Profile

  92. I would love to buy some clothes

  93. The Bones boxset, I’ve got addicted to watching it!

  94. I’d put the money towards a new garden shed :)

  95. we are wanting some under the counter lights for the kitchen so would put it towards that :)

  96. A bumper haul of kindle books ready for Summer.

  97. Me and my partner would go out for a nice steak!

  98. I would buy my husband new clothes as he’s lost 5 1/2 stone doing slimming world and I’m so proud of him xxx

  99. I’d take my boyfriend out for a nice meal :)

  100. I’d put it towards a new graphics card, mine is starting to struggle

  101. I’d take my girls to Chessington, they love it there x

  102. I would spend it on my son as it’s his birthday in a few weeks. Thanks for the chance

    • My husband deserves to win this because he is my HERO. He is a step dad to my 12 year old son who has autism and learning difficulties, he has been very influential in his life, helping my son with his conditions and teaching him this valuable  phrase he said recently to him : DONT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO FEEL SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE OTHERS EXPECT YOU TO FEEL A CERTAIN WAY. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE AND EVEN THOUGH YOU THINK AND FEEL DIFFERENTLY TO THEM THAT IS FINE. JUST BE YOU
      ; I think that just sums it up. And he told him that through experience as my husband has his own health problems, whilst dealing with his issues he has helped my son and now me as I have mobility health problems. Winning this for my husband from me and my son would show him how amazing he truly is so I can spoil him

  103. I would spend it on a new picnic basket and blanket ready for summer days out.

  104. Towards holiday clothes for the kids x

  105. something for my little man 😀

  106. Unfortunately our landlord is selling up so we are moving soon – so the money would go towards that I think! Not very glamorous but would make a huge difference to us

  107. lots of history books

  108. I’d buy myself some new clothes, I’m in need of some up-dating!!!

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  110. I would buy my daughter some pans for her new home.

  111. I think I might save it up for Christmas presents

  112. An automatic cat feeder

  113. I’m moving next month so I’d put it towards new furniture

  114. I would spend the money on family days out

  115. Birthday gifts for my grandchildren!

  116. Spend it on new clothes. Would love this!!

  117. Some gifts as I have lots of family birthdays coming up!

  118. I’m having a new bathroom fitted in a few weeks so I’d use this to get some accessories to finish it off xx

  119. Oh would love to treat my two beautiful granddaughters x

  120. Amazon Echo Dot.

  121. I would put it towards a family day out for us in the summer holidays
    Natasha Mairs recently posted…Splashlings – An Ocean Full of Friends Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  122. i would put it towards school clothes for my kids.


  123. I would put the money towards a family weekend away.

  124. Summer clothes for my boys

  125. id spend it on books

  126. Would help with our holiday spends next month or school uniform for my girl! They grow too fast, it’s kind of frustrating haha

  127. I’d get a few things done to my car.

  128. Our new baby is due in October so would help towards the many things needed!

  129. im taking my daughters to florida in september, would love to buy some disney themed travelling items for them

  130. flight to tenerife – well towards it

  131. Would be useful put towards rainy day fund for school summer hols

  132. Treats for our ruby wedding anniversary

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