Festival Fashion – Flower Power

May 22, 2015 by Ickle Pickle | 16 Comments

Mummy says….

As we head into Spring, we start to think that hopefully we might have a long, hot summer ahead of us, and now is time to have a think about your summer accessories. There are several great looks around but I am loving the festival look right now. Although you can find versions of it everywhere, no one does it quite like Accessorize.

I guess the big festival that I think of is Glastonbury (not that I have ever been!) but, there are hundreds, if not thousands up and down the country. It is tricky to find something to wear that is up to date fashion, but practical and unique too. Even if you are not going to any festivals, this look is fantastic for the summer. The flower power range from Accessorize is gorgeous, I mean I already know that Accessorize equals high quality, and this range is no exception.

Clothes and accessories that can be mixed and matched with ones you already have are a great buy, and can instantly update your wardrobe.


You can add the festival look to any every day outfit with funky nail art and face painting, curl and plait your hair, and how about adding some fresh flowers for a novel twist for a very special day?

Complete your look with great garlands, necklaces, bracelet stacks and sunglasses. Spice up the classic metals with bursts of summer colour. Don’t forget to select a new bag to match your festival look. Compliment or contrast with your chosen colours, and you can’t go wrong with a mix of brown leather and bright colours. A bag is a must (to keep your tickets and loo roll in!)  Loo roll, you’re asking? You have never been to a festival 😉