Where to find the Best Street Art

Where to find the Best Street Art


With my biggest sister living in Bristol, we have had the chance to explore the city and find some awesome street art. Street art is a fascinating type of visual art. Fortunately, if you’re a fan, you can probably find it somewhere close to you, since it’s practiced all over the world. Still, some areas and artists are more must-see than others. So, how should you go about it looking for the best street art available?

Where to find the Best Street Art

We have a list of ideas to help you decide where to look for excellent street art:

Just For Fun

Try big cities. With art ranging from simple and silly to detailed and complex to outright bizarre, big cities have a little something for everyone.

London in particular, is home to Pegasus, a street artist who is known for mixing and matching pop culture figures and references. In Los Angeles, there is Mr. Brainwash, whose clever pictures echo Banksy’s style and sense of humour.

You can also see Swoon’s art in Brooklyn, New York. She specialises in pre-made portraitures that she pastes onto walls and other objects. Perhaps you would like Victor Ash, a well-travelled artist who enjoys dabbling in social commentary, especially with depictions of a huge astronaut.

There are places where you can find especially unique art. For example, in São Paolo, Brazil, you’ll find works by Os Gemeos, otherwise known as the Pandolfo brothers. They’re identical twins with a striking, cartoon-like style that came to define Brazilian street art in general.

In Austin, Texas, on the other hand, Magda Sayeg promotes “yarnbombing”—crocheting and knitting designs that cover buildings, signs, booths, vehicles, etc., adding beautiful splashes of colour to the city. Her work has inspired many others artists to do something similar in their towns. We see this in a couple of our local towns now – have you?

The city of Bristol, home of street art including the infamous Banksy, one of the greatest street artists, is looking to develop itself into one giant outdoor gallery by employing the skills of a group called See No Evil, in case you’re interested in seeing a concerted and organised effort to create street art.

Otherwise, the Leipzig Fair is a wonderful option. Here you have the chance to see street art as it was made before it became popular, including pieces by Xavier Prou aka Blek le Rat, who championed graffiti stencilling.


If you’re interested for something more political, there are a few street artists of interest.

One is Escif. Although his work has appeared worldwide, most of it can be found in Valencia, Spain. He uses his talents to highlight topics such as the Eurozone crisis, Wikileaks, and wealthy people moving into poorer areas, driving prices up.

For more intense issues, check out Ganzeer of Egypt. Ever since the Egyptian uprising of 2011, he’s been using art to express his desperate, passionate worries about the political climate.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Sheryo rebels against her country’s rigid anti-graffiti laws by creating street art just for its own sake. Her art, with its strange characters and bright colours, simply says, “I will not be held down.”

In any case, powerful street art is everywhere. Have you any must-see street art to share with us?


  1. We have some great street art in Manchester especially around the Northern Quarter

  2. I love spotting cool street art – I found the best was in Amsterdam – so much talent

    Laura x
    Laura recently posted…Weekend adventures with the KA+ Part 2My Profile

  3. I love a bit of street art. Metropolitan areas are so much more soulful for it.

  4. I love seeing good street art when I’m out and about – I always think it’s a great instagram opportunity!!

  5. I think street art is lovely in the right place. We have a few walls in our town which are used a lot and it just brightens up the space.
    Victoria Marden recently posted…Quirky Lilly #1My Profile

  6. I know some people aren’t a fan of street art but I adore it. I live local to London so have seen some amazing pieces in my time. Jo x
    Jo recently posted…Returning to work after maternity leaveMy Profile

  7. I love street art! I am still yet to see banksy art in real life, I live in the countryside so you don’t tend to see much here.

  8. I LOVE street art. Well most of it. It’s just lovely seeing huge pieces of art outside, they’re often such unique pieces too. We’ve had a few Banksy pieces around here!
    Sarah recently posted…What To Do This Easter In Somerset 2017My Profile

  9. LOVE street art and discovering it in unexpected places! Great tips!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  10. The street art in Bristol is fascinating, I work in Bristol and regularly drive past some great pieces of art.

  11. I visited Manchester the other week and found a lot of really interesting street art. There were some really interesting designs to be found just outside of the main city.

  12. I’ve always wanted to see Banksy’s art! Have you seen Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic’s art in Malaysia? Here’s the link to share – http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com/2013/01/ww-street-art.html
    Veronica Lee recently posted…Tail & TroubleMy Profile

  13. Interesting. We don’t have much, if any, street art here so I enjoy seeing it when I visit London.

  14. I do like Street Art that brings vibrancy to an area will have a look at Bristol next time I’m down that way

  15. There is nothing as dramatic and uplifting as a sudden glimpse of Street Art in a congested urban area.

  16. I love street art – some of them are so creative and fun. We are planning a trip to Bristol just to see the city’s street art.

  17. Love street art, I also like a bit of cheeky graffiti here and there! x

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