What You Should Know Before Relocating To The Countryside

What You Should Know Before Relocating To The Countryside


Many people dream of leaving the rat race and escaping life in the city to move to a more relaxed and slower pace of life. While this is nothing more than just an idyllic dream for many, for those fortunate enough to be able to make a move, it can be a bit of a culture shock.

What You Should Know Before Relocating To The Countryside

If you dream of rolling hills in the countryside, narrow lanes, and listening to the birds chirping in the morning, then in the first instance, you need to get to know the local area. Find out about practicalities such as broadband speeds and the best mobile phone signals and providers along with the local amenities such as schools, GP surgery, local shops, public transport, etc.

What should you consider before making a move to the country – 

Longer Commutes

When you move to a more remote area, chances are you will experience longer commutes and extended journeys for things you might have taken for granted, such as nipping to the local pub or doing the school run. While the scenery can more than makeup for this slight inconvenience, if you still need to travel frequently, this is something you should be aware of before you commit to the move.


Typically when moving to smaller villages or rural areas, you might notice it appears to be stuck in a sort of time warp. While more modern tech might not have infiltrated the local area due to resistance or availability, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many regions pride themselves on the traditions they uphold. Be it farmers who continue to supply the local stores with their goods or to everyone who lives in the area and their lives too so everyone can look out for each other.


It can be hard to feel a sense of community when living in larger cities, and it is common these days to not know your neighbours and keep yourself to yourself. In smaller areas such as villages or hamlets, knowing your neighbours is a good thing and can be a source of safety and security. While it might feel intrusive at first, knowing people are there to help and look out for you can make a move easier. Integrate yourself into the local community, get to know everyone, and build your community. You never know when you might need someone to do the shopping for you or buy red diesel drums for your tractor if you live on a working farm and can not get out to stock up.


While you might be used to the lingering odours of pollution from living in a crowded city, nothing can prepare you for how the countryside smells. That fresh air can be intoxicating but tinged with the delicate fragrance of spreading, livestock or bonfires, depending on where you choose to live and what is in your vicinity.

It Can Take Time To Settle

You won’t feel at home from the day you move in. And this is perfectly fine. No one expects you to. Having doubts about such a massive life change and upheaval can affect you in many different ways. Take the time to fully acclimate to your new way of life and allow yourself to mourn the things you miss from your old lifestyle. Regardless of how strong your desire to move to the countryside, you will have doubts and pine for your old city life no matter how much you want to escape it. So give yourself the time to settle in and don’t rush anything, and before you know it, you find yourself tutting the locals and newcomers for descending on your home!

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