Cleaning up for Christmas!

December 12, 2014 by Ickle Pickle | 10 Comments

We (well, Mummy) have been SO excited this week. Why? New decorations? No! New toys? No! New vacuum cleaners? YES!? Wait, what? Yes, you read right – new vacuum cleaners!

Mummy is reviewing the amazing, incredible 6151F Vax Vacuum Cleaner – or The Daddy as it is called. And it is. The Daddy.

It is a brilliant machine that vacuums carpets and hard floors, washes carpets, and sucks up spills too! It is the PERFECT machine for our house. Mummy managed with a half useless little cylinder that blocked and over heated so quickly.

vax carpet cleaner

Mummy has made two vlogs of the unboxing of The Daddy. Here is the first one…


The Daddy uses bags, and Mummy is now convinced 100% that vacuums with bags are so much better than bagless. The suction is amazing, and so much less work than the other one. There are tools for everything, for the edges of the carpets, stairs, furniture – everything!

vax carpet cleaner

You can also use The Daddy as a carpet cleaner, by adding the water tank, and the tubes and head for the washing of carpets.

We will be bringing you a review in the New Year about using this machine as a carpet washer, but we wanted to share with you now just what a great vacuum cleaner this is.

You can see the full details about The Daddy at the Vax website, currently there is £50 discount making it £119.99

Look out for our other reviews and vlogs about this fab cleaner coming soon!

We were sent this carpet cleaner to review, but all comments and words are ours!

Woohoo Points

The BEST vacuum cleaner we have had

Powerful, multi-function

Lots of tools

Vacuums carpets and hard floors PLUS is a carpet cleaner

Waaaah Points

Big and heavy to store, but it is SO worth it!

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We're going on an adventure

I love books!

October 14, 2014 by Ickle Pickle | 6 Comments

I have been a very lucky boy, and had four lovely books sent to me by Maverick Books. I love books, and these ones are really great.


My favourite is Hedgehugs. I didn’t like the look of the yak much!


The books are so bright and cheerful with fab pictures.

They are perfect for a bed time story with Mummy, but a bit big for me to hold yet.


I hope you like my first vlog with Mummy. I was very warm, so ditched my trousers. Oh, and I had to wear my croc. Yes, just one! I was a bit wriggly in the beginning too! Luke recorded us, and he tried to avoid getting the mess in the picture, but, it does appear, sorry!

This is us! Uncensored and unedited! Enjoy!

Please enter below to have the chance to win a copy of Hedgehugs worth £6.99

Ickle Pickle recommends

WooHoo Points

Bright, colourful, eye catching

Lovely stories for Mummy to read to me

Waaaah Points

Too big for me to hold

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