Our Bluestone Wales Spring Visit Part 1

March 12, 2015 by Ickle Pickle | 2 Comments

We have been spending this week at Bluestone Wales again, it is our second visit. As a Bluestone Blogger we were thrilled to have the chance to visit again. What is so fab about living near Bluestone is that we don’t have to worry about fitting in visiting all the many gorgeous beaches, villages and towns around – we do that every week anyway! We can just focus on enjoying Bluestone. This is part one of our visit this time – we have had a fantastic time so far. In our first review we showed you lots of photos of the lodge – you can read all about it here This time we stayed again in a Grassholm Lodge, a four bedroom, three bedroom lodge sleeping 8 people. My Nan and Grandad joined us for the first two nights, and my big cousin who is 19. As well as the four of us! The lodge had plenty of room and seating for us all. We never felt squashed! There were never queues for the bathroom because there are 3! I was very excited to have so many people with us! Monday We arrived earlier and went straight to The Adventure Centre where The Wildwood Cafe is. It is so cute in there. Very magical with a cool little den where you can watch a film, a magic tree, different levels to climb to sit and eat. We had lunch there. They have fab childrens fish-finger-in-a-roll meals (which Mummy shared with me!).

bluestone wales, wild wood cafe

We then went to The Circus Room, at the end of the corridor from the cafe. We somehow missed this last time, and I am so glad we have found it now! I LOVED it in there! Loads of soft play stuff, tents, the coolest little sit on car that zoomed along a piece of track – EVERYONE in there wanted to go on this! I was a bit little to push myself soLuke helped me along!

There are comfy settees at one end for Mummy to sit and watch me play.

bluestone wales, the circus room

The weather was awful outside, but I had so much fun in here! And it was free! We then headed to the main play area , I was so excited I wouldn’t stay still for photos!

bluestone wales, adventure centre bluestone wales, adventure centre bluestone wales, adventure centre

We headed out and back to the car to go and unpack at the lodge. Nana, Grandad and big cousin arrived and we settled in, Nana cooked us all a lovely tea. There was the most beautiful sunset which Mummy said meant a lovely sunny day tomorrow!

bluestone wales

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and see what we got up to 🙂

Toddler Top Tips for arriving

1. If you arrive early, and have been squashed in a car – head to The Adventure Centre where you can run around and let off steam! It is a few minutes walk from the car park.

2. Food is well priced in The Wild Wood Cafe, and the coffee is yum (says Mummy).

3. If you arrive early avoid the actual time of 4.30 to drive into the park. The barrier is NOT lifted a second before, and you cannot queue, you get sent back into the car park, which can mean you end up at the back of the queue! Lots of Mummys and Daddys were getting a bit stressed! And stressed Mummy means stressed tot!

4. The Circus Room and all play equipment in the main part of The Adventure Centre is FREE! And FAB! If you are a bit bigger, Mummy can sit up stairs, near the cafe and watch over you – seating downstairs filled up quite quickly.

5. If you need tea or treats, make sure Mummy goes to the shop soon as it closes at 7pm. (8pm on Fridays)

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