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We are heading off to Centerparcs in a couple of weeks, when our Christmas together begins. Mummy will be driving us, and picking MeeMee up from Bristol on the way. We are SO excited!


Mummy will be making sure that the car is all safe and sound for our trip, especially as it is winter, and we could drive through ice or even snow! (Probably just rain though!)

Check your tyres, and if you need new ones, why not order them on line at, for the best price possible, book the fitting, turn up and pay at the centre! Point S has locations all over the country

Another very important thing to check is that you are using the right car seat, now I am getting a bit bigger, Mummy will be checking mine. is a brilliant website with real reviews by parents to help you choose the right one.

travel safety

Checking all the lights are working is really important, but Mummy finds all the different ones in the shops very confusing! My Car Bulbs is an online store which tells you which bulbs your car uses, you can order them, and there is free delivery. Now Mummy just needs to find someone to fit them for her!

Here are some tips if you are travelling this winter.

  1. Make sure you have a can of De-Icer with you, and a windscreen scraper
  2. Keep warm blankets in the car
  3. If you are travelling a distance, take a flask of hot drink and some snacks
  4. Take with you some extra feeds and food for your baby or toddler, in case you get stuck.
  5. Keep a bag with spare nappies, wipes, and some things to do such as sticker books or colouring stuff
  6. Make sure you have your mobile phone with a car charger, and credit on your phone!

What are your tips for travelling this winter?


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  1. Timely advice, especially with the first snowfall predicted for the weekend. #binkylinky

  2. Great tips for travelling in winter – checking tyres and lights is definitely an important thing to do regularly – hubby is quite good at being the one to change the lights on the car and whilst I can change a wheel, he can do it much more quickly and easily if needed! #PoCoLo

  3. Great post. I need to buy de-icer. I can’t find any being sold anywhere though! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. Lots of great – and very important tips. I hope you all have a wonderful time. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo and thank you for being this week’s newbie showcase :) x

  5. great blog, great post, cute little bundle of joy. Just found your blog via Victoria’s #PoCoLo and I’m posting now at this early time in the morning as one of my bundles of joy woke me up. We’re at my sisters place in Germany at the moment. We drove all the way there. All the tips, tricks and advice you mentioned on travelling were also adhered to by us. We also have the usually things you need travelling by car in Europe. The stickers to make sure European drivers won’t be dazzled by the UK headlamps. The single use breathalysers you have to carry with you when driving through France. HiVis vests for everyone in the car, blankets, spare bulbs, first aid kit, warning triangle and in our case as I am on my own with two 3 year olds we took out European breakdown cover with Green Flag!

  6. OMG I love that bridge! I miss it as we would camp in Wales last summer but bye bye to camping for now. Thanks for the tips. Really useful =) #pocolo

  7. Make sure you have some cash! If you break down in the sticks not everywhere takes cards as I have found out! Great advice #binkylinky

  8. Good tips! I would also add that take the winter and other puffy items off the baby before strapping them in, as padding between straps and baby might make straps be too loose.

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