The Best Websites For Entertainment

The Best Websites For Entertainment


If you use the internet only for work and social media, you may be missing out on its
potential for other kinds of entertainment. There are options for all tastes and ages,  from video streaming to online gaming. In this post, we look at some of the most popular entertainment websites online today…

The Best Websites For Entertainment


It’s a market on a steep rise. In 2019, its size was estimated at $183.1 billion, but it has
increased 30% since 2020. This gigantic niche is expected to reach a market size of $625
billion by 2027. Such impressive numbers mean one thing for the final customer (you): a lot
of options online. Where to start, though?
We have loosely divided online entertainment into four different kinds. Read more about
them below.

Game sites

Online gaming is surely one of the main forms of entertainment via the internet. For the sake
of comparison, while the whole online entertainment sector scored $183.1 billion in 2019,
$104,4 billion of it went to online gaming alone. Platforms like are
incredibly popular and gaining more customers by the day.

Video Streaming

The video streaming industry is also booming. It’s been growing steadily for a few years, at a rate of about 18% per year. There are free platforms, like YouTube, where there’s an incalculable variety of content. From kittens to medieval music and MIT classes, it’s all there.
Paid options such as  Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and DisneyPlus, are geared towards movies,
series, cartoons, and TV shows.

Audio Streaming

Have access to unlimited music, podcasts, and audiobooks. The numbers for the audio streaming market are much smaller: $10 billion, last year. Yet, it follows the same rising trend. Free options include SoundCloud, and GrooveShark, where users can upload their audio content.
Common kinds of content include musical recordings, podcasts, conferences, and more. In some cases, the content can be downloaded. Spotify also provides a free version, with advertisements and limited options. The paid version allows downloading content to listen offline.


Do you want to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy without doing the heavy lifting? eBooks are here to
help. There’s nothing our smartphones can’t do, it seems. Since it’s hard to find the right
time to sit down and read a book, our pocket companion can give us a hand.
Like other niches, here we can also find loads of quality (and free) content. Platforms like Project Gutemberg, and ManyBooks, bring works that are already in the public domain.
Popular paid options include Amazon and Apple Books.


The internet allows for very democratic content exchange. When the content is outside
physical constraints, it can flow without restrictions or borders. The internet is an amazing place
for free and public domain content, but not only so. Monthly subscriptions of streaming
platforms cost significantly less than most cable TVs.
Even when paid, eBooks typically cost much less than a physical version and avoid the
bother of the delivery. Our advice is to make the best use of free content before choosing
when to pay. Have you any sites to add to The Best Websites For Entertainment?

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