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May 12, 2015 by Ickle Pickle | 34 Comments

Exams are all around us, and have been having quite an effect on my family.

My big sis is in the middle of some GCSEs although she is only in Year 10, she is doing quite a few exams early, usually most are taken in Year 11.

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She has been revising hard, and putting a lot of pressure on herself to do well.

Of course, we all want her to do well, and are sure she will, but it doesn’t really change how she is feeling.

It affects her whole future, the results of her exams. Lea wants to be a midwife, and has for years. She will make a fantastic midwife too, she is so calm, and sensible, and absolutely adores babies and children. She judges no one and accepts everyone.

Luckily Mummy has some great tips which she has been using with Lea, and they really do help.

You can use them for all ages, to help with any exams.

Have a look at Mummy’s latest vlog, sharing these tips with you.

Is anyone in your family facing exams?


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