Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory

Wild Science Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory Review


We were sent a fantastic Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory set kit from Wild Science to see what we thought. I am too young to try this, as it is for ages 8+ So big sis reviewed the kit.

Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory

The Wild Science Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory kit has everything you need inside to make a mini glitter tube and lava lamp. You do need some vegetable oil and water to add to the lava lamp.

The kit is both educational and fun and helps you learn about:

*Properties of Light

*Immiscible Fluids

*Carbon Dioxide generating reactions and suspensions

Basically, everything that happens which makes glitter tubes and lava lamps pretty awesome!

Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory 3 Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory 4 Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory 1

The instructions were clear and easy to follow – we would say that a younger child of 8 or so would need adult help and all children need adult supervision, and there are clear Caution points to take notice of.

The glitter tube has a flashing LED light which Lea put in the base (it is in the kit) and she added the glitter to the glycerin tube.

This fits into the base and has a matching coloured top.

Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory 6 Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory

The lava lamp is a plastic tube, filled with water and vegetable oil. Lea had to make up fizzy discs with sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and red colouring.

What could be better?

It doesn’t say on the box that we needed the oil or water, we assumed absolutely everything was in the kit and had to postpone the science whilst we bought some vegetable oil.

There is only one LED light in the kit, but both the lava lamp and glitter tube need one to operate.

There are enough ingredients to make six fizzy discs, these are what gives the lava lamp the erupting volcano effect. We have to say ours fizzed rather than erupted!

There is an awesome Wild! Science Global Science Challenge which is giving families (2 adults and 2 children) everywhere the chance to win:

  • A trip to Orlando Florida,
  • Entry to Disney World,
  • Accomodation t a 5-star resort for 7 days
  • Care hire for 7 days
  • A full set of Wild Science products
  • Entry to the Kennedy Space Centre to meet a real astronaut!

How to enter:

1. Buy a Wild! Science Kit and send a receipt copy with your online application

2. Design and create an awesome new Wild! Science Kit

3. Write and illustrate a basic instruction book to show other kids how to use your awesome Wild! Science Kit.

You can find full information and the entry form here The kit is available from Flair plc.

Have you tried any Wild Science kits? What do you think about the Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Factory?



  1. This kit looks fantastic Kaz! I may have to pick one up for Oscar and Stacey. They love making things together at the moment :)

    Louise x

  2. These look great fun
    My neice would love it

  3. I used to love lava lamps when I was a child. This kit looks fabulous. Love the glitter
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Lee Stafford Blow Dry & Go Hair Kit Competition Ends 14/04My Profile

  4. This would go down such a treat in my house! Looks like lots of fun x

  5. Wow! It is amazing that you could win a holiday out of buying the kit. I like that the instructions are clear and it looks like a lot of fun to make too x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…February Degustabox: Take TwoMy Profile

  6. This is so cool! Would gave definitely been something I would gave put on my xmas list as a child and hell still probably would really enjoy now! Lol

  7. This looks really cool, I’m glad it works well! Useful to know about the necessary extras, too; thanks for the review.

  8. The kit sounds really good, but too be honest I’d be a bit disappointed! I hate it when kits don’t come with everything you need too xx
    Sarah recently posted…The Best Singing Scenes In Movies!My Profile

  9. These look like so much fun! I loved kits like this when I was a kid. Growing crystals was definitely my fave!
    Rachelanne_bee recently posted…My baby doesn’t sleep through… and why we co-sleepMy Profile

  10. This looks fun and i’d love to do it with my daughter, will have a look for the kits.

  11. I used to love my lava lamp when I was kid – but making your own takes it to a whole new level!

  12. These look great, my kids would enjoy these

  13. Ooh, this looks so fun! I have an 11-year-old step brother and when he’s had science kits and things in the past, we’ve had more fun with them than he did I think!

  14. Wow this looks great my niece would love this

  15. my oldest two would love this. they’re very into this sort of thing at the moment x

  16. Looks like a ton of fun! Love that its educational too.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…The Last Kite MakerMy Profile

  17. My daughter got this for Christmas. It was amazing but a little bit too advanced for her (being only 4). My partner worked on it with her and was more excited than she was!

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